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How to save xls on iphone Videos

Scan To Spreadsheet - iPhone

Berry Wing Scan to Spreadsheet demonstration for the iPhone. Create spreadsheets by scanning barcodes. Scan UPC, QR Codes, Code 39 (or 3 of 9) and UPC ...

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Hello Jianfour, That is unfortunate. Could you email us pictures of the barcodes? Does covering up the other barcodes with your finger or some paper help to read the correct barcode. This is a common problem, even with industrial 2D barcode scanners. Only recently has Motorola released the SE4500 scanner with targeting that can handle these situations.
Hello zonefour65 We are aware of 2 issues with similar symptoms and are releasing an update soon. 1. Make sure the spreadsheet name does not have any punctuation characters like / * or ( 2. Make sure your data does not have any accented characters like é or ü If you are still having trouble please email us and we can provide additional support.
Hello Richard, I'm sorry to hear that the app did not work with your barcodes. There are many different styles out there and the camera scanner cannot read them all. We did release a free app called Scan to Note. This is not fully featured as Scan to Spreadsheet, but does use the same barcode scanner so users can test before purchasing.
Just downloaded the Scan to Spreadsheet app. Seems to do work as advertised. However, the way my iPhone 5s is configured, when I try to send to email I get the error: Email is not setup or you do not have permission to attach files...When I try to export, device goes to the iphone home screen...Where am I going astray???
Um.... because? Originally it was 3 (scan, column 1 and column 2). We increased it to 7 as that supported most of the requests we had received up to that point. Since you can have unlimited rows, 7 columns was an appropriate compromise. How many columns should we support and why?
We did discover an issue with the recent 2.1 version. In some cases an update to the app did not succeed. There is a fix I can help you with, please email me directly at the software support email in the video description.
Perhaps it should have been "Um.... because? :-)"
The app works, but with the lables dell uses it contains several barcodes and a qr code very close together on the label. Even though I line up the reader it doesn't grab the right information.
Hi guys, Found this app to be useful. However, would there be any versions that allow dropbox connectivity?? This would make it more useful to me that emailing. Please advise thanks
Hi Guys, Interested in the app, does the app do any EAN/UPC lookups at all? ie. when the barcode is scanned, does it search to see if the product is known? Cheers, G.
Berry, I know this is probably not gonna end well for me, however are the max columns I can have 7? why 7? Why not 4 or 11? why 7?
My app for iPhone does not work. The app opens, but when I try to start a new sheet or amend an existing one, the app closes
so from reading here--there is the option for 7 columns. is it possible to edit a current spreadsheet? thank you
"Um.... because?" - You're selling a product here. Learn how to properly interact with potential customers.
App has worked well for scanning, but has stopped emailing or sending spreadsheets to Itunes. Any ideas?
Seriously, you need to change your logo...unless the resemblance to "ahem" was intentional. :)
No, the app does not use any external scanners. It only uses the camera scanner.
Hello Keith, What is the issue and did you contact Berry Wing support?
Just purchased this. It is worthless to me. Waste of money.
Are you planning on supporting external bluetooth scanners

Open PDF, DOCS, XLS, PPL in your Iphone or Ipod Touch

Poeple wonder why apple make iphone but can't be sync with any app more than Itune. Here I bring to you how to upload your file and open it in your iphone, ...

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hey thanks for your video. can you tell which folder in iphone should i put the docs . im using tottal commander so i have access to folders. but i dont know which one should i store the files in. i also downloaded both of docs and sendspace programs. thanks in advance
Why not paying for App? Jailbreak it's a dirt way to encourage Apple to restrict freedom on the next OS. If you can't afford a 5$ app, I wouldn't imagine your xmas gift.
Can someone send u a PDF file to the ishare through email so u can read it it through ur iPhone??? Please help need info on reading PDF on iPhone through email....
this is really helpful..thank you..i wonder if there's a way to delete the files saved to docs just in case we'd like to change our files..thanks!
same problem,,i tried to download ishare n docs from cydia but it failed,,,,,mr cambonicky,,how do i upload pdf file beside this program?
When i are supposed to download into the ipod trough iShare it just says "Download Failed"? Why? It's a pdf file if that's for any help.
Thank you sooooooo much! I got the iPhone so I can have my books with me everywhere I go, and this really helps! Thanx endlessly!
If you only need to view word doc, just send it to your email. Then open email app on your ipod/iphone and view it! SIMPLE
in cydia get cydelete, it enables you to delete cydia and installer apps as if they were from itunes.
OK, You have to SSH to your Phone (Pod) and then find what you want to delete, and delete it :D
I already install the ishare app. , but i fail to search for the Docs app in cydia ? Missing ?
For bigger files you can just use WinSCP to transfer the files directly to your itouch/iphone.
what file types can you view with Docs? i mean besides .doc files... can i put .ppt files?
did you add apt for TheBigBossDotOrg, You need to add APT in Cydia and search for "Docs"
you are amazing.I have been looking for this for hours! you did a great job! thanks man
is this only for iphone or can i use it for Samsung Solstice ?
Aaaargh, he uses a PC (crossing pencils) nooooo, keep out!^^
awesome, your method works perfectly! Thanks a bunch (:
please let me know how to DELETE them off the iphone.

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