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How to save yukiko Videos

Persona 4 Golden Playthrough pt 16: -Yukiko's Shadow- Rescue Yukiko!!!

My Personal Playthrough of Persona 4 Golden (English) with Live Commentary. Journey along with Hiro Tatsuya (MC), A transfer student from the big city, as he ...

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"Fire-type"? this is Persona, dude, she's an "Agi Element", Chie's Bufu, Yosuke's Garu, and Kanji's Zio, and, would you just shu'up, i'm trying to hear what they're sayin'
Nah you just shut up, you can watch a no commentary let's play

Persona 4 Golden - 100% Walkthrough P.9 "Save Yukiko" Fashion Plate & Advantage Mine Trophies.

Persona 4 Golden English Walkthrough Part 9 PSVita HD Direct Capture HD Quality. -Fashion Plate & Advantage Mine: Self Explanatory Trophies. 04/17 -Save ...

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The text went by pretty quick when you were talking to the townspeople, but maybe it gets better later on. "I've seen the inside of your head, and it was empty" XD Good thing Teddie knows which way to go! But yeah, it's a miracle she's stayed alive this long. Chie had the right idea- they were talking way too long outside that castle.
You would think that with Yukiko in danger you would head straight to Junes but instead it was like "Oh no my friend is in danger!! but there are so many people here.....urgh.....damn I gotta talk to all of them" LOL
*SPOILER* plz dont get adachi fulls link becuse if u do then u will have the bad ending in the game
I will say this about Persona (4) though I really like the music.
did you mean to put two slimes?
6:04 what is that song name?
lol i love the combo attack XD
Dat combo attack maxde my day
maybe you need two of them.

Persona 4 Golden - Another World | Yukiko's Castle

Yukiko's Castle has some interesting enemies, and what would happen if we didn't save Yukiko in time? If you liked the video, please click the Like button, ...

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can someone give me the vid where he fought the reaper
that was one of the late episodes of the lets play

Persona 4 Day 2 First Play - 1/4 - Save Yukiko

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