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How to factor using foil Videos

Using the FOIL Method to solve equations

example video on using the FOIL method to solve algebraic equations.

Dave May Teaches: Factoring Trinomials with "The un-FOIL Method"

Factoring Trinomials is a complicated way of un-FOILing. Let me show you how to do it!

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thanks for the comment I should make another video about that kind of problem. I'll send you a link that might help. let me know if I can help with anything else, Dave
Great question I will make a video about those kinds of problems. Let me know if you have other questions or suggestions for future videos. Thanks!
Thanks for the comment. Let me know if there are other algebra questions you have ... I'm always looking for new topics for future videos!
very good description thx for the post I've been having a hardtime with algebra this helps clear things up a little...aloha
I was studying for the test tomorrow, thanks. Now I won't and will not fail the test.
Hey what if the the problem stars with a number like 3xsquared plus 8x plus 15
Damn this guy explained it better in 1:52 min then my teacher in 54 cheers.
That was so easy! It took you 1:52 min meanwhile my teacher needs 30 min
Hey thanks for your comment. Is there something I can help you with?
what about 〖6x〗^2 + 23x + 20 ?? how I can factor it ?
i guess its (x+3)(x-5) with diffident signals
Just mind blowing Want more 
nothing informative

FOIL Method for Multiplying Binomials - Distributive Property

In this video, we use the FOIL method to multiple binomials. FOIL helps you make sure all terms are distributed. (a+b)(c+d) First: ac Outer: ad Inner: bc Last: bd.


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ahhhhhhhh I was so confused by this! I was missing one step and I knew how to get the result, but it was a lot more difficult and not very consistent. This makes so much more sense! Thanks! I'm doing a fast paced class, so I can be done with Math by summer, so I don't have time to get stuck on this. I learned it in high school, but I forgot all about it.
this is good.

#4.3 - 5.3.1 - factor and solve using reverse foil (AM method) - Algebra 2

Made with Explain Everything.

Recap: Factoring trinomials (un-FOIL)

Recap of factoring quadratic trinomial a using the un-FOIL method.

Chapter 5: Factoring With Reverse FOIL

Using F.O.I.L to solve two-binomial equations

This video gives a very quick overview on how to used the mathematical to in solving two -binomial equations. The information is presented in an easy to ...
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