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Does meditation work Videos

Leading Brain Researcher: How Does Meditation Impact the Brain?

//www.davidlynchfoundation.org/ On June 8, 2011, the David Lynch Foundation held a gala at American University in Washington DC in honor of the launch ...

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Just like the ancient teaching of "flux" for river, "you cannot step into the same river twice." This man in brilliant... I feel the exact same way, this should be spread far and wide to like-minded people. Much love, *pEACe*
How about the other types of meditation ?
This is so cool

1 How Does Meditation Really Work

//meditationgold.com Meditation works when you can become still and let go. It is such an easy process but we all have to be bigger than our mind. Our mind ...

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If you place meditation techniques as a tool for denial of the Most High then what good can you do to your fellow beings that will follow your teachings? People can elevate themselves while washing dishes my friend, there is no meditation solution for the world.Yes,we can find many things while meditating,it does not mean there all good,especially when you know that human beings are always surrounded by dark spirits that can "guide" you towards something you don't really understand so, beware.
Concentrating on ONE thing for twenty minutes discarding other thoughts teaches the brain to stay on subject and discard unwanted thoughts so reducing stress massively, that is how it works in stress reduction, it can work in as little time as three days but you MUST stay with it, DON'T think as I have done that you are cured so no need to meditate anymore because your brain will slowly revert back to allowing unwanted thoughts back!!!
Meditation really works. It's the key to well-being and to finding the truth within you. Focusing on the breath and mantra meditation are techniques that are also used in many Buddhist meditations. Helps to keep the mind from wandering off.
you are asking for prove in every thing , let me ask you something can you prove to me your last night dream ? what kind of dream did u had?
I like what you are doing - you are clearly centered and have good intentions. Thank you for the good work. Blessings in all ways.
I really honestly in my heart know that it is possible to be with God, and be able to Meditate. To me they are both the same.
mantra meditations are wonderful :) very potent. thanks
very nice. in my fav. thank you.
I'm sorry it does not work.....
very good!!!!!!!!!!!!
works for me :)

How Does Transcendental Meditation Work?

//tm.org Bob Roth gives a simple definition of meditation and explains the mechanics of the Transcendental Meditation technique. For more information on ...

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@cprostudio Its not about ignoring the problems of real life its about moving into a state where you are not burdened by silly things like a fear of public speaking, because you realise that people are not your enemy, you are. Although enemies do exist they should not encumber you on your life. TM is a way of clearing your mind so that you can deal with the real problems like a natural disaster. TM is not a way of life, if something goes wrong you need to correct it and hopefully -
TM is 20 minutes twice a day. It's not a program to become a monk or to become passive or withdrawn. Its for real people like you and me. It prepares us to be dynamic and successful in life. At the same time it is not a value system and it places no judgment on what is negative or positive, good or bad. People from all walks of life practice TM and find that it helps them to do their job better.
One thing I noticed is that all of the people that know how to do TM are Wealthy... Really Wealthy. You don't see them going into prisons and to the homeless and help them. Nope they have no money. As where Oprah, David Lynch etc. can pay to learn it. Sick sad world we live in. our Priorities are all Bass Ackwards.
omg he is right! I figured this out by myself and I know what he is talking about for me it is when I'm laying in bed and I can feel myself focus on the darkness and it's soo calm it's like sleep but I'm awake and have thought process it is fucken the best thing people. apart from sex.
i think i understand it better now, we have a resource within that we can access and get back to our true stable, happy less anxious nature, it sounds wonderful
@cprostudio: I suggest you do a little research into the subject before making asinine comments. And possibly consult a dictionary before rushing into print.
Half way through the video my computer froze, but thought he was meditating for the longest time XD..anyway, great video!
@cprostudio TM has helped you to expand your conciousness so that you can better deal with your problems.
how does it work? may we do TM for more than 20minutes if we wish?
Asinine. With the emphasis on the being an Ass.

Does holosync meditation really work???

//www.facebook.com/luisfetorres This video explains a tiny bit of my experience with almost 9 years of using holosync meditation everyday,

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I used Holosync for a few years. It just got too expensive. As far as overwhelmed; I was only overwhelmed by the incredible pile of special offers in my mailbox for multiple 'next level' bundled deals along with other programs. If you buy the levels one at a time, however, they continue to get more expensive. Apparently being spiritually inclined had no effect on Bill Harris' appetite for money. Super aggressive sales strategy. The meditation was nice though, but so are other kinds of meditation I explored afterward which cost nothing. The best thing about these kinds of 'bought and paid for' programs are that they get people interested in meditating and may keep them practicing longer because of the continuing levels. If you can afford it and are curious about meditating without all the psycho-philosophical religious dogma of Eastern traditions, Holosync is worth practicing.
Those are beautiful words, thank you for giving voice to this deep and wonderful perspective. I really don't think matthew(LionsDen65) means I'm below him or something (cause that is just perspective), I think he means I don't meet the expectations or agenda towards what a person in the flowering levels should look like (according to him). And I could bet any money that is what creates most suffering in his life, the fact that he does not meet the expectations of what he should look or be like
An enlightened spirit does not judge, nor is susceptible to being judged. An enlightened spirit is something which is within everyone, however is clouded by egoic thought processes. One does not need to identify their identity in what CD they're listening to to prove what level of "enlightenment" they are experiencing. Peace be with you. Being someone open to the idea of enlightenment should already allow you to, at times, become aware of when egoic chatter has again taken over your mind.
I know about 6 and heard of a lot more individuals that have dropped the use of "addictive" substances thanks to the daily use of holosync. It is true that you cannot due something that is not resourceful for you consciously. Holosync won't contribute to the damage done by cocaine but now will it prevent it. Surely if you continue with the program and specially if you get involved in some direct awareness and conscious work you will lifnd you no longer have the need to use cocaine. Thx
There are 12 levels and the prologue, I would strongly recommed you to use immersion as well (do the whole hour). There are other options to holosync now, but I haven't tried them, the great thing about centerpointe is the support team. Holosync takes a bit more than a decade to complete (I still have 2 levels to go), so it's more of a companion to your spiritual practice than a path in itself, It is a great tool for enhancing your awareness, but meditation is just a means to an end
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the experience governed by your PERSONAL level of development?? If your working through some heavy emotional situation then you will have a uniquely INTENSE and at times PAINFUL reality check.. If your a happy, joy filled individual your experience will match your level of awareness and be your own. The skeptics should reflect on their own mentality and leave this for what it is.. a tool to enhance your growth.. Thanks for sharing bro.. Aloha!
I am using the prologue, I haven't even gotten into the other sets yet. I find it really interesting that things that I KNOW would have made me lose my temper are just minor blips on the screen. I think to myself "I should be angry about this" but I can't seem to muster any at all.. I was having really bizarre dreams the first few weeks and difficulty sleeping but I was listening twice a day so I cut back. Everything seems to be going well but the strange dreams are back.
No, I am not a bipolar. I just guessed you might be just a little. It is just your body language and your voice. A lot of times, I look at people's face and can guess their origin or something about them. It was just a guess. I knew someone who was a bipolar and you kind of reminded me of him. The other thing, people like us who are seeking help through meditation, we have been through some ups and downs in life. I feel like an outcast a lot. I don't know about you???
@LionsDen65 - If you are at Awakening Level 4 - then why do you feel the need to compare yourself to, and attack, this wonderful soul for being what you perceive to be "below average" on the levels you stated? Could it be that is YOUR perception and a filter that you could work on cleansing? I enjoy his energy, playfulness and "Oneness". I think it is important for us to look at our judgments and see if it is about them - or is it really about us?
well, i don't know about anyone else. but i have enjoyed my Holosync experience. maybe it's Holosync or the ideas that i take into my meditation sessions...i don't know. but through the process, i have managed to overcome a lot of dangerously dysfunctional behaviors, and am drawn (and have drawn to me) more positive people and situations than all of the negativity that followed me for the first 39 years of my life. I appreciate Holosync!!
A TOTAL OUTCAST!!!, Yea sure I honestly feel that in my case I really cannot cope with psychiatry I feel there are just crooks trying to make you believe you belong being addict to pills to control your and gain "sanity", I rather be insane and totally happy everymoment, than "sane" and have a boring life. So yes thanks for bringing that up, I'm a total outcast, we all go up and down there are no bipolar's that is just my reality, cheers!
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