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How to juggle a job and school Videos

How to Balance School and Work: 5 Strategies for Academic Success

How do you juggle your career, classes, family, and friends? Deb Levy, a certified life and business coach, and a Harvard Extension School workshop leader, ...

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Resilience is so important and I'm trying to master that right now. I'm working full time and taking a class or two each quarter. I occasionally do less than stellar on a test and I'm really trying to teach myself that it's okay. I don't have to be perfect. Thank you for reaffirming that. Every failure is a lesson and opportunity to improve, it doesn't have to define me.
She said the VIA StrengthsFinder. There are several StrengthsFinder tools out there, but she's referring to the one from VIA (Institute on Character). Go to viacharacter . org and click on the VIA Survey for the free assessments. I'm taking it right now. Good luck!
I can't understand the tool mentioned at 00:24 . She states that it is used for psychology to help people know more about their strengths.
came in handy...

How to Juggle Work, School and Motherhood

Just some tips on how to handle being a (possibly single) mother while going to school and working. Enjoy :)

How to Manage School and Work

HangingwithLeeTV - This is a quick video with some tips and advice for anyone who is struggling to juggle both school and work. Enjoy!

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"bomb ass sex" lol that's a first. but yeah, I have to stop being a "yes" person. it sucks though when u feel in debt to people for them doing things for u in the past.. not sure if I should just block them off for the semester lmao
+meekface202 Yeah it is definitely pretty tough to do. But once you start and you see how much better you are performing in school you will not feel as bad about it. People will always be there to make friends with.
Just subscribed! :)
+Ally Ramos Thanks!
Thank you so Much for your advise! Your fun to watch, love it! 
+Ally Ramos Thanks for watching! I'm glad I could help!
A masters degree and your fine lol #thristtrap
+suganya maheswaran Well thank you very much! :)
Thanks so much for this
+gavin harison No problem!! Thanks for watching!
Hey Lee! Found your channel because I just thought I was too stressed about school angrades and stumbled om your video, which was great! It made me sub! But also, is there anymore tips u can give? School's just been a pain right now amd i need some help. Thanks! ((:
+HangingWithLeeTV Thanks so much! This will help me alot! ((:
+crafterchacker21 Hey there! Thanks for the sub! The best advice I could give you is to make sure that you spend enough time studying. Don't wait until the last minute when you are already behind. It is still early enough in the year/semester to make a difference. Stay ahead of your coursework. When you have a paper to write. Aim to finish it at least a week before it is due. Staying ahead of the game will decrease your stress. Remember that it is ok to say no to friends.It is much easier to learn stuff as you go along than to cram. If you can do that, stay ahead of the curve that is, things will go very well for you. When you need help seek it. Get a tutor etc. I hope this helps!

Nursing School | Balancing Family, Work & School

I talk about what I and some of my peers do to balance family, work, and school life.

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I am a new CNA about to star my pre reqs for nursing. my husband is ready to pick up the slack once I get into the nursing program. I am looking forward to the challenge.
+Kimberly Harris You, your husband, and family will be so proud once you get through it. One of the sweetest moments of the pinning ceremony is the opportunity to say thank you and display for your family how hard you have worked to get there. I wish you all of the best! You and your family can do it.
Well I am single mother and in nursing school thankfully my school helps single parents when I did not have a sitter the school daycare would keep my son so it may seem easy when it comes to kids but it is not! anyway I love your videos ;)
+katie jenkins Thats amazing. I do agree that there should be more support for nursing students. Not everyone can do this job, and those that do sometimes find themselves in tough situations with balancing both. I'm glad you are doing well. Wishing you all the best on your studies! You can do it!! :-)
your room is so cute and organized!! I wish i was that cute and organized haha. Good luck with school! :)
+Shari Taylor Aww thank you! Still struggling to make my entire house that way lol
i am turning 30 next week, and am planning on quitting my full time job and go back to school to be a nurse next year. Not sure how i am gonna do it, the thought terrifies me. The LPN program is 2 years full time (4 years part time) and i want to get my RN...not sure i want to spend 7 years going to school part time so i can get my RN but i dont want to stay at my full time job anymore. Not sure what to do....i dont know how i am going to juggle finances, school and all that on my own. 
+Enrique Catanzaro My best advice to you would be to approach the college where you intend, or would look at going to, and speak to someone in the relevant department about this. You may be surprised at just how much information is available. Good luck!

Can I Go to Law School While Working Full Time?

//LSATFreedom.com - LSAT Freedom co-founder Rob Fojo helps explain how to juggle work and law school, particularly if you work full-time. Studying for ...

Time Management Advice ♥ How to juggle study, work and life all at the same time ♥ Wengie's Advice

You guys asked how to deal with a heavy workload when you have to study as well as work and perhaps even keep a social life! Here's is my experience and ...

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What does crammer mean? I googled it but i dont really understand it :/
+Yoon Hae Min a person who studies/learns most of the exam material nearer to the exam date
Hey Wengie love the video your so right time management is everything when your in college. These days my best friend recently started working and because of that we barely get a chance to meet and it's got me a little down because I felt like I'm not a "priority" to meet after they got a job haha I'm probably being too sensitive :p How about a video on maintaining friendships and overall relationships with people? Curious about your opinion hehe
+Yoon Jae Is that a Korean name?
I'm a crammer as well! Not because I procrastinate but because I find I'm much more motivated to study near to the test. I hope that makes sense! haha
Yup, I either read the material over and over, or I make up little songs or rhymes to help me remember certain sections
+ShalaLicia How do u cram, like reading sentences repeatedly until you remember it? :D
In my case, I habe a pretty normal and comfortable life. I don't want to sound weird but I kinda want to eperience hard busy school life cause I know it will help me later on

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great way! Love it!
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I loved the video.Now i know heaps of skills.:)
+Nover Matta Just push it for a sec
what does flick mean
I can't do "CHEST FLICK"
+Leandro Villalva Me too :P And T around the world
thanks ovvy,, very helpful :-)
good luck with your new episodes because you do good
How do you get that 1st person view? Is it a mod?
+AR Industries I changed the camera in the replay, you cant get it while playing

Side Business AND Full-Time Job? Here's How To Juggle Both

I invite you to join me in my free 14-day Conquer Course. C'mon over to //www.shetakesontheworld.com to sign up. Many of the entrepreneurs I know have a ...

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Thanks for this advice.

PhD Talk | Balancing School, Work, and Everything Else

//klassykinks.com 5 Tips for Balancing Life as a PhD Student 1. Prioritize Tasks 2. Have a Schedule 3. Take Breaks 4. Write Everything Down 5.

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Great video! The third tip, taking breaks, is super essential. I'm currently in my fifth and final year as a PhD student, but unfortunately, I didn't master the art of taking breaks until my fourth year. This year I'm incorporating time for self care in my schedule, and I already feel like a better student for it!
+Kurly Ken yay!
This was so good! I'm an MPH student and this semester was brutal! Everything you said is so true! I'm not a to-do list person but I really had to learn how to balance my life with task lists. It was really helpful for me. Thanks for doing this video and I hope your presentation went well :)
+minimall18 Thanks so much, and glad it could be helpful!
where were you a year ago. i love the video and definitely subscribing to your channel
Ooh ok sorry! I was struggling in my program not sure if I was going to finish, that's where I was lol. Glad you made it through!
More like why didnt i find you a year ago. This video would have been really helpful when i was going through my masters program. Now that i read that comment i realize it was not very clear. But anyways love your video. 
Where was I in life or in my program? Is this a video request? Thanks for subbing!
What your major
+More Sunny my broad field is history of public health, but my dissertation is on the history of asthma in African Americans
Im proud of you girl!! Keep doing amazing :) 
+NoJesusNoLife Thank you!!
Im so glad you're sharing this. It'll help so many students! It's incredible what you're doing. Really awesome to learn more about you.
+The Divine Hostess Thanks so much!
I'm an undergrad and I definitely found this video useful! I'm the same way with lists I'll write the longest lists and only check 3 things off but still feel super accomplished! lol Thanks for sharing! I plan on doing my masters in public health (Nutrition Emphasis)
+Klassy KinksHopefully in 2016 right after I finish this degree! If not I'll just begin the process of becoming a registered dietitian then see where life takes me from there! 
+Chari Luv yay for lists! I'm glad it was helpful. When are you planning on going for the MPH?
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