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How to restore gnome classic Videos

Compiz with Gnome Classic (Fallback Mode) - Ubuntu 11.10

compiz Description: OpenGL window and compositing manager Compiz brings to life a variety of visual effects that make the Linux desktop easier to use, more ...

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tried this with compiz 0.8.8 and ubuntu 12.04, but if i log into that new session, compiz is not started correctly. only if i enter "compiz --replace ccp" explicit in a terminal i get compiz working correctly. i compiled compiz myself because of issues with the version of the repositories. gotbletu hope you can help me with that? greetings - wursti.
your another one of those guys that makes this kinda stuff look so easy. lol i have been using different distro's of linux off and on for a few years. and i think ubuntu is great.do you know of any good books to help me learn. starting with basic terminal commands.and get me to where i really know what im typing? lol
@thejoesteiger @gotbletu dudes i made a video on how to get the gnome 2 back in ubuntu 11.10 with the indicator applets and compiz and everything .-. can u both pwease check it out?
I've been watching your videos for a while and I just have to ask, is that terminal an applet or plugin, or is it just a normal terminal you've scripted to act like that?
Lol, the pop sound in the beginning of this video freaked me out. Great video. Will you be doing a tutorial on how to be using Gnome 3 on Ubuntu 11.10?
@MrOne2watch i never used any books, just learn as u go, like if u see a command u dont understand bust out a man page or search online for an example
@EDUARDOGOKU1996 right click on the panel and select remove panel (gnome 2), in gnome3 u have to use Alt+rightclick (with compiz off also)
@thejoesteiger might be ur theme or maybe u forgot to turn some compiz plugin on, i think theres one call titlebar or someshit i forgot
@MicroHelper didnt hear any pop sound, guess halloween came early on ur end =) yea always do videos when i get bored
@gotbletu Doing compiz --replace removed the titlebars. metacity --replace brings them back but get rid of compiz.
@TheDarkArgon you can search the wallpaper whit this name on google images: "Bird with green feathers" :)
HI.. How did you manage to get the magic sparkles when you close a window.. is this also compiz?
@maddogie tried both, cant believe i hadnt found these before, thanks for your help =D
@thejoesteiger try using the gnome tweak tool to change it back to the default

gnome classic panel + unity launcher in ubuntu 12.04 precise

sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback unity-2d-launcher choose the Gnome Classic session from the login screen, then run the command unity-2d-shell ...

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will this still let me keep my settings like my theme for example when i change to classic gnome?
Unity itself can actually be purged.
I am so doing this.

delete tray icons in Gnome Classic (fallback) for Ubuntu or Linux Mint

there has been changes to they way we delete these pesky icons...unfortunately..

how to return back to gnome classic in ubuntu 12 04 lts

In this video tutorial you will learn how to return back to gnome classic in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

How to get GNOME classic(with or without efects) on ubuntu 12.10

how to install gnome classic on ubuntu 11.10

the package to do this is called gnome-panel. you need to install this, then logout/restart, then click the gear icon at the logon screen and select the new "gnome ...

Gnome Classic Icon Fix tutorial

Gnome Icon on the main panel fix. Text entry: -PanelMenuBar-icon-visible: true;
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