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How to restore vw camper Videos

DIY VW Camper Van Restoration

1971 VW Camper Van DIY Restoration 2001 to 2007.

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Does anybody know where to get the foldable seats that go into a bed now?
Google search "rock n roll seat" and you find a supplier near you :)

Restoration of a 1965 VW Camper Van Part 1

I purchased this rusty Devon Caravette back in 2007, here's the first stage of the resto.... For part 2 see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6BXA3dCc5A.

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Great video i love bugs, You must talk to neil oakley from litesteer com he has just patented a new power steering system for all vw's its incredible youtube search litesteer to see the video. he is also looking for fitters of the new system..might be worth a call or email.. good luck regards mark j endorfintv com
can we have part 2??? your work is awesome!!! i love this car so much... i will buy one if i have a garage to restorate one!!! but i think i put a new engine inside of it (same power)... because in germany the gas is so expensive!!! and it is better for the environment!!!
@ppl00125 Assembling one from scratch with all new parts is not an option. Mixing new with old is....and the alternative was to let her die a slow death. Once it's all painted and shiny all that sort of perfectionist shit will be long forgotten.....
@DrooNed The term "double door" means a pair of cargo doors on both passenger and driver sides when referring to type 2 VW's....so no, it's not. If you call it that because of the 2 cargo doors, then that's normal...they all have 2....
I just purchased a 66 splitty. Once all the paneling etc was removed I was shocked to see how much rust there was; equal if not more that yours! Now that I've seen your video I'm encouraged that restoring it is possible. Wish me luck!
Believe it or not i've actually seen worse ones restored! yeah our climate is a bit wetter than yours no doubt...it's a big project but once it's finished i'm sure the resto pains will be but a distant memory...
@xuewa ja das problem kenne ich... XD ich will mir auch einen kaufen und das problem ist mit nem neuen motor bekommste nur kein H kennzeichen mehr...und ein gleich "schwacher" motor ist narürlich pflicht...
You do nice work. When you put the long outer panel on, does that overlap or are they butted together and welded ? Did you use Clecos to hold it together ? I have to do this on my 65 Standard. Thanks
And I thought mine was rusty , this one was desintegrating ! One of a kind and bravado restore , maybe you have more than one reason to do this ,take your time and show us part 2 please will you ?
@xuewa sorry part 2 is a way off yet. Putting a non VW engine in one of these is sacrilege! The flat 4 engines are part of what makes VW so unique, not too much power but lots of character....
Not painted yet (except for underneath!) Just waiting on the beam and box to come back so we can get her mobile again, then off to the paint shop...
WOW! You are a true artist. You saved it from deaths grasp. You are blessed with a great gift. Well done!
nice work,well worth the effort,it will last 100 years and then some one will restore it again.
done 2 of theese busses far worse that yours , but in the end worth every second it took
I'll give your rust a 7 out of ten, mine is an 9!! Great job rebuilding
Has your bus been painted yet? Would love to see the finished result!
wow you put some serious work in there.nothing but respect for that
Is getting there, maybe in a few months when it's all finished....
Great job, you're a patient artisan. I wish I had the skill.
Como quedo el proyecto... ya esta pintada???
looks great fantastic job you are a artist
So glad these old buses get saved !
GLAD people do this sorta stuff.
Did you finished it?
wheres part 2?
part two?

vw camper restoration (1972 bay window)

In 2009 i bought a 1972 baywindow dormobile camper intending to turn it into something special. A year later and lots with sweat, tears and sleepless nights it ...

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That's pretty cool. The things we do for our kids, right? I'm looking to do the same for my oldest who loves the VW Bus or "Hippy Van" but I have to convince the wife. Great job though on yours. It looks pretty awesome and good times with the family!
I had the original 1700cc pancake engine in my '72 hardtop. That thing ran like a beast for a long time, lol. Also one of the most fun and capable 2WD vehicles off road I've ever owned.
great vid we have 4 vans 2 split 1 bay and 1 23 window samba we have done the bay and onto my 63 split then for the 67 then for the 56 samba lol they are all RHD so bonus lol
I added the caption a little early in the video, I made the interior myself and my mate pete made the dash panels. and the vw front vent with light, Clever man he is.
Great job man. I started mine last week and I'm looking for inspiration!! Anything I shud watch out for or u wud do different if u were to start again!? Thanks. Niall
Thanks Very much, i loved the resto peroid even with lack of sleep but it was worth it! Gonna add some more pics soon and maybe a video of the bus in motion........
I would love to see a driving video and a video of the engine running and a couple of revs? I love the punchy sound of the 1641.
did you paint your dashboard? I Have a 1970 Bay window tin top and was wondering if it was possible to paint the dashboard.
Great restoration job, great result and super video with a good choice of music...well done.
What an absolute beauty of a bus. Love all the wee added personal touches. INSPIRING!!!
thats why people want to drive these cars!) Thanks for video!) Good Luck on road!)
neat job, well done, best one i've seen so far, credit to you. Dave.
Love the dash panels!
Great job guys!

Our 1974 VW Bay Window Campervan Restoration

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Unbelievable. I will second Sunwolfyvan's comment. European's can save a bus that we would have parted out 15 years ago. I can't imagine the amount of work that you had to do to bring that beauty back to glory. Thanks for saving the bays. Bus on.
wow..u brits are nuts.. over here in the US we would have parted something like that out..but congratulations on a lot of work..it looks great...i had a '78 westfalia i bought from california..no rust ever. wish i still had it..
NICE WORK !!! I'm hopefully about to get a 1969 type 2 tin top, She is not a pretty girl at the mo, but this video show what can be achieved with a lot of hard work (and I guess a larger than budgeted pot of cash)
Thanks cheezy, omg, don't think we realised what we were letting ourselves in for!! Can't believe the transformation!! Grinning from ear to ear in Jimmy Blue... Happy dubbing !
very good work mate is that in hornsea by any chance where your going down the road how much did you pay for it and how much is it worth now
wow man! Thanks for keeping th buses alive. I have a '73 thats y life that I'm restoring for my first car. Great inspiration. thanks :)
Wow! Who would have thought something so rusty and thrashed could end up as sweet as that? Nice Bus!
thats fantastic! so much hard work, hope you enjoy using her this summer.
holy rust!

A Fully Restored and Beautifully Finished Volkswagen Type 2 Bay Campervan. SOLD!

SORRY NOW SOLD - SIMILAR WANTED A fully restored and beautifully finished Volkswagen Type 2 Bay Campervan. EQUIPMENT Pop-up fibreglass roof, ...

VW Camper van restoration by Sterling Automotive

Produced by Sterling Automotive.

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Great video i love bugs, You must talk to neil oakley from litesteer com he has just patented a new power steering system for all vw's its incredible youtube search litesteer to see the video. he is also looking for fitters of the new system..might be worth a call or email.. good luck regards mark j endorfintv com
Win my classic '63 VW Camper Van by doing almost nothing! bit.ly/win-my-vw-campervan Bung the above URL in your browser address bar and enter the free raffle. Hurry, this raffle ends on 5th August 2011!
Alot of dedication,people outside of the mechanical world have no idea. Well done,all the best.
What did you treat the bare metal with before painting it?
typical amout of welding then ? very nice job ,well done
Very nice!!! Visit w w w. kombozanervoza.blogspot.com
unbelievable great work, you have my respect!!!
how much did this cost ? as have similar bay
tat yard dog to show stopper nice paint
are you going to finish it?
nice job,top notch
I want more!!!

VW T2 Bay Window Campervan Restoration part 1

After all the rotten metal had been cut off, the engine was rebuilt, then she went back to get new panels welded on again!

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salut comment ce change les ails avant du van elle ce meule ou ce dépointe meci bocoup
Thats looking well solid now.

My VW T25 Camper Project/Build

My camper project bought in feb 2011 restore pics till feb 2012 almost finished!!

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Thumbs up to this mate! just bought a pop top same colour wheels everything, so excited!
Looking good....Must do mine once summers out the way
nice work! what propulsion sytem have you got in it?
Top job !!! Incredible work.
wow, looks great!
cute van.
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