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How to open ixl Videos

Frustration vs MoonGlade - IXL Open Semi's (Game #5)

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B. Honesty, Optiums Prime, IXL, Rockin Open Mic @ Babylon video-2010-04-27

B. Honesty rockin Fresno's open mic night @ The Babylon Club. Optimus Prime IXL live band. The homie Mr. Marcus on trumpet & drums...yup...peep it.

Open Labs SoundSlate - Musikmesse 2010

//www.delamar.de/musikmessevideos/musikmesse-2010-video-open-labs-soundslate-musikcomputer-fuer-die-buehne-7885/ In diesem Open Labs ...

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saw someone selling this for $600 on craigslist. looks too much i want to just play and record and not lose the inspiration with a pc manual. :(
I'd rather have a weaker Soundslate running Windows 7, than a more powerful Receptor running Linux Mint. Gosh, I hate Linux!!!
Great tool!

IXL 40x Escape

English Grammar - Tenses

A tense is a grammatical category that locates a situation in time, to indicate when the situation takes place. Some typical tenses are present, past, and future.

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hello mam..can i get ur whats app contact no or email id..becoz of i have some problems
+Rajesh Sharma : Thanks for watching our video. You can contact our Creative Director Mr. R. Srinivasan at [email protected] for more help.
Respected Ma'am,I am using this program to teach English for villagers. Thank you for efforts.Sincerely,Raju Gogulam
+Raju Gogulam Thank you so much. We really feel elated to learn that our videos are reaching the 'intended mass" through you. Certainly our aim is to educate the rural masses. In case, if you need any help kindly contact us through : [email protected]
+Raju Gogulam Let me re-phrase .. Village student communities.
"Sun rises in the east" Is it a correct sentence? I think "The Sun rises in the east" will be the correct sentence.Because in previous lesson on noun mam taught us to use article ''The" if something exist is only one of its kind. Please correct me if I am wrong.
+Prateek Kapoor You are perfectly right ...
tank you mam it help me alot
+munish chopra Kindly share this video link with your friends.
sorry mam. but koi tenses seekh raha he to use english to bilkul nahi aati hogi . shayad mujhe esa lagta ho ........ agar aap hindi me ye samjhae to shayad jyada samaj me aaega .................................. agar meri baat sahi lagi ho to like dijeya nahi to dislike dejeye.................. agar kisi ko heart hua ho to SORRY...............................
+Dipesh Bhawsar dude u need to listen videos English coz it will improve ur English as well as listening and Speaking skills...it hard bt it is important 4 u...best of luck...
if Mother finished cooking or mother has finished cooking ?
this is IF conditional clause. there are 4 conditional clauses .ZERO conditional clause this is general fact. if ice melts it gets water.if you boil water at 100'c. it evouperates. 1 st conditional if you study well,you will pass. 2nd conditional clause if i were minister, i would do this. if i saw her, i would speak her. if i had his mobile number,i would give u.3rd conditional clause is if i had gone there,i would have told you.so in your above sentence if mother finished cooking,i would eat.or if mother had finished cooking,i would have eaten. not mother has finished. if mother finishes cooking,i will eat it. 
+Veerinder Preet Thanks for your appreciative comments. Kindly share our channel link with your friends.

Armi(Protoss) vs Frustration(Protoss) - [IXL Game 1]

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