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KYMATICA - FULL LENGTH MOVIE - Expand Your Consciousness!!!

Official video source: //www.talismanicidols.org in5d //www.in5d.com/ UPDATED DAILY! The Internet's largest Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical ...

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how does entropy fit in to this theory of evolving into something else? where did the pyramids come from and if we do not have the tech now that we had then? how are we evolving into something better?
great perspective and analogy, moon's effects to this planet.  Bottom line is a pole shift is due any second, biblical deceptions inevitable...higher consciousness or not, this planet is about to suffer like never before, fail to prepare ,prepare to fail. GREAT Bear Lake, Trust Me
+howard massicotte this is the cause of our rise and fall in consciousness. the great procession. it causes higher consciousness and longer life spans. you know the effects of the moon on the planet and everything on it imagine another star that is way more dense, very very magnetic
+derek melton time is not linear, time repeats itself. Earth is following the Sun through space. The Sun is in an orbit of it's own. The Sun quickens and slows down in it's speed as it follows it's orbit, relative to it's binary twin, a brown dwarf ten times smaller than our Sun, but with equal gravity and energy as our Sun. Chinese called it the red dragon, Hopi call it the red star katchina. It is approaching, it looks like a mini solar system because it is smaller and denser than ours but it is our twin solar system. Without it our Sun and each planet would slow down and stop , we would no longer be a system, it takes two. two galaxies, two solar systems, two dna strands and two electrons orbiting protons. Our Sun tows Earth and the other planets through the stone age when it it is at it's farthest point from it's twin, to now, the modern age...global warming is happening on each planet in our solar system because the Sun is quickening as it gets closer to it's twin. the solar system us a big binary gravity motor. Friction causes heat. As our Sun quickens, so does Earth through space heating up all the planets.
What? This guy starts out incorrect, at the very start he says, "as the earth continued to cool, oxygen accumulated and this spawned single cell organisms and so on".... the truth is exactly opposite! Oxygen is a heavy element, stars make it in super nova explosions. and we know that doesn't exactly happen for long periods of time lol... So primarily, the % of it in any planets atmosphere starts low... and Earth actually had very very little oxygen at first, in fact, carbon dioxide was what all original bacteria used, and they, used carbon dioxide and expelled oxygen, this created a situation where as life flourished it almost killed itself! The oxygen was , and still is, to allot of life, poison! So, the Life that breathed out oxygen died off, a large amount of it anyway, and then, suddenly, oxygen breathing organisms appeared, and, turned out that they could make efficient use of that poison, and expel... well.. carbon dioxide! Sooooo anyway... just pointing that out.
+Nicholas Williamson oxygen was mad by Algae rear formed in the ocean starting photosynthesis removing some of the extremely high levees of carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen. They only oxygen in stars is minute and would burn in an instant due to the constant contained explosion
my view point is true ;p as per commonly accepted theory of oxygen generation in our atmosphere.
Look up been stewart and tell him that so I can get a better understanding of which is really true
+Nicholas Williamson I liked how you pointed out a fault in this movie without criticism...
Oxygen hasn't "accumulated" by itself... it was generated by cyanobacteria. And this is just one among many misconceptions Sorry, but this vid is bullshit
ur dad bs for shooting u into ur mom
ur bullshit
Maybe God IS simply the God of the Holy Bible, & Jesus IS truly God in the flesh. Maybe everything we see in the tangible world is just physical matter, & not sacred, but only our souls are sacred. You have nothing to disprove this theory.
+Sergio Lievano Prove all of this Zeitgeist nonsense. This is all just a ridiculous notion made up for the purposes of avoiding accountability. If you really believe that we are all one in sovereignty, then you are missing all the division in our world. If we were all ONE we would never have division, PERIOD !!!!
+michaelantonio or prove
Just stop the speciesism. Care about your impact. Go vegan. Evolve. dammit
+Lee Nicho we may/may not be meat eaters by design, but we are unquestionably not animal farmers by design, nor were animals designed to be farmed... I think that can be pretty objectively provenEvolution is based on context... Social behavior and personal decision making are now just as much a part of the evolution of our species (i would go so far as to argue far more immediately impactful) as the forces outside of our control such as weather patterns and genetic mutation... So yea, even taking your hyperbole into account id say that at this point in the evolution of consciousness, we DO choose to evolve... pretty powerful and hopeful idea when you think about it.So in short, going vegas IS evolving. It is making a small (perhaps ultimately insignificant, I'll grant the skeptics that) change to promote the longevity of our species and planet in the face of the enormous problem that the animal agriculture institution inarguably poses to both. That is, in its essence, evolution.Not trying to sound condescending or like a know-it-all...your comment just hit a nerve in me for some reason... Keep doing you, but stay open to new information! Peace and love
+Lee Nicho Exactly... .... if the wings thing work out I would love to know how you did it.. cheers
Going Vegan isn't evolving. We're meat eaters by design, vegan and vegetarianism is a choice, not an evolutionary step. Also you don't choose to evolve either, otherwise I'm going to grow wings and take to the skies.

DOC TOM - 3.OÖ Line Dance Award in Ried/Riedmark - mit seiner Bad - DOC TOM & THE BANDITS

Doc Tom mit seiner tollen Band den Countrybanditen ab 14.00 Uhr in Ried/Riedmark - bevor ihr losfährt noch ein Relity-Video von Doc Tom.


KYMATICA Spiritual Awakening Enlightenment - REVOLUTIONARY MOVIE DOCUMENTARY Consciousness is the quality or state of awareness, or, of being ...

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Philosophically anyone can oppose norms, the world is just as ready to attack the deceived as the perpetrators. The false is on its way through man centered thinking like we create God. All of this is in avoidance of accountability, even the concept is hated. Who's to tell me what's right or wrong.. God is involved in completing his salvation. The discovery of the Blood of the Savior on the mercy seat explodes in the Jewish mind as actual, some hate the message but we've all been lied to.
I don't remember my post so I reviewed the film long enough to see where your coming from. ~ New Age isn't new and much of it is a formula away from your savior. The Jews recognize it a pagan. Read who these deities were and how people sacrificed to them. The one connection is had only in rebirth. Theirs more to being born again than a ticket to heaven. All things become new.. This is the connection to the source. Man can not create that connection, getting a Kundalini spirit is presently imitating the Holy Spirit in Churches across America. That's new age without Christ in Church and everyone's overly happy. Yeshua is His name to His ear. He's returning to fight for Israel, Why? because He said He would. We're connected to the Creator source consciousness  only through the gift of the Father to His son. I don' generally say it that way but I see it that way. Lucifer has the power of the air and as such influences all teachings, all teachings, all teachings.  
God gave you his image think about what that actually means. To think that statement has anything to do with a physical appearance you are sadly mislead
You are wrong use some logic the lie is in the the three religions Jewish Christian Islam. Religions that tell us we are separate from God and completely unstable even cursed. The no accountability comes from you the idea believing the name of Jesus's is automatic salvation and that you can't help being a sinner. You will also say things happen to you based on gods will also a lack of accountability. I'm truth God is everything so we are all part of God not separate but one with God and the rest of the universe all life is the image of God consciousness is gods image he is not a physical entity but a spiritual one. God has nothing but unconditional love for you and love does not hold grudges short term punishment yes, eternal damnation an absolute lie and even offensive to God and his love for you.
Why do some people make such futile comments and have to swear to get there point across? Very sad.
+Michael Broom almost like a scared little person trying to get what they want :)
Great Video...Used our company logo in the video (5:37 mins) ...Love it !! xxx Kundalini Records UK...
Sa fii Om e lucrul mare , your logo belong to my kind , belong to old civilisation who world would not recognise .They can't see ... They are blind . Om n-am oaste !
Man, I posted this documentary on facebook and tagged some of my people on the US, they say it's been banned :O do you have another source of it??
+Fernando M. Cerecer you can use this free site//en.savefrom.net/
If you want to be on your way down the road of self discovery I recommend reading The Present, a short document which united science and spirituality and conveys the universal truths which we all share. Google Truthcontest, the website where it is at, if it sounds interesting.
+Athmos Tringsdelpf thank u
Awesome video, I love to hear and be reminded of the incredible connections between us and our world its so beautiful, thanks for posting.
+FreeYourMind FromMentalSlavery WATCH THIS TRAILERhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eiQWv3KaSo
This video lost my attention within the first few minutes. The statement ' Oxygen accumulated making way for organic compounds. These spawned single celled organisms' is completely false. Oxygen accumulation was caused by organisms, not the other way around. Organisms known as Cyanobacteria created the oxygen we breathe today by utilising the well known process of photosynthesis. Eons prior to the evolution of Cyanobacteria there were many organisms that existed anaerobically.
+Graeme Hill I assume you'll both go back to your submissive, repressive existence of denial then :) Because as you know - everything you see in the news and texts is void of any inaccuracies, or statements backed up by no evidence
I have to agree the whole presentation is a load of babble, full of inaccuracies, with many statements backed up by no evidence.

The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla

From Google Videos Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 7 January 1943) was an inventor and a mechanical and electrical engineer. He is frequently cited as one of the ...

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these idiots discredited the entire documentary the moment they had that crazy shyster john hutchinson on and they even called that uneducated fool an "electrical engineer." close the tab soon as his monkey ass popped up. LOL
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When I was a kid a friend of my father's had an wooden box of Tesla's .I loved to play with it every time we would go see him I would beg till he brought it out . it made a lot of noise you could hear the electric snapping. We would hold hands and the person on the end had a light blub that would lite up .our hair would stand up just a little. It was scary but very very cool.
That was thirty years ago and I still have pictures
He is a real imagination man far from his generation... Now we are using every technology devices with 100 year's old energy... by now we should use the wireless transmission energy in high frequency in our environment... and our smart phone would come out without Batteries...
+Junichi Tachibana cuz it is not good for people like koch brothers. They intend to spend $900 million influencing the 2016 election
why they keep saying he one of the greatest, but who was more impactful than him? he is the greatest... I sense alot of jealousy in the scientific community.
+Brian James - Gauss, Ampere, Maxwell. and Hertz, had more impact than Tesla. I left out names in electricity and electronics that followed Tesla's time, because most of the work of later inventors who used electricity, such as Fleming, did not have any effect on Tesla's inventions.(By the way, around the same time, Wilhelm Roentgen won the Nobel prize for creating apparatus that produced X-rays. I didn't put him in that list either because he also didn't contribute to the electromagnetic theory that lead to Tesla's results, but what he did was obviously also very important).The accomplishments of those men who preceded, or whose life overlapped Nikola Tesla's life, are at least as great as what Tesla did. In particular, James Clerk Maxwell's accomplishments dwarf Tesla's accomplishments. He wrote all the equations for classical electromagnetic phenomenon that are still used today - although two of Maxwell's four equations are from Gauss Law and Ampere's Law, so even he did not work alone.Tesla was a great inventor. He was not a physicist.Technically, Hertz invented radio; he was the first to send radio waves across a distance to cause a spark in the receiver. A lot of different people were involved in gradual improvements in radio that lead to modern systems.There is no question that Tesla was brilliant, but these other men were brilliant too. Their contribution to what Tesla did should not be ignored. And, of all those men, I think Maxwell was the greatest. Maxwell was the Isaac Newton of electricity! His equations predicted radio before radio was invented!Regarding the final comment on this video - nothing Tesla ever did went beyond what is predicted by Maxwell's equations. It's doubtful that there is some secret Tesla knew that is unknown today. He was a brilliant inventor, but he was not a physicist. He did not extend fundamental knowledge about the theory of electricity; he exploited existing knowledge better than others. I don't write that to take anything away from him. Tesla made important contributions with his inventions.

Astral Projection Step 1: The Value, Importance and Fear of Astral Projection & Journeys

Astral Projection in various forms is evident in EVERY Spiritual or Religious major documents passed down through recorded civilization include hieroglyphics ...
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