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What should economists and policymakers learn from the financial crisis?

Speaker(s): Dr Ben S Bernanke, Olivier Blanchard, Professor Lawrence H. Summers, Axel A. Weber Chair: Professor Sir Mervyn King Recorded on 25 March ...

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Amazing to hear them all wax lyrical about Mervyn King, his huge intellect and incredible ability to model, predict and manage the economy. Well, wasn't this the same man who didn't even see the financial crises about to happen, even as late as 2007! Hard to believe..... Markets are often propped up by confidence. Well, if this is their attempt to boost the perception and confidence in the Masters of the Central Banks, it laughable.
Interesting that Blanchard talks about a "third leg" of interventionist policy:macroprudential policy. The tendency that I have here is to equate the policy with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but the policy has larger applications than that (see: Cyprus's attempt to control it's way out of financial panic)
how the hell were these guys central bankers, head economists at IMF etc! Basicially admitting they didnt know what they were talking about before 2008. sounds like theyre still in the dark.
we should learn that if any one of the people speaking had to invent a product and run a real profit making business.. they'd be living under a bridge by Friday.
This is amazing. Shouldn't these guys be in jail? They created the crisis and now they are talking about it with no sense of guilty or regret. Incredible.
This discussions demonstrates they have no idea what the outcome of their actions will be. This is a perfect demonstration of academic group think.
Gentlemen ! Stop fractional reserve banking and stop fiat paper money.Here in the UK we need, The bradbury pound NOW!
Can't LSE improve its video quality from 360 p and start recording and uploading in HD?
Not critical, but the audio is "flat topping," not 100% clean...distorting, I believe.
But kudos for having the video on YouTube. - R. Boyd
Very interesting and informative video! 
Benanke has no answer.

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Give credit to iNiyant.

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