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Aquatop UVP-13 UV fish Tank filter Review - fix any Algea Bloom problem 720pHD

Welcome to the world of algea bloom. Kristi has been taking care of our fish tank for the past 10 years and has had success with the fish population. Recently we ...

Bally 1992 Doctor Who Pinball BACKLIT UVP Backglass MOD

This modified active backglass was created by CDF12345 and posted to VPForums.org and hyperspin-fe.com. It is a combination of a high resolution backglass ...

Williams Cyclone 1988 Pinball BACKLIT UVP Backglass MOD

This modified backglass was created by CDF12345 and posted to VPForums.org and hyperspin-fe.com. It is a combination of a high resolution backglass image ...

GTA IV Ultimate Vehicle Pack, FPS, Realistic Crashing, and more! HD

This was a clean install of GTA IV, then I used the install file of GTA IV Ultimate Vehicle pack (Available here : //gta4uvp.gamesave-manager.com/) ...

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thankyou it's nice to see when people like it though i have never gotten the trainer freezing problem only time the trainer freezes is if you spawn coquette or speedo they are extremely demanding to the game sometimes it works to spawn them sometimes the trainer just freezes v10 has a few more scripts including seatbelt thats more straight forward pressing alt puts it on theres even a seatbelt icon theres also property buying and jobs etc so abit more scripts alsoa new desert map
The trainer not working after a while is related I believe to missing textures.....I had this problem on GTX 660M, after 2-3 mins. textures messing up I can't spawn anything. On GTX 670MX I can spawn cars with ease as my card has less trouble with the textures....though I do use a traffic mod now that's suppose to address this issue - so maybe that's the solution...... This game is amazing, but so damn complicated when it comes to modding - but it's worth the trouble :)
come on guys, stop cussing the author, they make the effort to show us some really good stuff. If you dont like it bugger off....no one invites you to insult. Go and watch hello kitty or something. Rockstar and the people who develop mods are legends. This game is brilliant and if you disagree it's probably cos you're on an xbox with limited modding for limited minds.
actually that trainer freezing I think I figured out, to turn on trainer you press F3, and i guess i tried to turn it off by pressing F3, and i pressed F4, which HID the trainer, and i kept pressing F3 instead and it did nothing. and the desert map is in the one I have, seatbelt aswell but I'll be sure to download the new version.
textures go missing if you have either intel hd graphics or a really old graphics card (and btw i should know cuz my laptop has intel hd graphics and textures went missing and i used to have a radeon hd 4470 and textures went missing) but now i have a tri-sli 670 and all my textures are fine :)
yeah, this one especially, it's supported by the one on steam, that's how I did it, you download the mod, and it makes a backup with the new cars, so you start the game from there, you can still go back to the Steam version and have it play online if you want.
Cant understand what you are saying 11:11, It sound like you are saying, When you crash your car you accualy loose all of ''here'', WTF ARRE YOU SAYING!?!?!
Question: What traffic mod did you use ? I'm using Chikamru's Mod, but you seem to have a lot better car variety on the roads.....
I've got the mod installed, but some cars freeze the trainer and won't let me remove it from the screen. is there a fix for this?
No, Its related to the TrafficLoad Script. No matter how high-end your PC is you will have missing textures and slow pop in.
at least i got a PC. To bad my textures always go missing when i install this. My PC specs is not to blame either.
We're not all PC gamers, but he never said it was available for installation on any console besides the PC
do it 'cause i wanna know and download them and play it and have fun and go ham and get crazy up in thurr
Ok. Si I've got a taxi bug - there's no any else cars than Feltzers and yellowcabs. How to fix it?
I actually already recorded it, just need to edit/render and upload it. subscribe to keep up with it!
Can you tell me how to install it, i knw how to get to the files but can you tell me where to out it?
*flies out of windsheld gets up without any problem or blood or marks* ohhhh... gta iv physics
um why did he shoot you?? i remember being arrested not shot for minor offenses in that game
dont be a troll. Might be a suprise for you, but CONSOLES DON'T HAVE ANY MODS AVIABLE.
u dont give a mod link!! that's mean no credit... give us a mod link..!!
Traffic load fix taxi big bat us mich vram and make slow textures
I know! i got mixed up! somebody already pointed it out. sorry!
Could you post a video of the car crashing mod only? Thanks.
I really don't have that many but I'm planning on it!
You should post a video of all the mods you have

Problem with visual pinball 9.1.2 playfield using UVP and h

First table is Theater of Magic with the UVP server script code inserted. As you'll see, the playfield is rotated incorrectly. There is also a second plunger drawn.

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I struggled with it for quite a while, and ended up using a fresh install and it finally worked. If you look at my other videos you'll see it working now.

Example UVP KISS - Sept 2012

How To Import CSV In Ami Broker?

In this video you will find how to import CSV in ami broker.

Interview TV Noord over UVP

Live interview door Eva Hulscher op Tv Noord voorafgaand aan de nieuw reeks uitzendingen van Una Voce Particolare. Samen met Lydia de Vries.
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