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How to open ux1 Videos

Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 Overview / Demo

A brief demo of Line 6 Pod Studio, including the UX1 interface, Pod Farm software, and Ableton Lite software. Best when viewed in large viewer or full screen ...

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In Pod Farm 2 you can have 2 simultaneous signal chains with an amp, cab and 10 effects each. You can also choose more than one of the same category of effect. For instance you could have both a tube screamer and fuzz face in the same chain. However in Pod Farm 1, which is shown here, you can only have one distortion effect, one reverb effect, etc.
The package says system requirements are 1GB minimum, so you are good. The issue with this software is that it is a processor hog. You'll need at least a Pentium 4 or equivalent. The more effects you add to your signal chain the more processing it takes. Also if you are looking at a UX1, not sure if Windows 7 supports it.
I bought the Pod Farm/UX1 combo. A question for you... The guitar signal the interface sends to the monitors/computer is low. I have to turn the ToneDirect/Output knob to the maximum and set my computer's input/output volume to the max. Do you experience the same issue?
Thanks :) ok, so, my 2.1 speakers have an stereo RCA input, so if I buy a special cable, that have on one end two analog mono 1/4 jacks and on the other end the stereo RCA jack and I found Cordial CFU 3 PC... so will it works ? :) sorry for my bad english thank you
Hello, I am going to buy this thing, and I want to ask you, how is the sound comming out of the UX1 ? through USB to your pc speakers ? Or you must have a studio monitors plugged into the analog outs ? Thank you very much for your reply :)
Please answer! Does the software take alot of space on your laptop. i don´t have the gratest laptop so i´m afraid that it will lag alot och just be really slow. My computer is working fine now and i have like 200 gigabytes left
No sound would come through your computer speakers. The UX1 interface essentially becomes your sound card when it is plugged in, so you would have to use headphones plugged into it or attach speakers to it.
yes, you can load a wav file as one of your audio tracks. However, the track's tempo will be based on the bps you have set, so you may need to adjust it up or down to match the tempo of the original track.
how do you handle the noise cancellation? there is alot of extra noise while I record, I cant get rid of that nuance, which i hindering my recording. Could you say something on that issue? thanks
@abfaria83 yes you can hear what you are playing while you are recording. My screen capture software just would grab the sound as i was recording the video.
question about the software. When you have your guitar plugged in to the interface, do you hear it out of your speakers? (I hope that makes sence)
Can you edit the recordings? like cut pieces out. E.G. the first few of silence seconds after pressing record and actually starting to play.
holy toledo, i'm behind the curve with this stuff. I still have not used a computer to record, but am sort of missing my pod 2.0.
Can i run this great device with Sonar ? i´m used to that softaware so i didn´t want to make a change ... Thanks for the vid !!
I always put the noise gate in my signal chain. I also stand as far away as I can can from the computer when I record.
Can you record live video whilst recording the guitar? (if that makes sense) Also I have windows 7... will it work?
please answer! How it sounds when you use microphom XLR input? Did you ever record the vocal with ''Line 6 UX1''?
can you use pod farm as an input in ableton, so you can record with the sounds a presets you have in pod farm?
I just always use headphones. The line outs are 1/4 jacks so you cant really use regular computer speakers.
dude, while recording, you can listen to you guitar sound over the headphones or monitor in real time?
Check out any of my original songs posted since April 2010. They were all recorded using Pod Studio
does anyone know if this thing works with FL Studio? And if so how it works and how it sounds?
you didnt even demo the actual thing. how does it sound like when you use it on your guitar?
how many effects can it run at the same time? lets say 2amps+2cabs(w/ mic)+10pedals=output?
I just got my ux1 but I don't seem to be able to license pod farm. Any suggestions?
Thanks for the answer! I have windows 7 but i have deicided i will not buy it ;)
Can i play with backingtracks so i can record what i play with a backingtrack?

Recording with POD Farm 2.5 and POD Studio UX1 | Line 6

Find out more at //line6.com/podfarm POD Farm 2.5 is the AU/RTAS®/VST® plug-in that delivers POD tone to any DAW and features every model necessary ...

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I downloaded the trial version of Podfarm from the website, and I plugged my guitar into a Steinberg MI4 that was connected with a USB to my computer. I was able to access a lot of the different amps and effects. I tried to record something with Audacity, but audacity stopped working when Podfarm was on. Is that just because it's the trial version of Podfarm? Would I be able to use the MI4, Audacity, and the full version of Podfarm together?
@iwishihadakv2 you can't use the internal speakers on the iMac or laptops for that matter. That's not how USB/Firewire audio works. You need external powered computer speakers, headphones, or studio monitors to here your playback and monitor your sound. You can plug headphones or powered computer speakers into the headphone jack OR you can plug powered studio monitors into the left/right analog output on the back of the POD Studio UX1.
how can I get my ux1 work? I just installed the pod farm 2 that came with the product and when i open it, it says - " POD Farm 2 has detected a valid POD Farm 2 License on your UX1, but it hasn't been authorized for this computer. Simply run Line6 Monkey to authorize your UX1 and restart PF2. " Yes i've done that and I downloaded some update with me monkey but it didn't help. Should I somehow like register the product or something?
I have a question that's more about the hardware than the software. I have a UX1 and when I plug my guitar in, which has 18 volt EMG's in it, the signal is so weak it's almost completely unusable. I went into the mixer on POD farm and selected the +18 option, which fixes this, but it seems like with such high output pickups that shouldn't be necessary. Do you have any idea what might be the problem?
Can you play the UX1 through a powered PA and run it like a Line 6 Pod? Or can you only hear it through the computer speakers? I'm looking at replacing my practice amp with the UX1 and run it through my baby Behringer PA but want to be able to just jam to songs on iTunes while Pod Farm is running. Is it better to use just the line out left output or better through the headphone out?
@thinwire I'm not quite sure I follow. The sound shouldn't sound any different whether you use it as a plug in or as a stand alone application. Using PF as a plug in however, gives you the flexibility to loop your track and dial in your tone after you've recorded a good dry take. With the stand alone app you need to be satisfied with your processed take as it hits your audio track.
@007starr the Silver 12 is available in the Collector's Classics model pack or in POD Farm 2.5 Platinum. If you're using POD Farm Standard for iLok then you'll need to upgrade to POD Farm 2.5 Platinum for iLok. If you're using POD Farm with a piece of Line 6 hardware or other 3rd party hardware, then you can just buy the Collector Classics model pack to get that model.
How does it make any difference going to POD Farm standalone first as apposed to recording as a plugin on the dry signal exactly? Surely the signal is going through PF at some point anyway, either before the channel or after the channel (in the daw). Why does it sound different depending on the order of the plugin relative to the DAW? thanks
@ArizonaMMJ Hi, The POD Studio UX1 comes with Ableton® Live Lite Line 6 Studio Edition 8-track recording software and RiffWorks™ T4 recording software so you can be able to record out of the box. If you had any trouble using these programs, please reach out to Line 6 Support and they can help you with those. Thanks.
@line6movies I got it working all ready.. took me four hours.. didn't notice something on the monkey program. That you can authorize it from the monkey as it said on the notification. : D I registered my ux1 and I finally managed to authorize everything. Now everything works just fine ! Thank you !
ok last question i have be4 i buy anything.... if i dont buy a line6 interface can i still buy and use the ad ons such as FX Junkie and the metal shop? or to upgrade with those do you need to have an interface from line6 if so for only a little more i will just get the ux1 studio
Another question.. I've got a POD HD500 which is great, but i wanted support for bass and vocal recordings too... Will buying the Pod X3 bean (discontinued, still available in stores) also give me the Pod Farm 2.5 plug-in?? (And if yes, will it be the platinum version?)
@line6movies Is the sound quality much better with the usb audio driver on the other pods as opposed to the line in on the pocket pod? I noticed the pocket pod sounds decent, but I figured the usb would have better quality. Which ones have the audio driver/usb? Thanks
The thing that seems to suck is that you will also need the software for recording. They don't really talk too much about that. The one he is using is Propeller Record. I bought the Ux2 thinking it had the recording feature based on this video. I was WRONG. Be aware.
@plaguesofwrath I would expect your pickups to clip the input signal and not the other way around. It could still be a byproduct of the pickups being so hot though. You should try plugging into one of the Line Inputs on the UX1 and see if that makes a difference.
it may be a really silly question but i am in trouble: do you record through a mic or directly through usb? i dont have any speakers or anything, just headphones. i try to use ux1 with riffworks but i cant hear anything. (i have set the podfarm 2.5 as a plugin)
@moronslave I wouldn't use surround sound speakers in this type of setup. If you aren't mixing in 5.1, you should go with a stereo speaker setup or listen to your surround system in stereo mode if there is one. We were using Genelec 1029A speakers in the video.
I like playing over backing tracks very much, is there a way to hear what i'm playing and the backing track at the same time (through me headphones, which are pluged in into my computer)? And does anybody know if POD Farm 2.5 is compatible with audacity?
quick question... can you record with pocket pod on computer via usb cord? Music, I mean, not tone. Someone said you can change the computers audio interface so that the pocket pod acts as the interface itself. I dunno. I just wondered. :) thanks
@gdayblinkLP182 I don't think so. I'd suggest heading over to our Line 6 forums and discussing with others on exactly how you have it set up and what your computer specs are, etc. I think a lot of people over there would be happy to help out.
@ReykoRR that's a strange issue you're having. You could be sending a MIDI CC to some other effect in POD Farm when you switch presets. I think what you should do is hit up our support team so they can help troubleshoot that with you.
@boxtrap21 Glad to hear your system is rocking with the 1GB of RAM. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. :-) I guess the trend is ever upward regarding RAM. For example, new MacBook Pros come standard with 4GB (or optionally with 8GB).
@pentalfakos If you're using POD Farm version 2 or later you can actually use on of our FBV MkII pedals to control FX and presets in POD Farm. We have a video tutorial on this in our support forums. Make sure to check it out!
@honolulu3d Hi, There are some things that you can do to fix this, just head over to support forums and search for POD Farm 2.5 to find the support document on what to do. line6 (dot) com /community/community/support
@line6movies so in other words all i need is the software for podfarm 2.5? if so can you post the link to the right one since i know there is an ilok and a different version i would hate to order the wrong one....
I have a Pod studio ux2. I want to know what to do when playing a song and want to switch between channels or effects during the song . Do you have any suggestions to give me ? ( footswitch or something else ? )
this is a great tool for guitarist who want to record and create music. All that other gear you see in stores is for performing artists but this little thing is amazing if you are a hobbyist or just love music.

Line 6 TonePort UX1 & UX2 - Mix & Burn Part 5

TonePort® is no longer made. Check out POD Studio™ at //line6.com/podstudio/—legendary tone for recording guitarists. Mix & Burn Part 5 with TonePort ...

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So, recording this way Ableton records you and all effects to the audio track so you can't change recorded effects at the mixing time. But using POD Farm it records dry signal to audio track and at the mixing time you can tweak/change/replace/remove different effects what gives you some hope that you can finely fix something after listening to a complete recorded tracks picture. am I right? It's better never record this way, but at least using POD Farm plugging instead of stand along Gearbox.
Part 1 of answer: It certainly does help to have a controlled environment for vocals IE: isolation booth etc. but these things can be costly and let's face it, they can be huge! If your basement has cement walls, try hanging some heavy blankets in certain areas of the room to dampen any room acoustics or what we like to call "early reflections." The only other thing I'd suggest is a decent condenser mic (try MXL mics) and a shock guard.
Hi Line6 Studio Maniac ! I have one sophisticated question. Our jam session room need to record live jams: 1. It is possible to record (with UX1 for example) with 4 instruments at THE SAME TIME ? 2. It is possible to edit each instrument SEPARATELY ? 3. It is possible to realize this kind of recording on UMAX notebook with 1,6Ghz processor and 512 megabytes of RAM ? I think HDD is 5400rpm 120GB. Thanks for answer !
1. Not independently. You'll need something with more inputs like the UX8. You could position one microphone somewhere in your rehearsal space and record live that way with the UX1 though. 2. Not with the UX1. Again, the UX8 has this ability. 3. I'm not sure what a UMAX notebook is but your specs are a little low. I'd suggest at least bumping your RAM up to 1 GB.
hello a little question I've a audiotechnica at 2020, line 6 UX2 and ableton live 7 if I record vocals it sounds like I just added to it don't really know how I can describe it =s it's not like the sound on a cd, it sounds so "fake" any tips for adding some vocal effects, I've tried chorus,compressor,...
The quality of line 6 gear is rubbish dont buy there shit. Also they dont give a shit once youve paid your cash. my bass pod xt goes blank if i look at it the wrong way. theres no way in hell i would rely on there piss poor crap in a gig. Line 6 i got a new tag for ya. All pr all bullshit
iv just set this up on my pc pod farm pops and crakles a lot got latest drivers from that monkey thing gearbox is perfect so im using that still a bit annoyed at the fact i cant use pod farm 1 or 2 though think its a win 7 64 thing a lot of people or using macs for this kind of thing
In defense of Line 6, I own a Flextone II amp, and use to gig with an Ax212. I have owned several Pods, and currently own a Pod X3. I also own a Variax 700 Acoustic, and a Variax 300 Electric. Line 6 delivers sound, quality, and price value on every product I've owned of theirs.
does the program Live come with Gearbox and Ableton? And are the drum tracks hard to creat around the music, and can you cut the music so you can move it around etc? and thanks for the epic video's, they really did help me so much, i am gunna get one deffo now thanks mike xxx
Thanks for the reply. I am having trouble hooking up my toneport UX1. I have it plugged in, and Gearbox is up and all, but it has the icon that signals no USB connection. I tried different connections, and a different USB cable, but with no luck. Any suggestions?
Ableton Live Lite is limited to 4 audio tracks and 4 MIDI tracks per session giving you a total of 8 tracks per session. This may be limited to some but when I think "demo" to me, that usually means you can't save a project. In the lite version of Live you can.
Mike, Ableton IS Live. They are the same program. MIDI drums are extremely easy to create in Live. You should definitely check out the Downloads section over at the Ableton website. There are a slew of good videos you can watch. Creating drums is one of them.
Part 2 of answer: As far as Gearbox is concerned, the software comes with built in preamp modeling that warms up your vocals nicely. There are six different preamp models included in the standard model set for Gearbox including a nice Neave model.
yeah1093 is absolutely correct. You can either plug your guitar directly into an input on the TonePort and utilize the effects that Gearbox can provide or, you can mic up your amplifier and route your signal into one of the mic inputs on the UX2.
If you're talking about live drums then you can actually use the KB to record them. Mic up your kid and route it to a small 4 or 8 channel mixer, come out of the mixer into the Toneport's Line Inputs and then route that audio into Ableton Live.
This really depends on what file format you are rendering down to. If youre bouncing down to .wav files you may want to download a free .wav to MP3 converter which will compress your files and make them a bit smaller.
hey guys, can I add an MP3 backing track as a track on the recording program(Abelton), and then just play guitar as another track along with it? I can't seem to figure it out, I don't think that the program allows it.
@foreverjimmy If the drums on your piano are on board the piano itself then just connect the output of your piano to one of the Line Inputs on the UX2 and lay down the drums on an audio track.
The UX2 will allow you to set up two overhead mics via the XLR inputs so you could do this if you wanted. The UX8 would be better suited for recording an entire drum kit though.
Can you drag and drop different parts? Like if you have a verse part thats the same for all verses can you record it once and put it as many times as you want in the song?
It certainly does. Just locate the MP3 on your computer and drag it right over an audio track in Ableton. Make sure you are in Arrangement mode in Ableton when you do this.
i have a really big question here (: i am going to get one of these. but.. my effects to my guitar is in the amplifier. can i still record it? sorry. my english is bad xD
hey guys sorry, wanted to ask a thing, how do i record guitar, and vocals at the same time, also like in one track i dont care, just want to record them at the same time.
You can use MIDI drums within the Ableton Live software for your projects. If you want to record live drums you'll need more inputs. The UX8 is better suited to do that.
There are alot of reports that the software bundled with the UX1 and UX2 are 'Demo' or 'limited' versions, but no-one says exactly what this is about, care to comment?
if i already have a different version of Ableton Live (i've got version 7.0.1) would it still be compatable with the gearbox software disc supplied? thanks if you help
You'd probably need a small mixer to route the drums into before the UX2. If you did that, you could come out of the mixer in stereo into the Line Inputs of the UX2.

Line 6 TonePort UX1 & UX2 - Record Vocals Part 4

TonePort® is no longer made. Check out POD Studio™ at //line6.com/podstudio/—legendary tone for recording guitarists. Record Vocals Part 4 with ...

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If by electric drums you mean software then no, not on its own. You'll need a third party software for vst or synth drums. The TonePorts come with a copy of Ableton Live which has a pretty decent library of built in soft synth MIDI drums. Just drag the drum kit you like into a MIDI track in Ableton, set up the TonePort as your main Input/Output device and all you need to do is draw in your drum parts in the MIDI sequencer in Ableton or trigger them from an external MIDI pad or keyboard.
me also, I have a working mic, new mic lead, upto date on line 6 monkey and podfarm, all drivers upto date and i'm plugged directly into computer (no usb hub). I don't want to do vocals through the instrument input as i'm sure there is a reason why the mic one is better and supposed to be used..... can't figure why it wont work apart from being a defective unit. If you find anything out let me know :)
If your amp has a direct output of some sort then you can route that into one of the Line Inputs on the TonePort directly into your recording software. You don't need to have GearBox or POD Farm open to do this although you may experience some latency. Pops and clicks can be attributed to many things. You should check out the documentation on this on our support pages at the Line 6 site.
hey thanks for replying i just had two more really important questions is there a way to have the tone just from my amp without any software or anything and just record that without micing it? and my computer isnt great and when i try to play something ive recorded back it cuts in out and out and makes little noises i even closed out all other programs what do you suggest i do??
@sonico73 No. Pro Tools rigs require proprietary interfaces from Digidesign or M-Audio. You can however, connect a Line 6 device via USB to your computer to keep the POD Farm plug in activated which you can then bring up as a plug in within Pro Tools. Here’s a video that shows how to do that: Visit the line6 site and then the rest of the url is /community/docs/DOC-1503
Youd be better off using the Line Inputs on the UX2 instead of the XLR inputs. The Line Ins are specifically saved for line level signals which is what you are outputting from your drums. In Ableton, create 2 audio tracks and set the first track to use send ∏ and the other to use send ≤. Arm the tracks for recording and you should be good to go.
Is the Mic going through a Pre-amp? I have a Toneport UX1 which I find great when recording electric guitar, but not quite as good for Acoustic - it comes out very quiet especially when finger picking, and if I boost the levels I just end up pulling in fuzz and background noise - should I be putting the mic through a Pre-amp and then the toneport?
speaking of drums, I just bought pod studio ux2 and I'm looking forward to using the riffworks software when the thing comes in the mail. I'd like to know. Can you make your own drum samples using riffworks or do you have to use the ones that's on there? I'm a guitar player without a band so that very important.
Hello :) I've got a question,i want to record vocals but at the same time i want to listen to my voice and the background music by the earphones,how can i set it up? i could do that with my very old card Creative Xtigy but i don't know how to make it work with UX2 : ( Can you please give me a tip ? Thank you
@Karlito7teen You need to use POD Farm as a plug in within Cubase. POD Farm is a VST plug in which can be called up on a track inside Cubase. Refer to your Cubase manual to learn how to scan and call up plug ins. Also, check out the following FAQ on our support page at Line 6. /community/docs/DOC-1503
@nightjosh You should make sure that you have the monitoring option turned on in your recording software. There really isn’t a simple answer for this. You need to read the Recording Setup guide on our website which will answer all of these questions regarding this for you.
The UX1 works with Gearbox or POD Farm which have a boat load of virtual mic preamp models. If youre referring to running a phantom power supply in front of the UX1 then yes, you will need to do that. The UX1 does not have built in phantom power to power condenser mics.
I think you mean "Ableton" Live. Ableton Live is a powerful recording application and live tool that you can use to record your music or trigger midi patterns and beats with in a live application. Believe me, it rocks. Check out their website, just type in Ableton.
The guys whos singing is hearing just the beat in the headphones? and if so where the headphone is connected to? how can i set up my studio that the person whos singing hears the beat and the person recording/mixing hear the person voice and the beat
i bought POD UX2 a couple month ago,. and mess around with the MIDI connection,. how i make a connection with my MIDI controller ?? there's no MIDI input at all,. the manual told me to plugging in footswitch input?i think it's not the best idea,.
@Snarizard you can do this. Setting this up depends on what recording software you are using. If you are using Ableton Live then visit our support page on our website as we have an FAQ that specifically calls out how to do just this.
If I buy Line6 POD Studio UX1 audio usb interface, would it be recognize in other software like Cool Edit, Sound Forge? So just the USB it self can make a recording if I plug it in USB? or do you need a hardware parts too?
Fixed!!! as ever its one of the most silly little things..... well for me anyway in Pod farm look on the left side just below Mixer and see that it says mute - instrument, click on arrow next to it and switch it to mic 1
@iRonArtz your condenser mic needs phantom power which teh UX1 does not provide. The UX2 DOES provide phantom power. You can also look into getting a 3rd party phantom power box and running it between your mic and UX1.
im buying a toneport ux2 getting a new epihone les paul standard :P but i need to buy a microphone like umm... guys can you please recommend me some microphone...some good one as good as the rest of teh equipment :D
@deathglow This would be better to head over to the Line 6 Support forums at line6.com/community/community/support and scroll down to Ask A Question - that way they can get more details on your setup. Thanks.
The UX2 comes with phantom power so I'd go with a nice condenser type microphone. I've always thought XML mics gave you the best bang for your buck. Check them out online. Just google "XML microphones."
What about them? You bang on them and they make noise, haha! In all seriousness though, The TonePorts come with Ableton Live which has a bunch of built in MIDI drums that you can draw in on MIDI tracks.
Most likely not as it may show up as a sound playback device and you can only have one sound card selected in your computer at any given time. Youll get better results with a typical analog microphone.
@paulgaudinjrBCN Yes. You simply want to change the input source select option to "mic" in the POD Farm software. I personally like MXL mics as they are good quality and relatively inexpensive.
hey my mic has a different jack that would only fit into one of the jacks like the one i would put my guitar in would it be ok to record with my mic in a different output??
@szyzlac Is it a condenser? It may need phantom power. The UX 1 doesnt have phantom power. Just get a cheap ART tube amp for $30 that will solve your problem.

Cubase: Setting up Toneport UX1/2 to record Gearbox/Pod farm (DK)

Setting up Toneport UX1/UX2 to record Gearbox/Pod farm (DK) To record your line signal for the pod farm plugin/amplitube/etc. do the opposite. - I've used ...

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Have you made sure that the output on the master track itself are correct? Sometimes it's not enough that the VST Connections are setup proper if, as an example, you've setup your VST connections after you've made the project. It could also be, that you have monitoring enabled on your track. It's the small speaker icon on the track - if it's active, it'll be yellow. You need to disable that. Personally I've moved on to Pro Tools 10, as I was annoyed at all the dumb routing issues Cubase has.
dude, i need help setting up my line 6 ux1 with cubase 5, i plug in my ux1, and open up device setup, i select the ux1 as the asio driver and click ok. but in the midi section of device setup, in midi port setup, the windows midi input from th ux1 is active, but the output is inactive. i can record music, and play it back, but i cannot hear it whilst i am recording, any idea how to activate the ux1 output? help would be really appreciated, thank you
Well I have pod farm opened and cubase 5 opened at the same time and my VST connections are on ASIO GX with it being both the input and output on cubase. tried using the mixers to get the sound working during playback but still no sound. and even pod my pod farm as an insert as well but STILL nothing :/ i dunno what im doing wrong
ahhhh i managed to get the sound working now :) so all i have to do is turn the monitor off when i want the sound to be played back. haha i was stuck on this for hours man! thanks :) i would try using other software but i cant really be bothered to get another software on my computer n learn how to use that all over again lol
I've done what you've said in this video. (I'm a noob in recording) But when i play it, i can't hear my drums and other vst's anymore :s Also, when i later unplugged my POD UX1, when i clicked play then in cubase, my recorded guitars didn't have any distortion anymore now, and sounded clean! A little help please someone :p
UDKO2: I assume people already have some basic knowledge about the usage of Cubase. My first lesson, which I wont bother to make, is opening Cubase and pressing F1. ;-) Lacruz89: I suggest removing and reinstalling the driver software. If it's installed properly, Cubase should find the ASIO driver right away.
I did the same as you do in the video, but it works only for amplitube/guitar rig and other vst, Pod farm does'nt recognize any sound inputs but the input in cubase is perfectly fine and the "clean" guitar sound is perfectly fine, how can I do to let pod farm vst take the nguitar signal in??
It depends on a lot - what's your setup? Are the right plugs plugged in the right places? Is Cubase set to the GX Asio drivers? Etc. I might be able to help - but I need to understand the problem first. :)
Glad you figured it out. :) Most DAWs have the same principal structure - if you know one, it's easy to figure out the others. :) Well, except logic, which can be illogical now and then. :p
I have a question, I´ve been installed my UX1 in my pc but cubase don´t find it. In VST-conexions I´ve got only ASIO Multimedia Driver. Help please!!
Thanks, this helped quite a bit! :) I was stuck on the VST-connections, but now i know how it works :) Thanks a lot mate!
Some text explaining it would be great, nevertheless, it is so helpful if you know a little bit about it. Bye. UDKO2.
i got the GX to connect to cubase but no sound comes out when i play back the audio :/ any chance you could help?
i was flustrated for hours and hours.. and.. same problem.. :DD only turn the monitor off.. :D
I need to reinstall my driver... #reinstallaudiodrivermeme
thanks dude!

Desmontar TonePort UX1

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Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 First Test - Riffworks T4 Recording

I know my playing isn't that good but this is just a first test recording using, Line 6 Pod Studio UX1 + Riffworks T4 I am still learning the programme but it seems ...

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Yeah, I use separate speakers as well because it wouldn't process through my computer speakers but you could just use headphones.
Hi ! all you need is Line Ux1, a computer, and fl studio (or another recording software) ?
Yeah it includes around 20 different drum loops
how to download this driver interface?
yeaaa boiii! ;D
Metallica - One
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Riffworks T4 and Line 6 UX1 ...this is what you can do!

I produce music on riffworks t4 and i see alot of videos on here that are not great quality. If you spend time with it you can make it sound pretty good. Here is the ...

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So did all the drums come from Riffworks T4? I just got a POD HD500 and it came with RiffWorks T4, and Ableton Lite. Trying to decide which to use. My experience with PC recording (on Windows 98 and XP) has been very poor. I'm now on Windows 7, but it's an ASUS laptop with no PCMCIA slot. I'm wondering if the "built in" RealTek HD Audio (probably built onto the board is going to limit me. Not planning on upgrading to Win8 anytime soon. Which should I use, RiffWorks T4 or Abelton Lite??
that sounds really good. i got this program with my line 6 studio gx the other day. i am in no way a computer guru, but i have LOVED this program. i went and bought some extra drum tracks on instant drummer. i layed down some tracks in a matter of five minutes, i just have yet to tweek them. i originally bought sonar x1 essential from cakewalk and i was not impressed. i found the interface to be difficult to figure out. riffworks is about as easy as you can get. ROCK ON
@HeartOfTheGun this is only usuing the 4 track demo version. Also i just experiment with differnt effects riffworks has to offer and then go into each effect and tweak them more precisely. This program has alot to offer if you really want to sit down and make something sound pretty descent quality. Please click 'like' so this video gets boosted because i see alot of people with their riffworks demo's on here, but it doesnt really show off what this program can do :)
How did you get that filter in the beginning? How many tracks did you use? Did you record vocals into the layers? Also what effect is on the vocals?
Sounds good man, I'm a riff works user as well but having figured out how to convert my songs to MP3 do I need an upgrade or what? 
Did you record the vocs through RW?
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What is riff works?
nicely done!
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