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حديث أمير المنطقه الشرقيه بعد إستقباله لنادي الإتفاق

حديث أمير المنطقه الشرقيه الأمير محمد بن فهد بعد إستقباله لنادي الإتفاق حلقة الإثنين 21-3-1433 تقديم : عادل الزه...

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الله يرحم فيصل بن فهد اول ماشفت المقطع جاء في. بالي شبه كبير بين الاخويين فيصل بن فهد. ومحمد بن فهد
ننتضر منك الدعم المادي يا بوتركي وان شاء الله ماراح تقصر والدعم المعنوي ماينفع عساك على القوه
الكرة الشرقية تحتاج نصف دعم الهلال و يصير منها مليون زعيم.
يقول دآيم يدعم اندية الشرقيه .... ودي آصدق
يا لبية عمرك يا سمو الامير

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David Keith, A critical look at geoengineering against climate change

TED Salon Hot Science: Radical Ideas to Combat the Climate Crisis, September 26th 20007 Professor David Keith (Environmental Scientist): A critical look at ...

Cloud Forming Contrails Over North Lincolnshire UK (19th Jan 2011)

North Lincolnshire, 19th January 2011 I observed cloud forming condensation trails (persistent contrails) on the 19th January 2011 between 10:26am - 1:04pm.

BBC Radio Science in Action Dr Paul Connolly on Solar Radiation Management

BBC World Service, 18th Dec 2014 Science in Action presenter, Jack Stewart, talking to Dr Paul Connolly University of Manchester, School of Earth, Atmospheric ...

Ambient, IDM & Experimental Drum Loops(REX2)

//www.millionloops.com/ambient-idm-experimental-drum-loopsrex2/ 100 high quality electronic drum loops that will offer you the foundation to build ...

The Greatest Play In Baseball History- Rick Monday

This was a clip of Rick Monday On April, 25, 1976 Dodger Stadium SAves the American Flag From Burning. Rick Monday.

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"this guy was going to set fire to the American flag can you imagine that" sadly nowadays yes.
I've never seen anyone desecrate or burn the flag with my own eyes, but if I did (and I am extremely serious) I would use all my pride, all my might and all of my love of the flag to stop them. Really ridiculous what this country has become. The 70s were amazing.
Why can't more people be like that today, I personally would grab the flag but I'd go for a bit of revenge as well lol
I don't care who you are, but if you're an American burning the flag that stands for the country that gives you the rights and freedoms you think you have, well you don't deserve it! People who burn that flag are people who need to understand what freedom is and isn't.
+Peter Lee I do not obsess over cloth, as long as you payed for it feel free to burn it lol. 
+Eric B It's not a cloth. It's a symbol of our fucking country. I'd like to see how you'd react if your flag were burned in public.
+Charles Ford Its a piece of cloth first and foremost, you americans are fucking creepy. Just like fundamentalist in the middle east lol.
+twothreebravo I thank you for your service. I would also like to say I'm currently serving in the army. I know it sounds hypocritical to say that you can do what you want because you live in a free country, but to disrespect the Flag is just messed up. Why bit the hand that feeds you? Yes there is a lot of things people do that are wrong to do, but they can because we have that right. If I ever see someone disrespect the Flag, I personally, will stop them.
+twothreebravo Exactly! You have the right to burn the flag, but only because that flag and what it stands for protects your right. The ultimate hypocrisy.
+Charles Ford I'm a vet and I stand by and will defend anyone's constitutional right to burn the flag in protest, but like Rick Monday, that doesn't mean I'm going to stand by and let you do it.
God Bless Rick Monday God Bless Baseball But Overall God Bless America
+eep opp ork a a LOL Racists gonna racist!
+The'NTrain Comedy God fuck Rick Monday.  God bless Non-white America
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