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How to learn auslan Videos

Learn Auslan with Vicdeaf

Learn Auslan phrases! - How are you? - Nice to meet you - Do you want a coffee? - Happy birthday - I think he likes you - Where are you from? - Brrr, it's cold!

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Thank you all for the comments! Some fantastic and some interesting feedback :) What phrases would you all like to learn next?
if you could do these phrases that would be great- what is your name - are you ok- whats up
I get why they did it, but the silence in this video is disorientating.
+nameshaillay - do you get the irony of that comment?

Learn Auslan - Greetings

The signs in this video will help you learn to greet a deaf person using Auslan (Australian sign language). This is the vocab I've shown you: Hello My Name How ...

A-Z of Everyday Auslan Signs

orders - //www.auslan.net.au/auslan-dvd.php.

How to SIGN THE ALPHABET in Auslan (Australian Sign Language)

Includes subtitles (closed captions). If the subtitles are not working, click here to watch the video with subtitles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOWe8hwWbtI ...

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Children do not fail hearing tests. Hearing identify hearing levels. 
+Toni Isaacson Well said.

Auslan Basics - Lesson #1 (Australian Sign Language)

A brief lesson in the basics of Auslan; numbers and alphabet. Visit www.auslan.org.au for further info and videos. I'm not a professional, just trying to spread the ...

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The alphabet is way more complicated than as
+Minette L Boroda *ASL not as

how to learn auslan in the future

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