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How to learn omaha Videos

Pot Limit Omaha - Poker Quiz - Learn PLO

//www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/Learn-How-to-Play-Omaha Learn the how to play Pot Limit Omaha with this recording of a live training session at ...

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I think the best advice I could give for beginners here is to know that a ton of hands are a lot better to just see a turn with. For instance, if you have the bottom set on the hand shown here and you're 50-100 BB's deep, you bet and get raised a significant amount, it is often good to call, see a turn, and if no flushes or straights complete, know you're going to be getting in a lot as a favorite. If the draw completes, and you are against a set, you just saved a ton of money... Yes, you will sometimes get set over set, but you will much more frequently be against a draw that you are now over a 2 to 1 favorite against, or top 2 which you are crushing. Also, if the board pairs, now you have a very disguised hand, that you can check back turn on, which makes it look like you have a missed draw, while at the same time, reducing the loss you will hit against a full house. If you get check/raised on the river now with your small boat, you will be in a tough spot. Often though, players will just bet large into you, and you have an easy call now. Obviously this scenario is much easier to play out in position, playing in position is by far the biggest thing in PLO, you will see this the more you play.
The Speaker of the class made a mistake in my opinion. I am very new to poker, However I believe that I am right on this one. At 1:08 when he compares the equity on the flop between 3 & 4 players, he says that when the 4th player ender the equation then Players 1 and player 2 drop. The actually do up in equity! In the first window we have 3 players (33%-33%-33% / for a tie) In the second we have 4 players (25%-25%-25%-25% for a tie) * Tie means they do not lose their investment. When the first player goes from 36.94% with a 33%tie (36.94%-33%= +3.94% to 30.97 with a tie 25% (30.97%-25%= +5.97%) I want to believe that he goes up. The same for player 2. He is 25.23% with a tie 33% (25.23%-33%= -7.77%) to 22.54% with a tie 25% (22.54%-25%= -2.46%) He is still an underdog but he actually went up! I repeat that when I say tie I mean the do not lose thier investment or the get back their investment. As you wish. Please someone comment on that. I am new to poker but I believe that a I am not wrong on this one. Thanks!!
at 26:00 why does the the outs of hand B increase from 7 outs on the turn to 10 outs on the river ?
Thanks for this .. It's a good refresher
very good.........

Pot Limit Omaha strategy: Help, tutorial, instruction, tips.

Learn Pot Limit Omaha with Howie! Watch as Howie breaks down Pot Limit omaha, from preflop hand selection, to betting sizes, agression, raising vs. limping ...

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5:48 to 5:50...hence trip 99 when one of the 7s was in his hand K 9 7 , 2 spades, 2 people behind.. That was like a pretty borderline thing. But absolutely a place where one could be totally dead and his redraws were to 2nd best or worse straight with a board that was not "rainbowed". I am not sure what I would have done there but, I would put more of an emphasis on the opponent's tendencies there because of the circumstances.
people think sets are really good in omaha and they really are not because people could have a ton of outs. you would to look for medium-high cards that are suited and close in rank such as Q J 10 8 double suited or K J 10 9 double suited J 10 9 8 yeah those are good cards don't overplay aces in the hole unless they are double suited.
@gamemeister27 just think pokwer as entertainment, instead of spending 20 bucks in a night out of movies, and stuff, you play poker online for 20 bucks..., dont look at it as something that will get you in debt, it can ofcourse but you should play higher than you can afford
@ILuvTechnoMusic I destroy the NLHE games online but still you have days when you do everything right and still lose 3 all ins for stacks, especially in PLO. Peoples worst game is generally PLO but it's so high variance that it tilts me more than NLHE
small stakes omaha is a gold mine cause all the players are fucktards! :) better money making ability than nlh at the min. till there are more vids/books like this that show all the fucktards how to play it lol
Well, after reading PLO: The Big Play Strategy by Jeff Hwang a few times I finally built up the courage to try .01/.02 on fulltilt. I am up $18 so far....I love this game.
Good video mate i play also at Full tilt 50/100 PLO LooseMyMyind. everything you say i already know ofcourse but for beginners it's a very good video keep it up!
I paused and put this off as soon as he predicted his equity at 65%, anyone who is 8.5% off when predicting equity shouldnot be making Omaha videos!
7:54 OMG ak suited, with 78 and you limp OMG go back to school. How dare you act like you know how to play poker. How dare you!!!
Played so many hands passively... Then i flopped a straight flush, betted a little, everyone folded. :( NOOoOoooOoOoOo
It's "FullTiltPoker", but the site were shut down due to criminal activities about one year ago and is still offline.
You have proven again that you are a donk. Learn to play, get off the play chips and go 2 real money. Dumb kid
@losebiramnickove Well, it was a fullhouse on 4:12. The other guy just had a better one. KKK99 vs 999KK
why would u rais middle set in PLO ?? with all those draw outs ? how about pot control ? . . .
You're a bigger fave than 65% when you only have to fade a 6 outs with two pulls at the deck.
nice, check out my plo poker channel for plo cash games and plo mtt gameplay and strategy
@cdleeman probably the same way it feels like when someone licks your nuts...amazing
@Alexru88 Nope. You can make hand from 3 board cards and 2 hole cards. No other way.

Pot Limit Omaha Poker | Learn with Team PokerStars - PokerStars

//pokerstars.com Pot Limit Omaha Poker -- or PLO -- as it's often called, is one of the most entertaining, action-packed and skilful forms of poker. In this ...

How To Learn Omaha Hi-Lo

Watch How To Learn Omaha Hi-Lo from the world's leading how to specialist. This tutorial will give you helpful instructions to ensure you get good at casino ...

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whole cards? lol

Learn to play Omaha

This video show the basics of Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo. The differences between the two games are significant and two hands are discussed in each of these ...

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thx its good but i texas hold em poker
Best tutorial on YouTube, thanks :)

Learning Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Low

Get some poker tips, including what starting hands to play, in this short video as part of the Game of the Week promotion on Full Tilt. The Game of the Week this ...

Learn with Team PokerStars - Omaha Poker Strategy - PokerStars.com

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//pokerstars.com In this tutorial we'll look at one of poker's most popular games, Omaha High-Low poker, or Omaha 8 poker as it's sometimes known. Learn ...

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in omaha you MUST use 2 of the 4 cards you are dealt and 3 of the community cards. the queen high flush would use 1 card from your hand and 4 community cards so it is not a valid hand in omaha. i made that mistake a few times the first time i played omaha.
you can't have a one card flush in Omaha...because you MUST use 2 out of your 4 hole cards...
couldnt piick better voice for this lol? fucking nasty narly annoying carrot voice.
you always have to use 2 of your 4 cards, you cannot just use the queen
at 3:43, he has a queen high flush, why is his high hand then 2 pair ?
my favorite game
Aah, k. Tnx )
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