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How to learn sas Videos

SAS Online Training - Introduction to SAS software (Part-1)

SAS introduction by SAS e-Trainings (www.sasetrainings.com), we provide one of the finest online training for all SAS courses with live projects to learn on right ...

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plz uplod more videos
+SAS e-Trainings you have't added any of them yet... please we want to go through the course.... so please provide the stuff asap
+Thalla Sandeep thanks for the comment! We are adding few more videos in first week of Jun 2015
This is the best training video I found on youtube. Kindly provide me the details as to where can I find the complete training. Thankyou
+SAS e-Trainings I am from China's student. I have to do my research with SAS Anova . I want to learn . Where I can find training book and youtube lecture .
thanks Anup..! It's total 30 Days course, for more information please visit our website www.sasetrainings.com

SAS for True Beginners Part 1

Comfort with the Workspace.

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Hey Wilton - as a fellow youtube SAS instructor, I can say that your video is pretty good! I would recommend teaching SAS purely from a programming perspective (e.g., using LIBNAME statement instead of clicking). The reason I think this is useful to new students is because the environment for SAS programmers is dynamic and where one company might utilize only one library, another might use several libraries. The need to be flexible therefore is very important. Kudos on the vid, keep it up man!
An excellent video for beginners. The first two chapters of my text book confused the hell out of me... now i actually know why I'm doing these stuff. Thanks
Nice tutorial...I just spent some time going through all of the them. I hope you decide to post more! My goal is to link excel and Oracle datasets using SAS
This class is easy understand and useful, where can I get a certificate when I finish this class? Thanks so much for this powerful online training!!!
Thanks for the video. FYI - Another way to submit code is by using F8 on the keyboard. That can be quicker than using the mouse sometimes.
Is this version works on line? Whats the diffrence between sas9.2 and enterprise guide? greetings. thanks for sahring
Hi , I want to study SAS,and i looking jobs in SAS and statistics as a fresher,any one can help me plz.
If I want to learn SAS, which version should I buy? Can they be obtained cheaply? Thanks for the video.
really good, i need to base license from pure beginning! you helped!
hi wilton your video is too good, Thank you once again..........
great video for true beginners like myself. thanks
where can I go buy this software to learn? thx
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You so very much.
Very Nice Video Wilton, keep up the good work.
How do I calculate Age using DOB?
very helpful , five *****!!
Good introduction class!!!!
Thanks a million times!
thank you very much
thank you

Why should you learn SAS

Student Leroy McAdjar talks about how he has learnt SAS and what it has meant for him and his employability. Getting 3 offers from 3 large well known ...

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Exceptional and above average.

Should I Learn SQL or SAS?

Should I learn SQL or SAS? SAS, as in the programming language? Or the SAS Windows server application? Whichever lets me do amazing data analysis on a ...


My SAS Tutorial are dedicated to my BEST-HALF, who has always motivated me in everything i do. SAS is a collection of modules that are used to process and ...

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Hey Buddy,, this is good but i assume that you followed Learning SAS by Example; A programmer's Guide same files you have disclosed there to be downloaded for practice and the exact programs you have followed but you didn't explain about few major topics in between the programs like options nocenter no number. Do you think if any fresher goes through this video would he or she be able to understand and 'll they be proceed further...if i 'm not wrong...kindly explain these in your comments as wel
Hi Shashi, This is saravanakumar from bangalore.. i done MBA in Marketing and HR and i having more than 6 + exp in Banking and financial, Business development. I have some clarification in sas. based on my exp shall eligible for doing sas and what tha scope for me in this industry. can you help me out for this. and how can i do for this courses. i am not technical background, so pls help me out.
You should set expectations in tutorial so that learners know what to expect and what you trying to do. For example, why you need to add a "$" for some of the variables but not on the others? And what is "nocenter" and "nonumber" for option? If learner follow you to type these in and they don't even know what they are doing, they learn nothing...
Hi Sashi, I really appreciate what you are doing out here ..very through video and a huge play list ..excellent job in teaching everything from the scratch ... any idea where can i download this software to get my hands on it (P.S.: i'm a student so cant afford to buy) ?
Sashi Sir i am going to learn SAS (analytics) what else should i know prior to understand SAS better is it programing, data structure algorithms or other database applications. Can you please guide me?
Shashi sir, when i used INFILE statement in DATASET ,i am getting error as "Physical file does not exists" where i have mentined right path of file.I have used mydata.txt file from learning.rar .
Sashi, many thanks. I have downloaded SAS University edition and hope to learn SAS with that and your tutorials. Is there any way to reach you over email? My email is [email protected]
Great tutorial. You're very easy to listen to, and the music was not distracting. This is my first time viewing your tutorials, and I am new with SAS. I hope your next one is as good as this.
Can you provide the link to download the software ...the ones which i downloaded form SAS website needs Keys ..which i don't have.. Is there a link where in i can download it for free?
Really good tutorial. Very helpful. But if the pace is improved a little, and the background music removed, it would be better. The music kind of puts you to sleep.
It's really useful but want in more detail that how to write program ... As I don't know p of programme as iam A life science graduate
what are the pre-requesites for this course which means what edu. qualification and background should one have to go for this course?
Thanks for making this so easy to understand and useful. I will keep learning it, hope we can get a certificate at end of class. 
You need to install the base SAS 9.2. You need to get the SAS software. Its a pretty straight forward step by step instruction
Great job buddy! Really helpful. But only the "background score" should have been removed. Thanks!
There is a online version of sas. SAS® OnDemand for Academics/ SAS® OnDemand for Professionals
Thank you for your helpful videos...no need to change your style..tutorials are well intuitive
Please, try to view it in better resolution by clicking on the gear symbol below the video.
how can i replace missing variable in a table which contains both char and num value
Ok. I will really work upon them. Thank You for your valuable suggestion.
Hello, Can PLZ tell me how I can download the SAS9.2 software? thanks
This was very helpful. Thank you Shashi for sharing your knowledge.
Great job, but the repetitive background music is annoying. 
@12.00 you insert $. What does that mean and when is it used?
i m getting this error that physical file does not created
Nice job...a video on macro and sql would be very helpful..
Hi Sashi, where to get the practising software?
I kept the music to suppress background noise.
Thank you..from statistics lover............
How to install and which module to install?
great....................keep it up

How to Use SAS - Special Topic - Macro Coding and Macro Variables

Bitcoin donations are welcome: 1GGV3gbJeA83FWmz9hDfPri8EuqcUtodXy Mike's SAS Tutorials - Special Topic 1 This video series is intended to help you ...

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you saved my life with this video
My pleasure :)
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