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How to learn telepathy Videos

A Telepathy Experiment for you to try

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an animal or a horse near a lake or stream, a wooden fence and a road going thru a field of yellow wild flowers.
+Stefan Thierry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvuCkXJZnjY&index=3&list=PL2RF_kcY7k4c3Kjadb9NDHNZzZRQx5lLE
We use 100% of our brain... Science has debunked that myth... I do believe in telepathy but I also believe most people don't have the ability because their doubt or beliefs get in the way...
+edward corbett Its still a fact that most of our DNA is locked
i got a car from her
+asso mon same lol
I was watching your video and I knew what was coming because of previous imagery before the present imagery arrived on screen
And a 'knowing' in my brain given to me
I sure at some moments in everyday in a certain time i accidentally use a part of my brain where I accurately predict things just before it happens please respond anyone if your having this too.
I had a few hours once when I was hearing what people were saying before they said it. .It was really confusing I couldn't understand why they were saying exactly the same thing twice seems like I was jumping a few seconds ahead in time. .I have heard that it happend to some schizophrenics
One time I had a dream that I was in history class and the teacher I had in that class started reading the answers to a quiz and the next day there was a surprise quiz and the answers the teacher said in my dream matched up to the ones on the surprise quiz
I actually had a dream that my bests friend came to school crying because someone had died, and the next day she came to school crying because her grandma had died
+dreamingofavalon You got me a little confused there :)
Keep an open mind in life and make sure you look after the body and mind by not putting junk into either :-)
+dreamingofavalon And my age is only 12
We are all learning or possibly remembering :-) 
+dreamingofavalon i think im learning how to unlock another 5% of my brain by accident 
+dreamingofavalon Sometimes when humans accidentally shut off parts of there brain and open other parts they didnt know they could get to.
+dreamingofavalon It happens to me everyday about 10 times 
+Mason Meldrum yes it happens to us also ♥ are you also noticing the more you notice it the more it happens? ♥ We believe this is because there is many many realities. In each of those realities we exist in it and we exist in many forms throughout all those realities. There is no past present future as we commonly look on 'time' and we are all connected in a web, a matrix so to speak, touch one part of the matrix ie one reality and it affects another part of the matrix or the web of life so to speak :-) so we are not really seeing a future event but a glimpse of an event happening at that time :-)

learn telepathy exercise #1 Say hello

This playlist is the only comprehensive teaching about telepathy. Step by step based on a clear definition of what telepathy is. And this video is the first exercise.

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Well presented! And well explained! And addition on this and something which I try; is to think the thought, for example "hello" and also breathe the "hello" *start breath* hello *seize breath*. Also, animals are extremely present. Eternally present you could even sawy, or as close to as ive seen. So when you maintain a still presence of mind without thought, I find it pretty easy to guess or even hear what animals are thinking. Pay close attention to the breathing! Again, nice presentation!
The reason telepathy works is because everyone in the universe is connected together, past present and future is all there in consciousness you just have to be on a higher vibration. Science can't explain it right now but we're getting closer with Scientists now saying multi dimensions may exist and this is true, they do. Quantum entanglement is another example how things are connected and this is how our consciousness works. Our body doesn't play any part in telepathy, it's your inner self.
I was going to try this with my cat, but I couldn't find him. So instead of calling his name, I tried to find him using my intention. I didn't say anything in my mind, just called on him with my energi (or whatever). Well, guess what? He made a sound with his ears and came in my direction so that I could find him. Then he came up to me and started purring and wanted me to pet him. Yeah, I don't know if it was a coincidence or if it really worked, but it was cool!
I'm sure you do. My cats are on the same wavelength. When I worked odd hours at the hospital, they'd always be waiting by the road when I came home. One pretty much lives on a neighbor's front windowsill the rest of the time. My sis says the same thing about her pets. I think it's funny how different animals' personalities are, like people but more intelligent. ;)
Alright, if we're going to make no sound and try to ''communicate'' with our dog for example, that means they will ''understand'' us through our signs like, body language..cause i believe they already know how to interpret those signs...at least this is another way to communicate with someone even there's no sound out from our mouths...cheers!
IF you guys want to learn telepathy the best people to learn this from are orientals, blacks., or native americans.. They all know it, and some are so good at it they can hurt people or kill people with it either by stopping your heart, stopping you from breathing, pain, choking etc.. Schizophrenia is one example of this ability.
Many years ago I was hypnotized and this fellow had me see an earlier version of myself. He asked me what I wanted to say to myself. I said "Hello" he laughed but I remember thinking that hello was a very important thing to say, but I couldn't explain why. Now your video shows me why "Hello" was important.
"Hello" is a good word and so is "Hi" or whatever word you use to greet somebody. I talk to my plants too in a telepathic way and always start with "Hi". It is just a matter of addressing the creature your talking to. Let them know you attention is directed to them specifically.
Try this 1 step task,when your in a peaceful place concentrate on a person you have not seen for a while and try picture what they are doing , do this for 3-5 minutes ,don't be surprised they will contact you within the next 1-3days... The key is to focus in depth!!
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Now you have me thinking. Why do you think it essential to be silent even in your mind? What I mean is why is it preferable to be silent in your head? Why wouldn't you be 'loud' in your head thinking "Hello" or "Hey you look over here!" or something?
I'm gonna have to try this with my puppy :) I am not sure how to make the intention part, or how to really feel it and silence the voice in my head anyway! But I guess that may take practice. I haven't watched your other videos but i'm excited!
This guy saved my life. This guy is a prophet. I follow him.He will change the world. Say hello to him right now dammit. Do it mother fu cker. Say Hello Beouch. Say it..say.....HELLO BEAOCH. Talk to yer dog and shit. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
cool. i thought my dog to speak, only barely speak because he has a loud bark...so i rewarded him for making faces and whatnot. it was no time before he started doing it on command telepathically w/ o me having to say anything at all
For those folks who actually KNOW this guy, they've got a "strange" friend :) Would have been better maybe to give your little speech behind a curtain and disguise your voice, because THIS nonsense labels you as a full fledged kook!
Quite scary that so many people believe this balony. The world is full of sad people desperately grasping for some supernatural meaning in life. This guy is a fraud people, he is not telepathic, he is a time waster.
i don't know if i could be completely silent around my dog for a whole day... i have to atleast say " whos my baby?" or "wanna go outside?" and make little noises? can i make little noises?
Wow i do this a lot without even trying sometimes. I am "feeling" a lot of the time ,after seeing this it opened my eyes to what it actually is,and how to improve it. Thank you very much.

Learn Telepathy With Easy 6 Steps

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How To Learn Telepathy

You need to learn how to master telepathy techniques just to contact the others mentally without having to use any human sense. Check out how to learn it now.

Telepathy Techniques (with english Subtitles)

Welcome to three worlds channel.Today I explained about 10 simple steps to do telepathy on your own with tips in easy way to understand for every one.So pls ...

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i always use telephaty with my bf. and that's true, if i feel not positive or sceptic, i can't accept what he's want to say. i never use social media or cellphone or anything else. just telephaty. if i wanna meet him, i use telephaty too. but, the negative thing, he always know what i'm thinking, or what i wanna do something :/
Thank you !

Telepathy – How to be a Telepath and Communicate with the Mind

Telepathy Technique – How to be a Telepath and Communicate with the Mind. Telepathy is the ability to communicate with someone with no words or body ...

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do I need the third eye? I've heard that the third eye is associated with spiritual Satanism.
I heard from somebody reading a wedsite called JoyofSatan.
Where did you hear that from.... Lies .com your third eye has nothing to do with satan. It is one of your eight chakras of your body
how do I get it to stop?????? my gran did this to me without me wanting. been watchin my life. and is now torturing me with images and trying to make me.commit suicide. been going on for about a year. and desperate need her to stop..... causes pains, disgusting visions and constantly messing with me.to commit suicide... need her to fuck of. she's in another country and won't leave me alone. anyone? cheers
Picture your message being sent back.... Keep on picturing your message 'fuck off'......... YES it sent
voldemort took over you... try to be strong
sometimes i hear voices of people i just meet its when they are behind me and i get a clear thought that is not my own or from my perspective but i have never known these people long enough to say any thing to confirm any thing for example one day I was just standing doing nothing at a new job waiting for my assistant manager to get something and i wasn't thinking any thing at all and out of no where I heard a voice yell in my mind "Smack that ass!" and i was shocked and turned around and a guy was being all hyper behind me I pushed it out of my mind to be calm but i was shocked. It has happened to other people too never in there voice but you know how everyone has a pattern or rythem they generally follow in talking where if you talk fast or slow some one else has a different pace it is like that for me it is easier to define someone else s thought because of that and its not something i would think, just random. but its normally shady people but sometimes i feel like we talk perfectly threw mind to mind thoughts but it has never been brought up in live talk and too personal or embarassing for strangers to bring up if i am getting possessed by some tricky spirit any advice?
it gets so loud it sounds like a tuning fork once ur there u can do alot remote view see the past and future events communicat. with entities which i dont like bc it scares the shit out of me, transfer thoughts or images via telepathy to one or even mulptiple people at a time, ask ur self question which ull get an amswer for in and image form , theres so much ican go for days but , never the less its dangerous without protectimg ur self first, i dont practice this stuff anymore as fascinating as it is bc ive been practicing this since like four Yrs old im now thirty , i started developing o.c.d. because just like u i thought my thoughts were no longer private after twenty six yrs of doing this, i know alot but still got much more to learn , stay away from negative people , if u have anymore questions feel free to ask me , god bless u and ur loved ones
its very very real but i shouldnt even talk about this but for u this one time i will. it all depends how evolved the person is and what theyre intentions are , i can only suggest to stay positive strenghtened ur aura , but yes its possible for someone to hear ur thoughts if theyre drawing ur energy out or if ur focused energy its on them , im speaking from self experience , the certain way to telepathy is raising ur frequency literally, its get so loud in ur head itll sound
+alberto murray How can you tell who hears you or not do they just confirm it or more like a feeling
+Jessica Schweyer In theory: I think it was possible because they gave me so much anxiety that it increased my energy level and also I had to be calm so it was the right equation for telepathy thats my only guess as to why not with nice people or family feel free to share your thoughts :)
+alberto murray I think i have sent out replies to thoughts but with out realizing what was happening, Im not sure if they were all in my mind or not i got a lightness in my chest and head like i was communicating but I have not found anyone who believes it to practice with* and so far its only highly energised thoughts that i hear and almost always about me like they send it out on accident, except two people, I have communicated with im nearly positive but could never and would never talk to again, Very horrible selfish people, just difficult and would probably lie about it any ways not trust worth by any means, bc i heard the more you communicate with one person the deeper in you they become and can control your emotions and such and i dont need that kind of stress.Thankyou for replying if you or anyone has any other advice let me know :)
jessica no need to fear , what u heard were actually that guys thoughts , who took a look at your ass , and as a man thats what came up in his head , that was telepathy ,sound like your more good at pick up thoughts, im both also at sending thoughts and images which can actually make the person believe are their own thoughts , thank god im a loving caring person,

How to Develop Telepathy | Psychic Abilities

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If you are close to someone and you don't talk to them a lot, then obviously the more time that passes, the more likely they are to call/text you. It's simply a statistical distribution which is more likely to come true as more time passes.
The same thing happens to me all the time. It's all about how you percieve your reality. People don't realize they have the ability to control what happens to them. We have free will to manifest whatever we want out of this life.
This is pretty bogus. Psychology has a term for this.... Can't think of it off the top of my head, but it's basically coincidences.
Its not a valid experiment because it has more than one variably. Dont degrade science by assosiating it with this nonsence
if u wana develop telepathy u wana make sure u rape a lot of children and smoke as much meth as u feel u need
I actually thought one day that my friends or like someone was shouting my name I was like "What " ?
That's creepy because I thought about a friend who I don't talk to a lot and then she texted me
I like how she says that she wouldn't call it develop but yet the video is still called that.
This is just about noticing coincidences and forgetting when it does not happen.
actualy i try teepaphy pn my GF and shee allways gets itvwere bothe a bit phycick
Of course she isnt going to put a time frame on because she is full of horse shit
lies..!!! i do that all the time with my crush and it doesn't work..!!!! :P
More fraudulent bullshit from the scam artist. shame on you Howcast.
the title should be changed to ''How to become even more dumber''
Are you trying to get into an episode of YGS by Jacksfilms?
recignition, excellent word, that explains a whole lot .
This is funny. I'm laughing my butt off watching this
Someone has been playing too much earthbound

Learn telepathy make someone itch anywere, bearhug

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please I'm from Brazil, and I follow whenever your channel, but did not understand WHAT YOU said there could give me a brief explanation? .you have facebook?
Where did you get this info?

Telepathy Sadhna (Tantra Sadhna.)

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