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How to use effaclar duo Videos

Julielovesmac07 : Effaclar duo + : test & revue

Julielovesmac07 partage avec toi ses 10 jours de test avec Effaclar duo +. Plus d'infos sur La Roche-Posay c'est ici : //www.laroche-posay.fr/ Pour découvrir ...

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Est ce que ce produit fonctionne uniquement sur les peaux sèches ? Psk je l'ai testé, moi qui a une peau grasse, tout en notant que je ne l'utilisait que sur les boutons, je ne l'étalais pas sur tout le visage. et j'ai eu des résultats catastrophique! Mes marques son devenues plus rouge et plus visible .

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo | Skincare Sunday

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Can i use it as my moisturiser??
+MsGeeOfficial I wouldn't girlfriend. I do it at night before my moisturizer
I got some redness on my chin from the product but the rest is so far so good, im using it for a week! Shoud i put the creme on entire face or just some areas the need to be treated?! Thanks :) 
+sandronea Depending on how sensitive your skin is will determine where you apply the product.  I can use it all over because I'm not very sensitive.  Your chin also might be red because it is the hormonal area of the face.  Any break outs or redness in the chin is linked to your womanly time of the month and hormonal flux.  Good Luck girlfriend.  Keep in mind, I'm not a doctor - I just know what works for me and hope it works for you! Love you!!

One month effaclar duo review

I have used this product for a month ,twice a day. check out my review. Please like comment and subscribe. tanaka x www.t-anaka.blogspot.co.uk song - efya ...

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Hello.. I've been using effaclar gel foaming so my question is can I use this product after I washed my face with effaclar gel? And ur skin look so good :)
+Oscar Diaz Thank you, yeah you can use it after the gel as your moisturizer .x
Your skin omgsh is lovely
Thank you xxx
Would you please help me on this ?? It's not helping me out
+Hassan Rind Hi. On second thoughts, if you have only used it for 3 days perhaps try and persevere for a few more days and see if it settles down. I am not aware that it causes darkening of the skin and if it does i am not convinced it would happen in the space of 3 days. Let me know how you get on with that. Tanaka x
Hi i have been using this last three days but it's getting worst :/ it makes my skin dark 
+Hassan Cop  Hi, maybe you are having an allergic reaction to it. maybe stop using it for a while and see if your skin goes back to normal.Tanaka x
I have a question , does it really reduce imperfections -like the spots from pimples and marks ? that's the only reason i'm gonna buy it 
Hi, on my skin it evened out my skin and made my skin smoother rather than reduced spots.Tanaka x
you are so pretty I tried that product and I get a lot of redness and I am using another moisturizer ;/
I am using the Vichy aqualia thermal night spa I don't know if you have heard off it works for me and after of the red staff on my face I use it every night it is like a mask night mask and it fades away red spots on your face spots anything ! x
Hi , thank you and thanks for watching my video What new moisturiser have you started using and it that working for you better ?Tanaka x

La Roche Posay Effaclar 3 Step Anti Blemish System ♡ Review

if you have any questions make sure to comment them! VIDEOS MENTIONED: NIGHT ROUTINE:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYH5lldQgD0 MY LINKS: ...

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hey :) do you think it's normal that my skin started purging after 1 week using this?
+vesta what do you mean by purging? Because my skin does have major breakouts sometimes, like right now it's seriously bad but it gets better after a few days x
Can someone answer me? I'm using effeclar duo for my acne and blemishes, acne scarrings but when i go to school i put on makeup (foundation) is it harmful and does it stop the thing effeclar duo is doing? Please answer me and I don't have an option to not wear foundation because my blemishes are pretty obvious and they look HORRIBLE, i would be please if you or someone answers me, thanks
you can use makeup over it, it's fine x
I use BB cream because it has moistruizer and sunscreen in it and concealer, but I also use foundation sometimes. It doesn't make my skin worse or anything. :)
I am definitely getting this. I have been using Proactiv Plus but it just isn't effective anymore and I am about to go to a dermatologist to get prescription meds but I need some in between because the appoint is a little over a month away
+makeupforever yes that sounds great, its a good idea let me know if it goes well
Hi, First of all, your skin looks so good! I've been thinking of starting to use the Effaclar serie, I'm using some tests atm. It's been 3 days and I feel that I've got more spots... Just wondering if you got that sort of setback like that in the beginning? Thanks for answering! :)
+Blanka Smoljić Hi, I did use them for about 6 months but it did not help me and my cystic hormonal acne. So, I have been eating birth control pills for about two months now and THAT is the best choice I have made in my entire life. I still have pimples, but in a waaay more controlled amount. I feel like a human being again and hopefully I will love myself in the future. Hope you find the solution for your skin as well! Remember that you are not defined by your acne, none of us are :)
+Bina S Hi, I saw your question and I have the same problem so I wanna ask you did you continue using effaclar products and did they help you in the end? Pleasee answer me :))
Some times it happens with products that your skin is not yet used to
How is the process going ? Do you, now, have better results ?
I love your accent...British?
yes and the Effeclar Serum...they also have a serum...completely changed my skin and permanently shrunk my pores!
Do you mean the duo+?
my best friend is British...very familiar with this accent. I am thinking about trying the effeclar duo...I already use the other two products. Have you tried the effeclar serum yet?
yesssssssssssssss aha thank yoou
how long does it take to clear and does it remove black marks?
Probably about 6 weeks I think?

How I Got Rid of My Acne

BE MY STALKER IN A NON-WERID WAY: My Tumblr: //casanchez18beauty.tumblr.com/ My Twitter: //twitter.com/#!/Casanchez20 Instagram: ...

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so i used the effaclar duo the Europe version beside nose & on chin where i have pimples..well it dried out the pimple and they are gone now.but the parts where i put the product is dried as well it feels like plastic & it flakes and it's red well i know that's temporary & it happened cause the product is lil bit harsh but how can i make it back to normal again.i stopped using the product since i have no pimples now and i'm trying 2 moisturize it with olive oil and for 2 days and it doesn't work
I have controlled my acne with birth control too over several years. And I have to disappoint you: once you stop, it will come back .After 6 months without birth control my skin started getting worse again and back on it my skin needed months to get "normal" again. And I am not the only case. My friends had the same issues and on the internet in the acne forums you find thousands of depressed hysteric women who are getting their acne back or even get it for the first after stoppingbirth control
helloo :D i took birth control for 3 month but i stoppedd because i was extremely young (12 yrs old) and my dermatologist told me to take accutane but i saw some videos and other bad stuff about it,so i didnt , and i had braces till 14 years old , and i took them off because we discovered that i was allergic to nickel(which is in braces :/) so i cant wear jewelry made with this metal and then i got my braces out and after a month it got so much better but i still have scars:/ YOU''RE AWSOME
Hormones for planning, do not harm your body and even if they are 'hormones' they're not 'a lot'... I say this because I have three gynecologists at my family that had told me it's not that bad.. and my 2 gynecologists had also said so. I've be planning for three years and nothing has happened and I know about people that after 7 years of planning, they have their kids and had breastfed perfectly. So I think you're misinformed about the 'amount of hormones' Just saying ..
For those that want to get rid of acne, you should really check out this website called LENITO.COM This website has tons of information, remedies, and solutions for problems regarding acne from mild to severe cases. Check out LENITO.COM if you have acne! Thanks to LENITO.COM my face is clear and acne free! :) The amused join clarifys the burn. Why does the grotesque rain join the direction? When does the crabby wind judge the base?
That's strange that you only had 2 options. Every now and then I get really bad nodules on my chin and my dermatologist will inject it with something, about a day later it's gone. I'm on a retin-a regimen which helps and most of my regimen is at home. I don't have very bad acne but I've seen some of the patients that my dermatologist works on who have acne and their skin is looking better. 
Skincare companies would like everyone to try their new products to demonstrate their effectiveness. Have you ever noticed a cosmetics stand set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering Free trials? Well I discovered a website that will send free test products to your home, its the best way to get free skincare products :) You can get them here bit.ly/15z1EJU?v=wlnhm
Thanks for motivating me to finally want to see a dermatologist but like you, I do not have health insurance. How much does a visit cost to see a dermatalogist? I am so impressed on how good your skin looks now compared to your first videos and it helps me to have hope on my skin. I really relate to you and I hope I can have close to your results.
mmmh be careful. acne does not stop even if you stop the birth control ! my story: i never had acne, i took the pill for 3 years (no acne), and i had to stop it because i had problems with it( nothing bad, but ... ) so i decided to stop it ..... since, i have cystic acne .... for two years. and also, i have very bad pre menstrual syndrom ..
Can you make a video dedicated to acne scars like hyper pigmentation kind not the kind that change your skins texture..I remember in your foundation routine you said how you dont have any active acne but you were left with all the marks... i have the same thing and i wanna learn how to get rid of the marks . thank you and great video !
Thank you for this video. this whole week i've been researching birth control as a hopeful solution for my acne and worrying about all the side effects. And then you upload this video..so I'm taking it as a sign haha:) Accutane was definitely a no go zone for me! think i might try birth control after all! xxx
I am so afraid on going on the pill again because last time I got fat and depressed. But I am also afraid of accutan so I don't know what to do! I can't take antibiotics for the rest of my life, and I am 25 so I don't think my acne is going away by itself. Gaaahhh what should I do? Help me please!
Hey girl did you ever try acne.org. I'm 25 and I have had acne since middle school. I went to the derm but the things he prescribed me were 900$ a month with insurance... About a year and a half ago I started the acne.org products and I swear it worked!! Just wanted to give you a heads up :)
I took accutane when i was 18 and my acne has never been the same! I practically dont have acne anymore! It is really intense though. i had to get my blood drawn every month to monitior my kidneys and liver. BUT, my skin looks amazing compared to before! (knocking on wood!)
Are u going to stop taking bc anyway soon? I wanted to take it for my chin acne but my mom was like hell no .. I am using retin a . Differin and anti bacteria topical gel. It works pretty good.. But still worried if acnes come back again..
I just came back from my check up for BC, and I actually lost 2 pounds since taking it. I think diet and exercise play a big part in staying fit. Especially when your on BC. I try to work out twice a week and get regularly healthy.
Hey, I'm on the swelling now, I cant even smile:(.I wondering what's next:((. by the way, do you apply it on the whole face? or just the problem area? does your face become very red??? should i apply moisturizer after it???
i really loved this video and am so glad i found your earlier videos when i also had cystic acne they helped me sooosoo much last year! thank you also, just wondering where you got your top from it looks so cuteeee
so i am back on the pill (since september), another pill but still the pill. acne is clearing up a little ... so be careful, when you gonna stop it, you may have acne back !
Thanks for sharing this!! I have the acne issue for long~~~time! I am wondering about the MB product works for you eventually? Do you recommend them as well as before?
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