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How to use ehcache Videos

How Do You Say 'Ehcache'?

Have you ever been told that you pronounce Ehcache incorrectly? Trust us, we have heard every pronunciation imaginable.

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Never name your product with the names that will cause you to put a video about its pronounciation to prevent ambiguity
So what is the correct variant? :)

Introduction to Ehcache Search Screencast

A brief introduction to Ehcache Search, presented by Steve Harris. For more information, visit //ehcache.org/

Manish Devgan (Software AG): In-Memory Data Management goes mainstream

This session will cover Ehcache and Terracotta Server, one of the most popular open source projects backed by Software AG, its recent milestones, and how it ...

Webinar: Using Jcache with Hazelcast

In this webinar Caching is too often done after-the-fact, to fix poorly designed architecture and terrible database performance. This talk explains why this is the ...

Memcache Basics

Memcache is the most powerful tool to minimize response time and Datastore cost of your App Engine application. In this lesson, we will learn what Memcache ...

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This narrator is like the Bob Ross of the programming world. I listen to this stuff just to get wound down after a tough day fuckin with App Engine.
Looks like Memcache is just give the Operating System's memory operating permissions to developers.
It sounds like he says "32 mega-bits" @08:08 - but the text on screen clearly states "32 MB"
Pleasant voice. Enjoyed learning. =)
32 MB or 32Mb?

Using jvisualvm to find Heap Problems

Screen cast shows the use of jvisualvm to find heap errors. The screen-cast is done on OS X but the concepts apply to all OSs.

Using the New javax.cache Caching Standard

Greg Luck and Carmen Purdy present this JavaOne 2012 session that walks you through how to use the important new javax.cache caching standard (JSR 107) ...

Solr at Zvents, nearly 6 years later and still going strong

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omg this guy is such a great speaker!
Great job Amit!

InterviewDot com Job Portal Hibernate Interview Questions

InterviewDot com Job Portal Hibernate Interview Questions Difference between session.save() , session.saveOrUpdate() and session.persist()? What is the ...
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