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How to use fgetl in matlab Videos

matlab real time serial data plot.flv

PIC adc data plot in matlab. I downloaded code from mathworks ...

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hi mr farrukh i really appreciate ur work!!!! but can u help me in building the circuit practically? i mean , can u tell me how to connect real adc and pic with my computer and access it using matlab (i dont have data acquistion instrument).just a hint please!!!!
almost every PIC has built-in ADC, you can use mikroC for PIC coding, if signal peak value is greater than 5V, then you need a voltage divider circuit, in this way, you can capture even a 50V signal. PIC is not necessary, you can use some AVR or even 8051.
Hi, I also have a problem to save my data from into txt file.i use ccs c compiler and don't know how to read serial data into matlab.. please share your code to [email protected]
all those who asked something here, youtube is blocked in Pakistan, and I have opened it today after a year with some proxy, you can ask me question at [email protected]
Could u send me the PIC codes for MIKROC to [email protected] it would be helpful for me to understand few things in serial transmitting
is necessary to make settings in the Instrument Control Box of Matlab ???? I have an erroor with the program....
Hello, Can you help me please?, i have not been able do the PIC code. Can you share this code please? Thank You
Hello, Could you help me please?, i need PIC code to your project . Can you share this code please? 
Is it possible for you to share that Matlab code? Thank you in advance.
excellent work... your university???
and also your degree course???
@Engrahmed124 NUST

fopen fread fclose

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درس جميل إن التعامل مع الملفات يخفف من سرعة السرفر إن التعامل مع قاعدة البينات بنسبة كبيرة يشكل عِبئ على السرفر والله أعلم هل هناك دروس أخرى في التعامل مع الملفات وبارك الله فيك وجعل كل مجهود تنفعنا به رحمة لك ولأهلك ورحمة الله على من علمك ورباك

Arduino Tutorial on How to read Serial Port Data

For more info see my blog post here: //dredx.com/electronics/?p=199 This is part1 of a 2 part tutorial in this video I will show you how to make a arduino ...

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I used serial.peek() just in case you wanted to check for multiple commands.. I wrote this code for use(before this simplified version) I prefixed different commands with different characters and if you used Serial.read() then the next check wouldnt work... really it all depends how the person writing it prefers to write the code :p as far as serial.flush goes I didn't want to confuse anyone to as what it was doing also there is mixed info out there whether or not it even works properly.
Hello, i was hoping you could help me with something, i have my arduino connected to my router through Tx, Rx and Gnd. i have a html file stored on the router and that works with 2 .cgi files. one for ON and one for OFF. the idea is that when one visits the html site on the router, they will get those 2 buttons. Those buttons must turn a led connected to the arduino ON or OFF. im having trouble with the arduino knowing what to do with the commands. any ideas?
using if and while for the same condition is redundant. a simple while (Serial.available() > 0) { msg+= char(Serial.read()); ..... no if needed
Thanks for the tut.. 2 questions: why did you use serial.peek() == 'c' instead of serial.read() == 'c' ? Also, why not flush the buffer with serial.flush() ?
Hello. I tried your code to send char to a lcd display but i get 5 vertical bars at the end of each print. How can i fix this?
I can't clear the buffer... The flush AND your method don't work !! :(
didn't understand parseint quite well! what is its main function?
Thanks for this! great tutorial, hope you keep them coming XD
usefull video tutorial thanks
Super! I need this info! :)

File Management in c : fscanf fprintf

File Mangement in c ; reading n writing into file using fscanf and fprintf.

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Very nicely explained maShaAllaah. Do you have one on pointers?
very gud video...easy to understand....
real good video!!!!
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