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How to use ptcl modem as a router Videos

How to connect Router with (PTCL Modem) in urdu

How to connect Router with (PTCL Modem) through easy way.

Acer 6930G With Linksys WAG160 Wireless-N ADSL2 Modem Router on PTCL DSL

Best Working with PTCL DSL and gaining noise margin who have low noise magin ultra range PPPOE & PPPOA Support all modulations LINK ...

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yes Linksys WAG160 router have bandwidth management option to give limit bandwidth to each pc's but in this software havn't any option its just show you how many pc's connect with the names status or add more pc's but all options in router.
Why doesnt mine work like this? Is it because im running windows 7? It wont let me install the wireless adapters drivers..
yes windows 7 have diffrent drivers use xp or vista better then 7 easliy install or get drivers
i have adsl2+router and wireless adapter can i make wifi connection plz help n reply me!
What is the diff between wag 120 n and wag 160n
all same but only model change

Ptcl wireless modem An1020 25

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sir kindly help me i have complaint customer service several times that my buffering speed is very low. however they response me and refresh my settings but still i got the same problem, i am using ptcl broad band for 1 year and now its doing trouble kindly give any suggestions
Please also add wifi setting of this modem.
Its useful info, thanks

How to use MAC Filtering on STC HomeBroadband 102 Modem

This is tutorial on how you can FIlter MAC on STC HomeBroadband 102 *Even they will know your Wireless Security Password. Its going to be Useless.

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bro how you get 10239 kbit/s download speed.?? im also using stc 102 modem with stc internet.. i have only 5319 kbit/s speed .!! how much you pay for that.?
Tnx , very useful ......
thank you so much 

PTCL Modem ZXDSL 831CII configuration

Quick start your PTCL modem ZTE ZXDSL 831CII with ease! ***Please Comment***

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Bro...I want to Create VPN over this Router to create a server network..Purpose is to share internet to my clients
Plz can u tell me the configuration of ptcl "AN1020-25" wifi router....... plzzzzzzzzzzzz
can u help me with zxdsl 831 series i want to establish dns server using port forwarding
@Shadz763 Watch my other video about portforwarding your modem, may it help you!
Can you tell me how can i port forward by using ZXDSL 831CII ?
@TheRehman92 Sorry............... I Don't have that router
Please make another vedio .. how to ansttaling steps
are you salman ? i think you are salman mehmood

How to port forward PTCL Modem ZXDSL

A tutorial on how to Port Forward PTCL modem ZXDSL 831CII. for counter strike https://www.facebook.com/HIpH0pErAhmeEd ...

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Hey i got an Arris and not sure how to setup a port for it u think u can help? please? IVE BEEN STUCK ON THE PORT FOR DAYS!!!!! :(
its not working do i need to restart my pc or modem? it does ot ask me to. or do i need a static IP?
nice theme what do u call that or did make this with rocket dock and rainmaker
hey please update this video cause its change now :) thnk u
@sacul898 no restart pc only restart modem
whay my fu*king link dosent open????????
how to port forward in an1020-16t
@baronbasit same procsss
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