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How to use swiss chard Videos

How to...Eat Swiss Chard

Mike demonstrates how to eat this delicious and healthy leafy vegetable. Swiss Chard is loaded with vitamins, fiber and iron. Enjoy it in salads or with olive oil ...

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Never had swiss chard before, but the way you cooked it with the garlic and olive oil, you made it look scrumptous. I love cooked roasted garlic...and like you say it melts in your mouth. Anyhow....Swiss Chard will be on my next shopping list.( I did not even know you could cook the stems. Thanks for all of your videos they temp me to try new and interesting foods sometimes. :) Still have not tried the dragonfruit but I definately will. Peace to you and Take Care
i like your videos dude. i started with your dragon fruit video. i noticed you take a lot of flesh off when you take the skin off fruit or cut the ends off garlic. just so you know some of those parts are really good for you. like sweet potatoes i eat them with the skin. the bottom roots of scallions that most people cut off i learned from one of my relatives that it has a ton of good nutrients in em. are you vegetarian btw? peace
add a little but of citric acid and it will be tangy and yummy :) I also make Swiss chard rolls similar to cabbage rolls
You have my mouth watering, looks delish! You're cute! :) Hey did the chard make it's own liquid or did you add water?
@kkimberly2004 added water, then drained and added olive oil...enjoy
A good salt substitute is lemon juice. And gives a good flavor too.
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@Rabbitfootie thanks for the awesome comment and support...peace
@Lissagirl99 i love veggie recipes too...thanks and peace
I love your veg out with Mike videos! Keep 'em coming!
@nebraskafrankcourtny yes, works with kale too...peace
@xXProMikeXx it tasted awesome...peace
And don't forget the oxalic acid...
Where does this grow? Looks amazing!
its fake! no one cares anymore
@jowkamu peace...

How to Freeze Swiss Chard

This video shows how to freeze fresh Swiss chard. I left the leaves whole, but you could slice or chop them before blanching, if you prefer. You could use this ...

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About swiss chard's large stems: there is a variety of swiss chard called PERPETUAL SPINACH or BIETINA. It is not spinach, and it's not perpetual (perennial) but it's basically the same as Swiss Chard except - YAY! - it has tiny, thin stems, not big horsy ones. It may have a slightly milder taste. So you can chop it up with the large leaves and freeze, without any major trimming. I enjoyed your instructional video, Marge. It is well done.
Good video. I have a garden full of Swiss Chard. I've heard that a 1/2 cup of lemon juice in the water helps. I let my sc grow until the leaves were really big so am wondering if they might be a bit bitter since i waited to harvest. Any suggestions? Have you heard of using lemon juice? Thanks!
Yes soak the chard in chlorine tap water and fluoride. Step two, boil all minerals out of said chard. Return said chard to chlorine water, then freeze. Voila!
Yes, you can, but I would only eat the very small ones (like up to 1/4" wide). Large stems are too tough. Those I throw in the compost.
Thank you. For some reason I haven't any sound... but I love how you are filming this with one hand and still managing!
Thanks! I was wondering what to do with all my swiss chard. Now I can freeze it for my morning smoothies!
I still see the red stems on your chard (?) Can you steam them also? Thanks.
LOVE LOVE your tip about using a straw to get all the air out!!!!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

How to Cook Swiss Chard with Bruce Reizenman

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Sounds good. I'm about to go cook some chard.. stems first and then the leaves.. but i don't do garlic or onions, so it will be pretty plain. That's OK. FYI, you referred to kale when I believe you meant chard at about or just before 8:00.
Chard is so underrated. Such a delicious green.
one word: PERFECT! ...and THANK YOU!!
Nice recipe!

How to Use Swiss Chard

Sharon Palmer, RDN, The Plant-Powered Dietitian inspires you to use swiss chard this month. Learn how to use this nutrient-packed veggie in her latest video!

How I Grew 10x Larger Swiss Chard than I Have Ever Seen

John from //www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you his end of season harvest and talks about Peppers, Cucumbers and Bolivian Cucumbers aka ...

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John when high: 14:17
+specialk22tt xD
If i could grow a pak choi the size of that chard i'd be in heaven, even if it did mean it was rather tough.
+risa bear That is good to know as i have some growing. Got decimated by leafminers but hopefully will grow back and i will be vigilant for their eggs with some sticky tape. Still, i can't envisage mine getting to 1/20th of that size. lol
+theuglykwan Most chards are tough but what he has there is Fordhook Giant, and the whole thing is succulent, even the midribs (stems). Try it.
+Chuck Adan I can only dream. Makes me think of prehistoric mega fauna times. One leaf would be enough for a meal!
+theuglykwan I have grown swiss chard just as long... not as wide as these, but the giant leaves are just as tender as the small ones.
Fungal Dominat Woodchip Compost... OK I give... where does the Average Joe find this?
+AandORotts You have to make your own. Pick up some mushroom inoculate and mix with your own supply of wood chips as prescribed in his other video "Supersize your vegetables with wood chips and rock dust in your garden". It will take 3+ years to decompose to the point where you can use it for adding to your garden. Essentially it's humus, the mother of all productive soils.
This is bull shit !! Its the seed breed, not how u grow it only? He dose not tell u that. To grow big you need a giant variety seed. witch are seeds that have been cross breeded for that purpose.
there's no giant variety Swiss chard, it's just the way you grow it. don't be obnoxious.
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