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How to use vga splitter Videos

VGA Splitter Review

A review by John from UndergroundStudi0z to the VGA monitor splitter that i sorta unboxed last week. hope you enjoy the video subscrobe for more. Check out ...

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@AlinC1990 Bad English, and misquote. What I'm trying to say is that if he doesn't have the sufficient hardware to have the need for a splitter, why would he buy one? To get a splitter only to use it for ameteurish video making and no real multiplatform use is not what the device is intended for use. I'm just pointing out that before you go wasting your money on extra monitors and splitters, why not actually get into something that requires it instead of showing interest in the splitter itself
BUY A VIDEO CARD!!!!!!!!!!!! all its gonna do is mirror, why do you need 5 screens with the same image? just go research video cards there not to complicated if you read about them but make sure your computer is compatible and what not. there not as simple to install or as cheap but it will be higher quality with less lag, and you can have it be like one huge screen
@nvrdie71css dude he's just a kid look at how young he is...he's doing it for aesthetics not to have two or 3 crazy gpu's and 6 screen spanned desktop environments with an overclocked 8 core custom pc...basically he just wanted 3 monitors so give him a break will ya
that is easy, nowadays you need a higher definition VGA splitter, search B0119DKRCM B011ANESAS or B011ANW62U on Amazon, a real high definition VGA splitter, 4 way or 8 port, easy choice
@NoodleTech hey u need somethin called a VGA gender changer because they are both male so the computer thinks its just 1 monitor when it is 2, hope dis helped
@MrGraffitiAmsterdam you either need a higher graphics card with more outputs or you can get a usb to vga external graphics card theyre like $20 on ebay
Question i plugged in my VGA Y splitter to my desktop and all i get is a cloned screen not a extended desktop screen like yous what am i doing wrong?
when you go to show us how to do something, make sure you stand in front of the camera so that we can't see what you're doing. Good lesson that!
@nvrdie71css Stupid question. Clearly Netbooks have a much smaller screen. Being able to mirror content onto a much larger monitor has its uses.
@MrGraffitiAmsterdam These devices will only clone and do not allow dual screen. You need a graphics card that supports dual monitors.
@UndergroundStudi0z but should someone who can only use a netbook to make an example of a splitter really be doing tech advice? XD
@romob96 you can pick one up off amazon for only a few bucks, thats where i got mine, thanks for commenting
excuse me, but what's this keyboard on this video? Can you tell me exact type or send me link? thx a lot
ur a dickhead sorry but if u no how to propley twike ur screens then u should not have this shit lol ']
I need to get a 2 VGA in and 1 VGA out. So I can connect multiple suff like pc and ps3 to my monitor.
@donutsprinkles99 no i bought the monitors a few months earlier for $10 each good deal right?
your settings check display settings or screeshot it :) propbaly on duplicate screen
3thats a great deal but it would be even cheeper in our country for £5
why would you use a splitter off of a netbook? thats just stupid...
i bought vga splitter but same screen show's on the second monitor

Use Two Monitors As One! DisplayPort 1x2 Splitter!

RV - HOME - OFFICE - BOATING - MARINE - //www.thruthewireusa.com/DisplayPort-Splitter.html Use Two Monitors As One! DisplayPort 1x2 Splitter.

2 Port VGA Splitter



//trinetusa.com/products/displayport-to-dvi-1x2-splitter/ Split and transmit DisplayPort signal up to 1920x1200 with two separate DVI displays using 24 AWG ...

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I want to watch my android tv box on my computer monitor however I get no image. Why is that? I am using a Flatron w2043t LG monitor. I bought the HDMI Female to DVI Male Adapter. My monitor has 2 port. D-Sub and DVI-D. D-sub connected to the tower. I have the adapter in the DVI port and I stick the HMI cable in the adapter. When I hit the source button on the monitor to switch...My computer has a black screen and goes into sleep mode. What I'm i doing wrong?
why didn't you show if you could have one program open on one screen and another oepn on the 2nd monitor? Can we have Excel on one screen and Word on the other? Please let us know.
dum,,,,whats the point of having all that,,,se a 55 inch screen,,,,or three 55 inch scens would be kool,,otherwise its pointless I think,,,,2 little screens,,what>>>????..dum
Also i would like to export 2 different size DVI monitor: LCD TOPCON 4:3 and LCD TOPCON 16:9, they are each lower than 1920X1200?
Can quadro 600 use it, it support 1 moniter but have 1 DP output, how much where can i buy?
it work if eyenfinity in portrait mode ???
How do i to this with 2 desktop computer?
Onga chi chong ching ga chong!!!
you need to spy some more ? NO
where can u buy that splitter?
Thanks for this video :)
Where can i buy this?!

4 Port VGA Splitter


Unboxing: VGA Y Splitter

Subscribe to my 2nd Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWYslvHQQmAGGqlxkQCUPEA Check out my New Website ...

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If I understand it correctly, the image displayed on the two monitors will be the same image.

E01933-2 Port 350MHZ Steel VGA Splitter

//www.gadgettown.com/2-Port-350MHZ-Steel-VGA-Splitter-E01933.html This is 2 Port 350MHZ Steel VGA Splitter. It has 2 different video outputs, while ...
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