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How to zoom smoothly dslr Videos

Quick Tip: Using a Slider for smooth DSLR Video

//froknowsphoto.com/quick-tip-using-a-slider-for-smooth-dslr-video Slide slide slippidy slide. Do you know how hard it is to hand hold a DSLR or any camera ...

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For steven how to use tripod :D //www.steves-digicams.com/knowledge-center/kcenter/sa-630-when-to-use-tripod-630w.jpg 
Can you create a instagram account to showcase ur photos?? I know you don't like cropping but I think the image quality will still be good on instagram... Hope you do really create a instagram account!!!
Lol ok sry
I just said them above.
Whats the username?
+Kho Jia Jun they already have instagram [email protected] and @s_eckert
Tell me @featuring.earth on insta if u created one!! I will follow u straight away!!!
what was the tip..besides buying this product 
lol im pulling your leg, nice vid, thanks for your effort! filming, editing, and uploading is time consuming, thanks for the vids!
the tip is...Get one of these for better results..sounds pretty simple to me..geeshhh
+Integra DIY Um yea, my tip was hey buy this product.  It's called hey did you know something like this exists and were using it, this is what it does.  Oh and theres plenty of companies that make them DIY.
With a higher shutter speed, the slider footage would have looked even better, right?
%99 of the time, you want to maintain a 180 degree shutter angle for video. The term "shutter angle" harkens to film cameras, but basically it translates to a shutter speed of 1/(2xframe rate), so for example 1/48th for 24fps. This makes your video have the correct level of motion blur that an audience expects from 24fps movies. If you're shooting a fight scene or something, some cinematographers choose a faster shutter speed to get choppy, but it's a conscious decision, and really a departure from the norm.
no no no, would have looked alot worse
Come on Jared we're poor here a $700 slider. I know this not about which sliders to buy but any cheaper solutions. 
+Manny Donaire Because they know that isn't going to be anywhere near as smooth as a slider.... And so does anyone that knows what they are talking about. It might work well on a smooth floor but that's all.
anything with wheels like a computer chair would work as well (cons: can't raise chair more than 25". slider manufacturers don't wanna tell you this.
+oBLACKIECHANoo My biggest pet peeve with comments on photography videos. If only people just did a quick google search. 
Jared is in that YouTube money
+Transitus thats a good one
Do it gorilla style. Whenever I want a slide effect on a video and this depends on what you're shooting, but if I'm shooting a street scene I'll grab my skateboard, sit on it and have someone push me. I have steady hands so the camera shake isn't too bad or noticeable. 
also if you have one item you are focusing on get a stool with a swivel seat and slowly spin it. 
How about use google? You know, use the internet for what it was made for and learn yourself, it's not hard.
make one.. there are plenty of guides,, some cheap plumbing pipe and shit

DSLR Motorized Focus zoom instructions from Camera Turret Company

Instruction and use of Camera Turret DSLR Motorized Focus/Zoom Control.

Canon dslr 100-400mm L USM lens review

Get this //amzn.to/12bhEDQ more details on the blog //dombowerphoto.blogspot.com/2010/09/canon-100-400mm-is-l-f45-56-lens-review.html This lens ...

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@Zihab2000 hmmm, tough one . newer model cameras will have improved sensors.. obviously, but I do not think it will make that much of a difference on a cropped sensor camera if the lens is good. The real difference in quality in camera bodies with same lenses will be CPS sensors vs Full Frame sensor cameras where FF will be much better in every aspect (at least in picture quality and low noise on even iso 3200 and up) also FF cameras wont depreciate as fast as the others, same with the lenses..
@Szeba86 Agreed - as good as the kit lens with the 5d mark II was, it was an F4. I decided to return the camera and buy just the body and get all 2.8L glass. I find myself getting shots I would never have the chance to get with slower glass. Its worth the extra money. Zihab is right, the body is not something you are going to keep long term. But the lenses you buy should be a lifetime purchase. Now that canon also makes a "red one" type of video camera with EF mounts...need I say more?
I held this lens recently at our local Jessops. It's not as big as I imagined. I have small hands and did not find it uncomfortable to hold, or overly heavy. It is weighty however, but no more than you would expect. Some of that weight comes from the tripod collar, which in itself is quite heavy. I like the trombone adjustment and found it refreshing after years of twist adjustment. To prevent all that air being sucked in, try zooming slowly and not as though it's urgent. Great lens.
@Szeba86 Thanks a lot for ur reply ! just one more question..now If I have a great quality lenses .. and I attach them once to my old 2008 model canon eos 1000D camera and take a photo .. and then attach them to for example canon 600D or any newer version..Am I going to end up with the same photo quality ? If the lenses are the most important thing..what would be the difference between older cameras like mine and the newer ones ? and is it going to make big difference ?? thank you
Great review! It helped me alot. I'm just wondering if you can test it at sports photography, maybe football or some outdoor sports. I really want to see alot of full size sample photos taken in a sunny day, escpecially football. I have the 550D aswel:) Reason why I really want to see alot of full size photos with this lense is because it's a really big amount of money to invest on a lens for me, so I really want to see what I get for the money. Would be highly appriciated:)))
depends how the body will handle the high iso... that lens is F4 and will give some trouble to those that will mount it on entry level bodies... even on film a lens like that would require different iso/din/asa like 21 for example which would be the equivalent of 100 iso on digital... you can't change the sensor and electronics on digital just to deal with the limitations of a specific lens on specific bodies... full fame bodies will handle best those slow lenses
@Zihab2000 buy quality lenses and they will stick with you, the camera body is just a disposable object so invest in quality and FF compatible lenses... if you do not have money for L glass some 3rd party names like sigma also have some quality stuff like the 50mm 1.4 DX hsm non macro for example.... p.s. stay away from slow lenses F4 ... they suck ass on entry level cameras due to high noise on even low isos like 400 or 800...
before you order this lens go to a store and put one on your body it is a big hevy lens really it weighs more than a 70-200 2.8 is although from my few shots with the lens i would take one any day for daylight action like autoracing- sporting events football low light the autofocus is somewhat slow as long as you have a monopod you could nake some ok night sporting events with a good iso performance camera like a 50,60D or 7d
@Zihab2000 to cut it short a great lens will make even an entry level dslr look like a pro camera picture wise, so a quality lens is something to invest in.. just stay away from those damn F4 lenses even if they are L... those buggers need light and sometimes even on a bright summer day you'll have to crank the iso up to 400.... and that kind of sucks if you're allergic to grain lol
Any zoom lens has the issue of displacing air. For the most part the air goes through the camera body. I own both Canon 24-70 f/2.8 and the 100-400 and feel the air being pushed out through the battery door on both lenses. I've noticed this with lenses that have large barrels. I haven't felt any air sliding out through the tightening ring on mine.
This lens is hardly a monster (well maybe for a zoom lens it is), or even that heavy as Telephoto's go. Its weighs marginally less than a 70-200mm IS USM (1380grams vs 1470grams). Go pick a 400mm f/2.8 and then you'll know what a heavy 400mm lens feels like :) The price of the 100-400 has dropped sharply recently, so go buy one!
Wao nice....Good knowledge, canon are great cameras. I am currently saving for a canon 60d. I would encourage great photographers like you to visit children hospitals and orphanages and take some good pictures of these kids. They would love to be a model for a day. I will difinitively do this once I get mine. Take care
I have a 10 megapixel Canon EOS 1000D .. Is it really a big deal for how many megapixels my camera is to attach suck lenses ? I mean , If I learn more about photography till I get these lenses .. Do I have to buy other cameras ?? Or would mine be very good for a long time even if I become more pro.. ?? thanks
hi , i am looking to buy a camera for college work and was hoping you could advise me on a good purchase. I want to spend between 400-450 euro and it has to have a good zoom 30x optical zoom and have 12-16mp on it. If you could tell me the best camera to would fit into this bracket,, Cheers!
@captainjman1976 hmm I forgot to mention that slow lenses are also good but only in controlled environment where you have total control on lighting e.a studio, it all depends on the purpose but even here a fast lens will outperform a slow one.. it will be much sharper stopped down :D
@arm089 there's no doubt that that difference between what's semi professional and professional is smaller nowadays. d7000 is perhaps all we all need. go to... freedslr dot com change dot with . and try to get an opportunity to bring home a Brand New Nikon D7000
Any idea why you cant take images using the digi zoom? Obviously you could pull them out from the individual frames in an editing program, but I don't understand why the camera cant just take them either in video or have a zoom feature for the camera.
It's like digital zoom but with no fake pixels, it uses ALL the pixels of the central part of the sensor (which are normally used only for photos, not video recording). Sadly you cannot record at 1080p in crop mode. not even 720p that I know.
@Zihab2000 first try to get to full frame body (no megapixel race here) then go for lenses. i am having nikon d300s with some good lenses but now after i have bought canon 5d with 50mm 1.8 nifty fifty i occasionally use d300s.
dam I want the lens so bad but I don't got that kinda money to spen on that lens im stuck beteen a atv or this lens think ill go with the atv I need a lens that can zoom very far any lens that good that r cheap lol
this must be the 6th review i found on this lens... this is the review that finalized my decision to buy this lens. real world use. good review. my only canon body is the T1i i will look to upgrade later on.
@jkddaddy just using the autofocus on the canon 550d, I think it is the same focus as the canon 60d and 7d. if it is good lighting it doesnt hunt that much, and also this is a very good lens
Thanks for your introduction of EF 100-400mm lens. It is full of detail and now all users have an idea how it performs. Your test video clip is far better than others in youtube.
Any lens that move the lens front have a certain danger over the years to collect some dust. If you avoid dusty and salty environment, the lens will do fine for many many years.
true that about the auto focus. I must say that I have used sony dslrs and they were better at autofocus, it focused like its seen here, which is rare with my 550D...
incredible review man..!! true reviewers don't care about if they're recording videos in a car.. but the field test says everything about this lens.. keep it real
Dom, I habe the 70-200 f4L non is. Im thingking about selling that and getting this. Im leaving crop and going fullframe. Should I get this. I really do like it.

B4 ENG Cine Servo Zoom lens on DSLR - IEBA.com - Dallas Video Production

In this second video installment, Anthony Burokas of IEBA Communications demonstrates what a smooth servo zoom offers to DSLR video. Thi ENG-DSLR ...

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Panasonic really needs to make a servo zoom lens for their GH4, AF100, and their new 4K ENG MFT cameras. 2/3 inch TV zooms are fine for the cost as they are everywhere on ebay as most people who own them want to get rid of them. I'd say those are fine for the Blackmagic Pocket cameras as it is the same size sensor. Nice workaround but finding a 16 x 9 HD zoom for a 2/3 inch is hard. Most are for 4 x 3 and they are pretty soft.
I need to get a battery and servo connector for my Fugi lens gh2 combo. I found the same guy on E-bay that has a lens adaptor for sale has the battery and connector, wish me luck.
Hey man, this is great, i miss such a thing, where i can get it? or why its so long since you present it? did you get paid to dont go fürrhter? come on i nees one of those! :)
Cool ! I hope you will make it big with this idea. There's a demand for servo zoom that can fit a DSLR for sure.
If you would like to leave a video response to my fugi lens and gh2 video you are welcome.
What ENG lens are you using in this video?
How you can control iris ?

Broadcst ENG B4 Lens vs. DSLR Still Lens for zooming video - IEBA.com - Dallas Video Production

In this first video installment, Anthony Burokas of IEBA Communications demonstrates what a smooth servo zoom offers to DSLR video by comparing tit to trying ...

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is that a 2/3" or 1/3" B4 lens - also the still lens seems to have more contrast than the B4 lens. Do you also put extension tube on to cover the MFT
+John Pham The Lumix cameras only correct for Lumix lenses because they have the correction data established during manufacture, and can tell the camera what they are when you attach them. I don't plan on using a extender tube because I don't need macro.
+IEBAcom No kidding, is there an option in GH4 for correction for Chromatic aberration?I'm thinking of using B4 lens on some other camera, I guess it is trial and error on my side in a few weeks.Do you plan to put a Kenko extender tube for the GH4/MFT? and would be interesting to see how the GH4 handle 4K video with B4 lens.
+John Pham That is a 2/3" lens. The still lens is corrected in the camera for chromatic aberration, pincushion, distortions, color and contrast. The B4 lens is not corrected by the camera at all. This B4 lens does not have an internal doubler and no external doubler is used. The GH2 camera has a sensor crop to 1:1 pixels and shoots 1920x1080 which is in the center of the circle of light from this lens. Please check out my other videos showing a lot of other lenses and the GH4 as well.

Syncing Zoom H4N Audio to DSLR Video Footage in Non-Linear Editing System - Tips by Web Video Crew

Syncing Zoom H4N Audio to DSLR Video Footage in Non-Linear Editing System - Tips for Professional Video Production by Web Video Crew ...

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Sweet! Appreciate the comment! Are there other topics you'd like to see us cover? If so, please share!
Superb ..im a big fan of your tutorials ... thanks for sharing your knowledge :)
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