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How to yarn in knitting Videos

How to Hold Your Knitting Yarn

//howtoknitasweater.com //sweater101.com You can learn to hold your yarn so that you knit with grace. Picking up and dropping the yarn with every ...

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I had to come here to find a better less painful Way to hold my yarn. I have been knitting a scarf for my mom for almost 3 years, and I have 160 more rows left. I also subscribed.
+Parrotgamer2015 Great! This isn't the only way to hold your yarn but it still works for me after 60+ years and with wonky-arthritic fingers.
Love your video's! When I accidentally stumbled upon one of your video's, I wondered why you - as a pro - use the "British" style and not the "continental". (Which is as "continental" as a continental breakfast) LOL We're in he same age group, so it was only a few years ago that I discovered the continental method on the internet and I'm so happy now! It didn't take me long to learn and where formerly knitting was just a way to create something beautiful, now it actually gives me pleasure. Perhaps I still love crocheting more, but - especially for clothing - the knit results are more beautiful. Like you I've been designing my own patterns for longer than I care to admit, sometimes with a crooked eye on a basic sewing pattern, or a store bought garment. Thank you for sharing yor knowledge so generously!
+Corry Helmond Thank you for this great comment Corry. I learned to knit when I was about 4 and did a lot of it starting when I was 7 . . . a lot . . . I was recovering from polio and it was something I could do after being exhausted from physical therapy. (That and read). My mother, my teacher, was a highly skilled and avid knitter and she knit that way, hence, it's easiest for me because it's my "native" style. I can also knit continental style but I have to look at my hands more. When I do color stranding I use both methods, a color in each hand.
Thank you for showing me this way it's greart
+scotclogs54 My pleasure! Thank you for watching and commenting!
Thank you for this - a definite improvement over how I've been doing it!
+Sarah Faber You are welcome and thank you for watching and commenting.
I noticed in one of your sweater videos that your 2x2 ribbing has no ladders in it (when transitioning from a knit to a purl). I thought I had that problem because I was an English knitter, but that must not be the case if you knit English-style. Do you have any tips for knitting nice, tight ribbing?
+ccaatthheerriinnee Without watching you knit and seeing the result in person I can't give you a definitive answer but I can guess. We tend to do little, unconscious things with our hands when we knit. I've seen people, for example, knit a stockinette sweater and one side is much longer than the other (going from a knit to purl row as opposed to going from a purl to knit row).So you have a ladder going knit to purl. You bring the yarn to the front . . . are you not bringing it far enough to the right (although this is what we throwers do). It probably has something to do with how you're moving the yarn from back to front and/or vice versa. Start paying attention to that transition point and try a few different angles on the yarn. Let me know what you discover.

Carrying Yarn in Circular Knitting

Expertly carry and manage multiple colors in circular knitting. Ideal for striping and color work in the round.

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I'm a self taught knitter who couldn't have learned without the Knit Purl Hunter's tutorials. Thank you so much! :)
Thanks for the video! Very useful and clear explainations.

How to Increase In Knitting Using Yarn Overs Tutorial 8 Part 11 of 14 Decorative Increasing

Get the more patterns at //sheruknitting.com/ This knitting video tutorial demonstrates how to increase stitches using the yarn overs from both sides of the ...

Knitting on Waste Yarn

Learn to knit on waste yarn.

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Thanks Nancy-you got me over a speed bump!
+Julie Wolfer That's great Julie, glad to hear it!
Thank you so much for this video I was so confused by the pattern I had and you explained this so clearly and it is so helpful! I have subscribed to your channel!
+Rachelle Simmers Thank you so much Rachelle for taking the time to write such a nice comment. I'm glad you found my video helpful : - )
Very easy tutorial! Thanks bunches!
+Nancy WynnIt is at that Nancy!Thanks! 
+Far North Weaver Good for you. Its so much fun knitting for babies, isn't it?
+Far North Weaver Thank you : - )
+BIBLEBOYlolI'm a Great Aunt as of April 27th!I'm really a Weaver by Trade, but when there is a New Baby, I turn into knitting fever. :-D 
Thanks Rebecca. I can knit sweaters for baalmass now. XD

Knitting Help - Determining Yarn Weight

In this video, I demonstrate how to create your own WPI (wraps per inch) tool, and how to use it to determine the weight of mystery yarns. The Ravelry Standard ...

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Thanks Staci! I'm going to use this tip with my handspun.
+Rawrmnstr - that's a great idea! I don't spin yarn, so the that idea didn't even occur to me. Thank you for the comment!
Do you ever see a time were yarn weight is standardized globally? At my yarn shop we always joke because I learned to knit in Germany and needles are always metric only. I always say it's so much easier. I think only using wpi for example would be a good standardizing method...anyway food for thought :)
+VeryPink Knits I never understood why the US is so stuck on it's system of measurements. I was educated in the US but still found metric so much easier! I wish the US would convert to it. Great video! I'm going to grab myself a copy of that chart!
+Al Malmsten - it would be nice if there was a worldwide standard! But I don't see it happening in my lifetime. Here in the US, we're pretty stuck on our own systems. When I was a little kid in the 70s, there was a big push in American schools to teach the metric system...and then it was quickly forgotten about. As far as yarn weights go, the names of the different weights are all over the place!
Nice video! Are there any good ways to determ the yarn content in an unknown yarn? I sometimes buy yarn in second hand stores and often the ballbands are not there.
+VeryPink Knits Please do, would be nice with a little video on this topic ;) Thank you so much for your prompt answers!!!
+Madeleine Hansson - trying to felt the yarn doesn't give you great detail about it. But if it felts really strongly it is probably 100% wool (or another animal fiber), if it felts but not very strongly it is likely a wool blend, and if it doesn't felt much at all it is probably a blend with low wool content, or no wool content. I need to give the burn test a try to see if it provides more detail.
+VeryPink Knits How does that work if it's an blend, for example acrylic and wool?
+Madeleine Hansson - there is a "burn test" you can do to determine fiber content, but I've never actually done it myself. I usually just try spit splicing the yarn (https://youtu.be/8uLiFOVmcUU), and if it works and it felts, then I know what I have is an animal fiber or an animal fiber blend that is mostly animal fiber.

How-To: Knitting Two Strands of Yarn Together

Emily demonstrates knitting with two strands of yarn held together.

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I want to learn how you cast on and knit so quickly, do you have a video that shows this slowed down? 
Just the bit of information I was looking for. I *thought* that's what it meant, but I wanted to see.
Thank you for the video:)

How to knit with Rico Pompon yarn

How to knit with Rico Design Pompon yarn. We show you our preferred method of casting on, knitting a scarf and how to cast off.

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Hi I am new to pom pom yarn. I have two questions and it might sound silly. Ok, I cast on using the method wth slip knot and twist the stitch, my first question is, what am I going to do with the extra 3" yarn at beginning when i cast on. For normal yarn, I can simply weave it and hide it but for pom Pom yarn, I dunno the best way to hide it. Second question, I need to add new ball of pom pom yarn half way thru the knitting, how do you add new pom pom yarn? I know how to to do it with normal yarn, but pom pom yarn I am a beginner. Thanks ^_^
Well I had to go all the way abroad to FINALLY find someone who knew how to explain this and make sense. THANK YOU so much. I would love to find a Winter hat pattern to match this scarf. My eyes are tired from watching so many videos on this subject which were not helpful. My fingers are tired from typing, my back hurts from sitting in this chair so long................ha ha. I need to subscribe to this woman who actually enounciates her words. Now there's a thought Americans!
Lovely Video, Why didn't I look at this before I casted on ?? I tried the normal way way, of casting on and it was so tight to knit, yours is a much easier way of doing it, Thank goodness i saw how to cast off. I am knitting a lovely Cot blanket for my granddaughter with this yarn, it is so cuddly..
Hi there I was wondering if you could help me with the casting part, I'm trouble with the where you take the stitch off the need,e as you turn it and putting it back on again. When ever I do that it doesn't stay tight like how it is in the video. What am I doing wrong? 
Thank you very much. Without this tutorial I would have been stuck with 3 balls of wool and 3 unmade Christmas presents! I am a pretty experienced knitter, but the 'instructions' were useless. Your video is excellent.
AHH! the strands between my yarn are impossibly short. im looking at the video, and following along, but to knit the first row, i cannot continue cus there is literally not enough "strand".
@TheMia139 The video does explain this. Normally you are knitting two stitches on each strand. At the end of a row you knit 1 stitch, then on the second row, you knit from the same strand.
THANK YOU for showing a bind off that doesn't warp the end!! Can't wait to get home and try it with the scarf I did a couple weeks ago that is still unfinished!!!!!
Fantastic tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Isn't Rico Pompon is so much better to use than Sirdar snowball wool! Much more space between the pompons with Rico!
This video is great and very easy to follow, it's taught me as a complete new knitter, I just need to learn now how to sew the ends in after finishing.
Thank you so SO much this really helped me! I was stuck and frustrated this was explained clearly and great demonstration, thanks again :)
many thanks.....bought this bobble yarn for 1st time + have made the scarf thanks to your easy to follow instructions!!!!! xo
Hi I want to ask is it same principle with mini pompon?? I have tried but it's too tight!! please help?? Anyone
Thank you...im knitting scarves to sell for breast cancer awareness and my customers LOVE my pom pom scarves!!!!!
This has to be the best video for demonstrating casting on and off and knitting with this type of yarn.
@blauwehortensia You would need 2 balls. 1 ball makes a scarf that has 12 stitches and is 1.55m long.
Are you using the Rico pompon or another similar brand? How long is the strand between each pom pom?
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