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How to carry yarn in crochet Videos

Carrying Multiple Strands of Yarn in Crochet

Ann D'Angelo of Wonderstrange shows you how to carry multiple strands of yarn in a crochet project following a graph / chart. To see more tutorials and more ...

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thank you for this! I have had so many questions/problems with this technique of crocheting that I've basically avoided it altogether, but you've made it understandable for me! I'm gonna have to attempt this with my next project!
+RuthlessAboutMusic So glad I could be helpful! Thanks for the comment!
so helpful, about to do my first graphghan and did a trial and almost threw in the towel on the trial!!!! i was like AHHHH but you make it look easy and i cant imagine tying off so many stragglers 
Hi Melissa!  I'm so glad this was helpful!  It's a little fussy when you get lots of strands going, but it's definitely manageable!  (I hate dealing with stragglers, too, especially at the end when you just want to be DONE!)
Exactly what I needed to see. I will be referring back to this video a lot! Thanks so much. Very well done, and easy to follow!
So glad you liked it and found it useful, Susie!  Ann will be making many more crochet tutorials in the new year, so if there is anything you'd like to see, let us know!  Thanks again for watching!

how to carry yarn up the side crochet

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C2C Color Changes & Carrying Yarn

Hello, crafters! I made this video with the hope that it will help to show other crafters using the C2C crochet method how I carry my yarn and make my color ...

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I use yarn balls.. but I pin them w/ bobby pins and that works fantastically. Might want to give it a try. The bobbins don't seem to hold enough yarn for these kind of blankets, for me at least. great job.

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