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How to dye yarn Videos

How To Dye Wool Yarn On A Stove Top With Food Coloring

How to dye superwash wool yarn with food color. This method uses the stove top. The microwave is quicker, but the range is better for larger amounts of yarn.

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Does the yarn have to be wool to dye this way? I need to dye some Caron One Pound yarn a light or warm brown. It's 100 percent acrylic.
You can't dye acrylic. You can try the acrylic paint trick ad see if that works?

How to Make a Tonal Kettle Dyed Yarn

Some knitters like to use loud vibrant colorways, where others prefer to stick with more tonal subtle changes. In this video, I will show you how you can create a ...

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An idea - perhaps there would be more tonal difference if one lifted part of the wool out of the bath from time to time. And a question - If by throwing a wool blanket into the washing machine full of hot water, it shrinks - is it the agitation that makes it shrink and felt up? I was always told it was the sudden hot water.
+Jean Clink There will absolutely be a lot more variation if you remove part of the yarn from the liquid.  For felting, you need heat and agitation. In many of my dyeing videos you will see that I have wool in water at a low simmer (much hotter than hot on a washing machine) with no felting. I try to not touch the fiber very much until I've allowed it to cool completely, going from too hot to too cold really fast can also shock the fibers and cause some felting.

How to Dye Yarn with Tea

You can dye yarn with many things in your kitchen, and this includes tea! The following tutorial will show you how to dye yarn with three different types of tea: ...

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The purpose of this video was to demonstrate that you CAN dye yarn with tea and that you get different colors depending on the type of tea you use. There are many other videos on the channel that show food coloring based dyeing methods. There is vinegar (1:13) in the dyeing solutions, I added it after brewing the tea. Presoaking yarn is not 100% necessary, but it does result in a more even color from the dyeing process. I consider this video a success because the technique works.
I say use more tea bags :P. How long did you heat them in the dye bath? You should do it for a while. Btw you you should buy Alum at the grocery store to get richer color and the color will stay on.
Eeek I hit post too soon. Your suggestion is a great one! I also like mixing other dyes with my tea which can help you get more muted tones than you would get with just food coloring alone.
Wtf is this?? You dont fucking have the technique, first, get some food coloring, not fucking tea, put it in vinagar instead of water and, dont fucking wet them before! My god this is a fail
a cut a boiled wool banket into squares and did this for felting...brillant...lots of mini coloured squares to play with
Thank you for this video. I think you did a lovely job and this answered all my tea dying questions :) Success :)
I like using tea to get subtle stained colors. I have never had any issue with losing any color after the fact.
since this is a natural dye, maybe using alum as a mordant may increase the color vibrancy.
A simple way to dye naturally. I will have to bookmark this to try one day.
Love it!! Haha you sounded like me when adding vinegar.
Very interesting. I'm going to try this soon. 
thats only 4 grams?! Thats an enormous 4 grams!
Could you dye yarn with coffee??
Sweater, Earl Grey, Warm and Cozy.
Each mini-skein is 4 g of wool.
great tutorial tfs xxxx
Love this idea!

How to make a dye stock solution to dye yarn, roving or wool top

How to make a dye stock solution to dye or "paint" yarn or roving.

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Can you use vinegar instead of citric acid cristals?
+Dawn Omoluabi  Yup, you sure can
This is perfect tutorial! thank you!
+misslilo86  You're welcome ;)

How To Dye Yarn In The Microwave With Food Coloring - Instant Custom Colors!!

Video demonstrating how to dye wool yarn in the microwave using liquid food coloring and vinegar. Easy process that gives a great hand dyed look.

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That's very awesome, can't wait to try this! I plan on dyeing my yarn purple so I wanna use a paste food colouring, since it seems more potent and purple seems hard to get to it's full potential, but I am so surprised at the vibrant color you got using such a small ammount of liquid food coloring! I will have to try this method. Thank you for posting this!
You must use an acid to set the dye. Instead of vinegar, you can use citric acid, but most people already have vinegar on hand. You can use sugar free Kool-Aid to dye, as it already contains citric acid, and for that you wouldn't have to add vinegar. Without an acid, the dye will not adhere and will rinse away when you wash the yarn.
I also like the way it looked where the knots where tied and gave me some ideas. Tying multiple tight knots where you choose not to have color absorbed can be used Im sure for cool multicolor effects with a little planning ahead. Giving it a second go Im sure in those spots will allow it to pick up colors.
It was really easy and fun to do. I think that with some blue and red food coloring you could get a really nice purple if you don't end up using the paste. And if you don't end up with the color you want, you can always try again!
I take that you used 100% wool yarn for this dyeing process?
Sorry just watched the video again and realised it was lol
Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial.
do you have to use vinegar
Thanks! Glad you liked it!
you ever dye handspin?
quick and easy thank you!
Happy to help out :)
Thank you :)
Well done.
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