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How to pronounce either Videos

How to Pronounce Either

//www.bearstearnsbravo.com This video shows you how to pronounce either. Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the conjugation and ...

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Is one british and the other american pronunciation? Learning pronunciation in Denmark is kinda hard with the British and American accents both being so influencing xD
+Tina Ditte Thomsen Thanks for the reply. Portuguese schools also tend to teach british english, but I feel like a few hours a week of british english can not compete with all the american movies, games and tv shows out there, lol
+Juan Pereira Most Danish English teachers speak with a british accent, and the text books are usually from UK :P The english taught in danish schools are moslty from UK and british words :P But with the high global influence from USA, and with most movies comming from USA, a lot of pronounciations, words and such contradict each other :PFurthermore - when you write an English paper assignment in a Danish school, you'll have to stick with either british-english or american-english, which is hard to divide when you're just learning :P
+Tina Ditte Thomsen (TinaDitte) Does british culture influence Denmark that much? All I get in portugal is American culture
either aye-ther or ee-ther are correct pronunciations of the word either, either can be said for either.
+S.M.S. Gmod Showcase say that three times fast
Wait, which one is American English and which one is the real one lol
+Erkin Şahin e-ther is american and i-ther is british
"Mom, which one is correct: e-ther or i-ther?" "Either son." XD
+Mo Jamma hahaha
+HackIon Santos Teles lol

How to Pronounce Either in U.S. English

How to Pronounce Either in U.S. English.

Learn how to say words in English correctly with Emma Saying free pronunciation tutorials. Over 140000 words were already uploaded... Check them out!

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This is eitheroreither really stupid or really smart.

How to pronounce Either, this video will help you to pronounce it correctly SUBSCRIBE our channel - //bit.ly/click-here-to-subscribe.

How to say either

How to pronounce "either". Look it up at ...

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