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How to vomit and lose weight Videos

I have extreme vomiting & weight loss in my 1st trimester. Will it hurt my baby?

First of all I want to apologize to you, it sounds like you've had a very difficult time during this pregnancy. You've been so sick, you've lost 12 pounds and you're ...

Puking to lose weight/fail (This video sucks ass.)

iamerror - The Reason We Vomit Is To Show How Committed We Are To Weight Loss (instrumental)

Track eight off of the instrumental version of Trout Yogurt, titled "Super IAE Alpha 2 (Electronics)".

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Favorite iamerror song, maybe rainbow road.. Nah, This song DemFeels
Is it committed or dedicated? I've seen both. I'm just curious.
Holy shit. Just started getting into this band, and like... FUCK
i liked the sounds iamerror made this era :)
you can read minds
one haha xD

Weight Loss Surgery: From Sickness to Success at Saint Mary's Hospital

Naliza Barbosa, a patient with Lupus and resident of Waterbury, CT, wanted to change her life and her weight. She sought out Saint Mary's Hospital, and ...

Brian: Crohn's Disease, Nausea, Weight-loss, Bloody Stool for 7 yrs., No Energy

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Cannabis is effective in 50% of these patients in treating all chrons disease symptoms.

iamerror-The Reason We Vomit Is To Show How Dedicated We Are To Weight Loss

Monomate (Peter Bunke) of iamerror, Impatient/Outpatient, and PEET fame brings Trout Yogurt, the first album by iamerror.

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You can read minds .... YESSSSSSS


DAN'S DONATION LINK: //bit.ly/DonateToDan Raw Grocery List + More Vids Here: //regenerateyourlife.org/free-gifts * LOSE WEIGHT!

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I found Christina on YouTube independently, but it is really inspirational that LifeRegenerator would have her featured... And no, she is not too thin, it is just your perception that is skewed... Beauty comes in all shapes and forms, and Christina is a beautiful being of light and honour! :D Eating raw vegan will purify you and let your inner light shine through, liberate you to be beautiful and radiant forever! It is truly very simple - eat as much fruid and vegetables as you can, no limits...
Hi Kristina, I'm wondering whether you cut out overt fats altogether when you first went raw? I know you eat some now. I have hypoglycaemia and severe candidiasis and every time I eat too much fat I get really ill really quickly and have terrible cravings. I'm thinking about cutting out overt fats completely, like Robby Barnardo, to give myself the best chance of sticking with this and healing but I don't know of anyone except Robby who has done this and I feel a bit nervous about it.
Yes, thanks. Not surprised you and others have also been through this. it's really just "another day at the office" for me when people say ignorant things. It doesn't bother me. Some automatically get defensive (unprovoked), and some are genuinely interested. It's interesting when they ask about protein and I ask them back, "How much protein do I need?" or "What exactly is in the protein that I need it so bad?". LOL, I don't always do that; depends on their attitude.
@utubeworms 'We are so smart' ? Are we really ? The prevailing mindset these days is the overthrow of nature and all things truly good and pure. The more technological 'advancements' we attain the stupider we become. I see this now clearly with the majority of our youth, all hooked upto ipad, ipad 2, playstation 3's, mobile phones etc, they are losing touch with their human side, their instincts and if we lose those we'll go the way of the dod no two ways about it.
What do you guys do if you get into a situation where you can't have raw or fresh food? If there ever was an apocalypse and we all were searching just for bags of rice to eat, you'd be screwed. That is my fear about going further into raw. I feel like the further I go, the less my body can tolerate normal foods. That doesn't seem like a good thing to me. I don't ever want to get sick from eating cooked.
As long as you are healthy and feel good about your self, who cares what anyone else thinks,, especially if they are trying to make you have unhealthy habits like over eating just to please them. If they are fat that is their problem not yours. ;) I know that sounds harsh but I have been in your shoes and I know how uncomfortable they can try and make you feel out of jealousy. Don't fall for it.
@dong2phat4u you know what... just do the best that you can!! look at what dan did on his bike ride... for awhile he was eating iceberg salad bar salads and drinking welche's grape juice because that's all he could get. don't worry about what other people are doing or what they tell you that you should be doing... just do the best you can with what you got. we are made to adapt!
I understand what you are saying as I too feel alienated when they add those aspects.....it would be appealing, at least initially, to a greater number of people if only the incredibly logical aspect of eating live healthy fruits and vegetables was presented.......still the message is a good one and brilliant for all humankind
As a rationalist these guys lose me once they start talking about energy, vibrations, etc. It makes the rationale for what they're doing seem on a par with those who invest their faith in magic crystals and magnetic bracelets. All power to them if they're into that, but I personally find it rather alienating and aversive.
@Joormode $15 x 30 days=$450. You're almost there yourself. I should mention that at $500/month, I'm also cutting corners. I eat a lot of cheaper, over ripe B grade fruit and some conventionally grown. If I always ate fresh grade A , 100% organic and more imported exotic fruits, my grocery bill could exceed $1000/month.
@dojaguy I feed my cat and dog organic pet food which contains animal meats and fish.... Cooking the food is your point? so because a dog dose'nt cook the food it makes it ok? Or is it just ok because the dog is a meat eater?.... Where dose the vegan see that meat is ok.. it is a necessary part of life for some animals
genetic is an out of date science, the futur now is epigenetic, just have a look on the net, basically it is the expression of our ADN, more precisely the Control of Gene Expression so we can decide with the help of our environment to express our genes or not , what we put in our body helps a lot!
Unfortunately getting that healing affect from fruits and vegetables can make u go to the extreme. This chick looks way 2 skinny. Check out doug graham and how his long term vegan diet is making him look these days. Shed b a lot healthier with a little grass fed meat in her diet
Thanks! It used to annoy me, but now I know better. I just keep living the vibrant life and hopefully the children (adults are indoctrinated longer so it's very attached to their lifestyle and pride) at least consider not only the my model, but research the science behind it.
It's true. I've been told I'm too skinny by overweight people who think they look fine. They didn't complain when I had a bit of a belly in 2008. In actuality, I'm relatively muscular, lean, and stronger than ever. If being overweight is healthy, I don't want to be healthy.
I eat lots of meat and cooked foods and I understand everything probably deeper than you, that is just a spastic barrier you set for your mind only the weak feel they need to do some life changing shit to get connected...fucking hippy cunt HAHAH skinny cunt whore
I am not a raw vegan and I am annoyed by your comment. If you really understood everything deeper than her you wouldn't be going around calling people 'skinny cunt whore''. Get a life, stop polluting all over this beautiful girl's thoughts.
She is too thin. She's trying to say I don't know what a healthy body looks like, ummm ok? She's nice and pretty but too thin. Easy solution, eat more fats. I have to lose a bit of weight still so she's lucky that she has to ADD fat.
Im a little confused Dan bc in ur other vids you promote alot of fats which goes against 811 which kristina supports but you say in this video that you do NOT support fats...which is it?? Your confusing the public here.
~~~I am all for what you she is saying! 100% !!! even more then I have yet to experience myself.. But I am curious.. dog, cats.. animals ext.. its ok for them to eat meat, fush.. they need it RIGHT!???............ ~~~~
shes intuitive, hey, ive seen some raw foodies a little older than me that look like they are pushing 50, im 37 and some say I still look 29, so why do some on the raw food diet prematurely age?
Ive noticed the raw foodists have a glow about them and I get comments from woman that there is something about me, a special attractiveness and I'm guessing but I'd say pheromones play a part.
@dong2phat4u its does not have to cost that much. I can go on bananas and dates for days. just eat fruit during the day and eat a big simple salat at night. Think I use 15 $ a day max
i was vegan for five years ..i ate well yet became deficient in vitamin b12....i now eat meat once a month..i dont do dairy or eggs...its what works for you..everyone is different...
I LOVE KRISTINA! No joke, I teared up when she first started talking -- she's just so inspirational. I want to be the highest level of spiritual being. :)
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