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How to clean dog vomit from oriental rug Videos

pet pee pee urine odor removal from antique oriental rug

PetPeePee Nation-wide service call 1-800-713-3692 visit www.petpeepee.com We at PetPeePee System are so confident of completely Remove Dog and even ...

Boston MA Area Rug Cleaner New Dimension Cleaning

//www.newdimensioncarpetcare.com/ A customer thought they had a permanent dog pee stain on her $8000 oriental. New Dimension Cleaning and ...

Master Rug Cleaner Richard Carpenter explains "Painted" Rugs

An example of a "painted" persian rug, and how this phenomenon affects the cleaning process for persian rugs.

User Comments

Hey Richard, great video. I have not come across a painted rug yet. But it was good to see this video so I know what to look out for. Thanks Captain Rug Wash

Oriental Rug Stain Removal

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How to Clean a Dirty Rug By Hand in Miami

Oriental Rug Cleaning Miami Rug Cleaning Miami Rug Cleaners Service Miami Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Miami Rug Repair Miami Pet Odor Removal ...

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