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Xbox 360 controller d'pad fix Videos

How to fix the D Pad on an Xbox 360 Controller

Xbox 360 Controller - Fixing Pad Shift or Button Pad alignment

Sometimes your buttons don't sit on the pad correctly making the buttons or D-Pad malfunction or not function at all. This simple process will allow you to re-align ...

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@madbr3991 Controller shells that havee the standard D pad cannot accept a Transforming D Pad. I will do a mod tutorial on how to do one once we get it 100% right. For now only Standard D-pads can work on the transforming controller shells but not vice versa,
question i have a new black controller. can i put the new transforming dpad in it? or is it even worth it?

Let's Repair - Ebay Junk - SNK Neo Geo CD Controller - Dodgy D-pad Fix And Refurb

Another "let's repair" Vlog where I document the fail/win process of buying faulty goods in the hope of an easy fix. This time I got myself a faulty SNK Neo Geo CD ...

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That looks like an incredible controller. The stick basically has the same internals as a standard arcade stick. Sure, there are some games which need analog input for fine control, but for fighting games I'd find it hard to find a better pad for a fighting game than that. I wonder if anyone ever modded that controller to work with other consoles.
+thehaxfactory whoops, you're right!
+Rob Rai it's not reread what I wrote you misunderstood
+thehaxfactory I don't think that this controller is analogue.

New Xbox 360 Silver Controller With Transforming D-Pad Video Review

UPDATED video with mirror image fixed here: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIHhbW87NMM ** Andy from My Day Will Come reviews the new xbox 360 ...

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They did only 1 mistake with the new controler !! The color of the face buttons why they dont let them like this !! But outtaked this its FUCKING AWSOME REally great everyone who said its useless is an idiot !! Its much better now to play Mortal Kombat 9 hahah 19.April when you think how much easyer its now to make a hadoken in SF ! I played with the old one and sometimes he jumped if i wanted to walk right or something and it was really hard to make combos with this DPad the new one is great !!
As for me I play Tekken 6 and I wish the ghosting wasn't frequent, but it happens on average 3-4 times each minute (shit...) I will be trying this controller and yeah it's stupid how the charge kit has to be included. M$ must've not taken into account countless 360 owners already have this unit so why not sell them separately, especially when old play 'n charge kits will work with this thing? Black Friday started on Amazon so I'll get to buying. Oh and they have best return policy on the planet.
Question, to Reno or anyone else with one of these controllers: Do both of the analogue sticks have the identical concave indents, or is one supposed to be more recessed than the other? I find the new controller I have (opened just today), the indent is more recessed on the left thumb-stick than it is on the right one. With testing in my hand, the right thumb will slip from the stick & has less grip than the left. I'm thinking of doing a return, but what's the point if its the designs fault
Why are the buttons grey!? OMG!! I must be the only person on the planet that has casual games come over all the time. I can not imagine trying to explain to someone that green equals A when playing the Fable III jobs mini-game. I have never EVER played a game that made me say, "Wow, the Dpad sucks! I wish it was different!" Fine, the new dpad thing is pretty cool, and if that's your thing, then fine, but why remove the color from the buttons! Last I saw, quicktime events haven't left!!!
I have to disagree with melittleflower unless this new controller is somehow pretty awful. While the EX2 Pad has the best d-pad I've yet to use for the 360, it "ghosts" (sends directional signals to the console even when I'm not doing anything) and both controllers that I've went through has been doing this, the second even moreso. If you melittle did not experience this yet then awesome. I guess you got one that doesn't have the issue.
Thank you for the in-depth review, could you confirm if the face buttons are any different to the regular controller? Are they more flat this time around? Also you forgot to mention that the new battery included in this pack has a much better longer charge time. Nice to see the D-pad woks well though, should be coming out here in the UK soon.
controller looks bad ass. i need a new one but i don't wanna pay 65 bucks. i don't need a play and charge kit i got plenty of rechargeable batteries. actually i'd have to spend a little more money to buy a replacement battery cover because black look so outta place on a silver controller. what were they thinking?
Everything looks great! I'll just go buy a brand new controller just for an improved D-Pad. They should have done more, not saying the old controller needed improvement if any, but upgrades are always nice. How about light up action buttons?
go buy this : madcatz.com/productinfo.asp?page=247&GSProd=2497&GSCat=97&CategoryImg=Xbox_360_Controllers Or this: madcatz.com/productinfo.asp?page=247&GSProd=2652&GSCat=97&CategoryImg=Xbox_360_Controllers Much cheaper !
can someone explain the transofmring dpad to me? how the fuck does a d-pad transform INTO a dpad? what the fuck does it transform INTO if it's already a dpad? what the fuck else would it be?
The reason for the reverse controller is because of the camera, it's like looking into the mirror. Smh at the people that thought it was diff in Asia or wherever -__-
i appreciate this video but it would be good if you stopped talking random shit most of the time...all ppl wanna no wen searching for this is wat it does
I usually mamorize the a b x and y buttons by their color. Now when im playing, someone says press the gray one, i shout WHICH ONE!?!?
Are the analog stick tops wider now or the same size? Curious if my Kontrol Freak add-on's will still fit on the new sticks.
A video reviewing a product should not be mirrored or edited in any way to mislead viewers learning about the product.
@jimmy15151 My understanding is that it is a patent issue. Nintendo and Sony already claimed the good d-pad design
@pawned79 Well how about only you use it then. I stopped looking at the buttons after my first day using an xbox.
Either it`s for left handed people, or the vid itself is mirrored. I guess it's just mirrored for some reason...
if you ahvent noticed its ment to look black and white i thin cuz lookat the shades on the buttons
lol thats why i bought a fight pad for fighting games. and when i evolved i bought a fight stick
I can use forklift how much i want. Remember, forklifts dont die, they're just missin in action!
this makes no sence. i mean i know they drive on the other side but they game on it toooo???
Ok so the d pad works as it should. Good. I'm tired of my supers not working in blazblue
@MegaJayo1234 Well you can set your camera like that if you want.. if it's a webcam haha
@GreenGold33 It is the standard play-and-charge kit, in that it connects via USB.
@SolidSystem123 I'm a lefty and that would confuse the hell out of my hands lol
@NewWorldParty he messed up with the camera-ing and got the picture mirrored
i wonder if anyones ever used a forklift to open a 360 controller package

**Possible SLOW TURN FIX** for xbox360 wired pad (Controller S pad required)

FULL Details for this fix can be found at - //www.halo3forum.eu/forum/showthread.php?t=37716.

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@ZhuhMedia yeah, what has probably happened is the flat pads that go over the buttons inside the controller itself might have something on them. When you put a controller back together you need to make sure these rubber pads are clean of dust, hair or anything else that might obstruct their movement inside the controller. Just open it up again, give it a good clean/check the rubber pads and put it back together.
@TheJacobkoss won't work I'm afraid, the front face plates are all the same, it's just the wired controller has more room inside than the wireless which causes the sticks to not fully reach their distance to perform to the standards of the wireless controller - thus you get slow turn.
@OurenV2 yes the sandpaper method works everytime, I actually offer a service of sanding down peoples controllers for no slow turn on Haloreachforum.eu - but this fix I mainly posted up for people who either don't know how or don't want to try sanding down the controller.
@epicstyleee unfortunatley this isn't a SURE fix which is why I have named it "POSSIBLE SLOW TURN FIX" - it's a bit random from the feedback I've received from other members on the forum. In some cases it fixes it completely, in others it fixes it a little. sux
@AaphiX yeah, only reason I won't be getting one of those though is the fact that the analog sticks look awful to use >.> almost as bad as some madcatz controllers... razor should stick to making PC accessories lol
@Ph1LzA well i remember i went to a CoD ffa event and there was a kid with a madcatz controller, the one with the programmable buttons, so unless they changed it since then they are allowed.
@l3allinJames there's 2 parts to that button, a transparent holder and then the actual silver button. make sure both are placed in the hole and spin it round until it falls into place =]
@AaphiX yeah hopefully, dunno if it will be allowed in competetive play (MLG) though because of the customised mapping of those extra buttons, have to wait and see I guess.
I've done this the first day wired controllers came out on the 360. I'm so used to the regular xbox controller and have been using them.
@AaphiX and waste more money? lol go right ahead mate haha, almost ALL wired 360 pads develop slow turn at some point.
@Mastermindguy1994 lol rly? wow never knew, that could be really usefull especially with Halo reach around the corner.
when i put it back together the a b y ect buttons did not work only the xbox button did any ideas on what happened?
@Mastermindguy1994 looks like I was right after all, MLG Have just announced a BAN on the razor controllers
my middle button "the big X" fell out of the pastic circle it's in, and now it won't fix back in. any idea?
@Ph1LzA yeah thanks i just had to wash the mother board thing with a cloth and its all ok :P
Thank you, H3F euro seems so much more productive and fun than your american counterpart :(
@dtowndontbl1nk I'm currently playin on a 360 pad with DUKE sticks, works so well haha
dunno what you mean by that tbh m8 lol, explain a bit more what your problem is?
@dtowndontbl1nk I'm currently playin on a 360 pad with DUKE sticks, so good lol
@Ph1LzA they are allowed, you can have programmable buttons in mlg,
Wicked video fixed my new controllers slow turn, cheeeers
Doesn't the sand paper method work just as effectively?
@Finesseeeeeeeee so true:(:(
@bryanwheatman yep =]
sick video. 5*
geordie right?
@Ph1LzA :D
i love you
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