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How to mod fnv xbox Videos

How To Mod Fallout New Vegas EASY!

Hey guys today im showing you how to mod Fallout New Vegas. Links : Horizon (XBOX) : //adf.ly/LPvxZ Fallout New Vegas Save Editor : //adf.ly/PC08H ...

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I've consulted all possible videos and tutorials about this and NONE have worked, this is bullshit. At first this guy says it's for PS3 too and just makes a full XBOX tutorial. I'm out of this modding shit. Console users, unless you're a fucking "computer whiz", forget about it. There is no "easy" way to mod on consoles.
+Santiago Barquero I've done it a lot actually, and I'm not a "computer whiz".
And how is this supposed to work on PS3? You just showed the xbox version.
+Nuksii boy if you got a Xbox, looks like you failed.
+Tom Keen Yes it works on PS3 as well. just get a copy of your save, decrypt, edit, encrypt, and back to the PS3.
+Tom Keen your fault for getting the wrong system in life.
Is there a way to convert ps3 saves to xbox?
+pyroicarus1203 It depends on the save itself. For example for skyrim decrypt SYS-DATA and rename is to SYS-DATA.exs but i dont know if it would work for fnv
it dont work for ps3 like that dipshit
No shit! I've modded this for 360 so I know what I'm talking about. I'm saying you can't use this for PS3 saves. No need to get butthurt. "Moron"
It says it's corrupt :( I can't load the save after I mod it :(
this is happening on ps3 right

Fallout New Vegas Mods - Vertibird Hideout & More [Xbox 360] HD

Vertibird Hideout: //newvegas.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=41977 AWOW: //newvegas.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=45752 This is ...

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OH and if PS3 is best how come it was down for more than a month? P.S. If you're going to leave a rude comment on someones video just because they left one on yours, not knowing if they were giving their honest opinion, you really need to grow up you sony fanboy it's a fucking console. Signed -Mature people with better things to do then make fun of other consoles because someone posted something bad on your video. Don't respond, It'll just get deleted, I can tell you're very, very immature.
...btw $60 buys you everything PS3 gives for free on 360, & on the other hand$50 buys you 70+ free games on PS3. Fanboys almost always cheat themselves in the end. Why be loyal to a company before you think of yourself? Microsoft is a draconian company, that's made obvious by all of the Xbox One restrictions, the $100 price difference, & it's 50% weaker than the PS4. GDDR6>DDR3 PS4 had 7gigs of ram allocated for gaming compared to Microsoft's 5!
DLC comes out first for xbox because Microsoft has a strict one license policy for all of their content. PS3 had a 5 license policy that allowed players to "gameshare". Second PS3 is more powerful than the 360, it's just hard to develop, & port games for the PS3 due to it foreign architecture. There is no Xbox original that's remotely comparable to the uncharted, & GOW franchises. In fact PS3 has better originals all around.
by the way did you know the dlc for games go to xbox before ps3.....because ps3 are one of the most buggiest and most lagiest system.....and more people hack the crap out of it....ya they have free online....try playing modern warfare on it and watch the infinite bullets and auto aim guns it ya in the face......dumb ass Microsoft is a legit company that protects the're products Sony don't.
okay? i dont care. thats your decision. and actully, its been proven by science, that ps3 controller has higher chances of causing arthritis. its a fucking console. people over react about console selection. (kinda like you just did) its a personal opinion.
how do you apply those mods please message me back because i just modded fallout new vegas for 360 and i want to know how to drop off soldiers and different pip boys and all that
Well the xbox 360 works fine for me no lag even almost perfect connection, and the controller is much better and easier once u get used 2 the controls.
first, this isint my video, i cant delete your comments. second, i never watched any of your videos (i just checked my history)
why the fuck did u say that i fucken think you borrow your neighbors connection probly you havent even played xbox
u a bullshitin mother fucker u know that if i had a gun on a bout i wloud shoot u family guy reference
@ swisshakilla How do you get the Millennium Falcon·to get the Vertibird is that ok for a ps3?

Fallout New Vegas: BEST USB Mod Tool (XBOX 360) [Download!]::

Fallout New Vegas Best USB Mod tool for the Xbox 360/PC download! This mod tool has a lot of great features, you can mod a lot of stuff using this mod tool.

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You have gotta be the best USB modder XD
+Fmb Gamer Salty as the pizza i ate
+Fmb Gamer Why u so salty Jesus christ bro calm down
+x Markie how can anyone be the best USB modder it's easy as fuck.
+Jack Smith I complimented him i didnt say it was hard xD
+x Markie ?
+Jack Smith lol i complimented him saying he is the best usb modder lol
+x Markie its not hard
yeah i know how to do it all just need the link buddy.
+Epix GlitchersHD In description now man! :)
Great vid

Fallout New Vegas Jtag xbox 360 running PC mods

Here is me messing around with my jtag with mods from the nexus converted to work on my jtag Xbox360. This is for educational use and is not indorsed by the ...

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why do you NEED a jtag? you should be able to mod this game, especially since its single player.
I use XLAST sometimes or a plugin doc with the mods in the data folder.
Pls gimmie download for cgeat terminal
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