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How to ftp xbox with crossover cable Videos

Connect An Xbox 360 To Live Through A Computer

This is a tutorial to help you connect your Xbox 360 to your Wireless Router. Options you can use. Desktop With Wireless Adapter Laptop With Wireless Adapter ...

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Thanks for this but having same problem as Hardcore 12inch, will connect to network but not to internet, I have gone to Microsoft home and run the wizard with still no luck, I am using XP Pro SP3 I have a Belkin N+ Wireless Router set as PPPoA any help would be apreciated.
great guide, but when i shared the connection it didnt connect the 360 to the internet, only to my router, what did work was that i bridged the connection, look for other videos on youtube for the details
xD really your idea "taken" by household hacker?! xD wow kid, anyone with a brain knows that you can let your computer share networks with a 360 via internal modem get failed on...
Thanx man i did it with two ethernet ports and all i had to do is untick both sharing boxes and then bridge them then turn off my 360 and on again ana wala it worked :) thnx still
@Sasori1985 its a wireless network connection, so yea, theres gonna be lag, but its the same amount of lag youd get from a 50 dolar wireless thing for the xcbox
didnt think it would actually work ,really happy with how perfect it is , thx a lot
@Lilqueotie i did that too, but i dced the bridge >.> i hope thats not it
im connected to the network but not the internet, wdf?
how do you do it if you dont have a wireless adapter?
Didnt work, connected to router but not internet..
@workshop4life1 i think its the same way...
mine dose not have a sharing
Thank you so much, subbed

How to get xbox live from your laptop or PC without a crossover cable

A quick tutorial on Bridging and Internet connection sharing. Link to text guide: //www.unofficialguidetolive.co.uk.

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@guppyfish30 sorry for long reply basicly just put the same as your default gateway. If not you can check your dns settings through the router and/or going to start > run > typing cmd > and ipconfig. Will give you your default DNS settings there. Will do a video tutorial soon with more of an explanation.
this worked for me yesterday as soon as I changed the properties on the wireless, now today it doesn't want to connect and says IP Address failure -.-
hi thank you for the video it was amazing but i was hoping that you could do another video about how to set a vpn connection to the xbox
Hi can you help me more i am 9 years old :P
how do i plug in my xbox?

Making a Crossover Cable from Scratch

Linux Journal's Shawn Powers shows you how to make a crossover cable from scratch.

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Hi Shawn, you might want to add a blurb about what a cross over cable is used for. I had a class in networking and even I can't remember (I get it confused with a rollover cable). We had to make cables too but your's went much faster than ours went. The last word from the instructor was "don't take the job away from some guy in China making a dollar a day, go buy a cross over cable at the store".
you can also connect your laptop to your xbox360 to xbox live or what ever game system you have by making one of these. thanks for the video. you get straight to the point and not like other videos that take 10 minutes for a 10 second explanation.
This was informative- thanks. Next time you do something like this you need to turn off the "auto" feature of your camera. Set the focus manually and set your iris to a high f stop to get a deeper depth of field so your presentation is focused.
it is used to connect 2 machines to each other directly... without a router or switch. ie. ethernet card > ethernet card... as opposed to ethernet card > router > ethernet card.
i made one of these for my modded original Xbox to ftp into it and to play it online useing my pc's internet
it connects 2 computer without a switch or hub
Can I recycle the crimp of the end i just cut?
man, you need a pair of wire strippers dude.
what is a crossover cable do?
Direct connect two pcs.
This video is shit.

Link PS3 directly to PC

How to connect Playstation 3 to PC using crossover ethernet cable. FTP to copy files (cfw only). Read: //izzylaif.com/en/?p=1271.

ftp xbox easy

how to ftp xbox using FlashFXP an cross over cable,

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an internet port in the back of your pc or laptop , and a crossover cable.. i got mine for 99p of ebay
Can the crossover cable be connected to the back of the wifi router? (Or router) Will that work?
hello, do you need a internet connection "wifi" to do this? thanks.
@anchor213 no you dont need it
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