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How to end knitting Videos

Knitting : How to End a Knitting Project

Ending a kitting project involves a few different things to put the finishing touches on your project. End a knitting project with help from a knitting teacher in this ...

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You want to stick the crochet hook through the top of the piece pretty close to your newly made tail. With the hooked part pocked through your piece, wrap the tail over it so it is in the hooked part. Pull the hook back through the piece with the tail still in the hook. Now it is slightly woven through. Keep doing that. OR, you could use a yarn needle and thread the needle with the tail and just sew over under through the piece. You could even just weave it with your fingers. Good luck!
Thank you very much! Easy to follow and clear! The video is zoomed in slightly to your knitting, not anything else like some other videos I have seen. One I saw started in the middle of the process!! Haha! Thank you very very much for this great tutorial! I can tie off, now! (I just started knitting today and am having a lot of fun!)
I have seen a few of these ending projects in knitting but noone seems to show how to finally snip off the extra yarn - after weaving it in.
thank you very much because my project for home ec. was almost dued and the teacher didn't even tell us how to end it
Ooh, plushies, you mean? You should try sewing some plushies yourself if you haven't already!
Thank u soooooo MUCH!!!! You help me in my first knitting project :))
I want to know how to crochet PLEASE make the video very detailed
thaq soooooooooooooooooooo much but i realised SUCK at knitting
thank you that was very clear and really helped alot. :)
Thank you. The explanation was very useful and clear.
Thank you this was easy to follow and helpful!
Thank you so much! This really helped. :)
Really helpful :D She seems super nice :D
What did you mean by weaving at the end?
thank you. this is very helpful. 
wow so easy and simple thnks alot
this site is very helpful!
Thank u.. Dear....

How To Finish a Knit: Knitting Bind Off

www.joannesweb.com This is how you actually take the stitches off your needles. There are two methods: with two needles of with a needle and a crochet hook.

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Thank you so much for your clear explanation.
I am knitting a scarf and I am almost done yay

KNITTING HOW-TO: Cast On Stitches at End of Row

Here's a knitting tutorial showing how to Cast On Stitches at the End of a Row. Patterns referenced in the video can be found at: LITTLE LEISURE ...

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Thank you so much! I've been knitting for 50 years and I can't remember ever having to do this before. Very clear directions, very appreciated!
+Anne McCallum You're so welcome, Anne! I'm glad the video was useful.

Knitting: How to Seam Ends Together to Join Cast On and Bind Off Edges

This easy, beginner knitting tutorial shows you how to seam or sew the ends or edges of a knitted project together. This demo joins the cast on and bind off ...

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The demo seam is too visible for me too, however it worked perfectly for me when I joined an infinity scarf completed in the Garter Stitch. I used a long tail Cast On (which I did with the needle in my left hand and the working yarn in my right) and used a Sewn Bind Off (instructions on p.195 of 'Cast On Bind Off' by Leslie Ann Bestor.). The cast on and bind off rows had a nice little loop at the base of the stitches that allowed me to work through. The end result was an invisible seam.
For someone who is a beginner your instructions were simple and easy to follow. Thanks so much:) I am going to visit your website.
I thought I was ok at sewing things together but I feel like I know how to do this better now
Seam should be invisible. This is too bulky and not neat
That's perfect what I was looking for thanks!
That did not look "neat" to me ... sorry :-/
Perfect! The video helped a lot.
thx so much!

French Knitting Tutorial

How to create a French knitting loom, knit and cast off.
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