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How to end client relationship Videos

How to Build Great Client Relationship - Matthew Jordan Smith Interview Part 3

Article link: //www.slrlounge.com/matthew-jordan-smith-interview-part-3-building-great-client-relationship Want to know the secret to Matthew's success in ...

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Great Interview, thanks for sharing this video
thanks for this great interview

Ending counselling

A counselling role-play depicting the challenges involved in ending a long-term relationship (in this case, the client-counsellor relationship). Find a Counsellor ...

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Interesting that one would find it standoffish. I'm from the US myself and the therapist seems completely fine to me. For one, the way the client is sitting doesn't seem to me to be inviting for the therapist to sit any closer. In that way the therapist is showing respect for physical boundaries. For another, this is a professional, therapeutic relationship, not a social one or anything like that. Therefore I find her positioning to be very appropriate. For myself she seems very genuine.
okaaaaaayyyy... i dont think i want to have her as my counsellor.. she doesnt make me feel comfortable at all just by looking at her face =s shes kind of intimidating! ANDshe crossed her leg! her body slopped down to the chair.. didnt even sat up straight and she had her hands clasp together!
This counselor is pants. She sits there laid back with her legs crossed. The client is sitting better. The counselor is hopeless. I would never speak to a client like this. 'Did you want to keep coming ad infinitum?? What a lousy thing to say!
What a load of bollucks regarding her legs crossed ....bad body language, she was softly spoken & relaxed, not corporate ,she maintained eye contact & kept her distance............excellent
I understand your comments about body language, but please culture in mind. If you travel to England, you will notice a more standoffish body language as the norm.
the counsellor's body language isn't very approachable and she her tone doesn't come across as very friendly.
This couselor gives me the chills... Reminds me of my own therapist and how he always feels distant... Ugh.
I really don't think that matter a hoot, whether it's in counsellor training or not.
Just a small criticism. The counsellor keeps giving her a funny look.
Counsellor has her legs crossed. Poor body language

Codependency Recovery Stages. The Journey toward Healing and Self Love. Relationship Expert

The Four Stages of Codependency Recovery are: Stage 1: Setting Boundaries Stage 2: Maintaining Boundaries in a Hostile Environment Stage 3: Building New ...

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Wheat? And the sh...?...
"separate the wheat from the chaff" an old adage. google it!
I have experienced this. Actually I am going threw this all right now. I moved out of my country for to heal and start a new. What happened? First people with whom I got "stuccoed" seemed to be definitely narcissistic personalities! fortunately I noticed this after 3 months and now I start again.
+Sanna Lahti Hello Sanna, so good to hear that you learnt to start to trust your instinct and recognise this narcissistic personality after only three months. I hope your self awareness becomes even stronger and more in tune with every passing day.. :-)
I may have too many comments here but.. maybe I've been codependent in some era of my life. But it has changed, hopefully. The way I tried to heal it was to avoid relations completely. I have lived several years (14) in complete loneliness - expect that I had a daughter that i had to take care of. Had… actually I wanted to take care of her. But maybe that is the problem, who knows. Anyhow, even you try to be alone to avoid all kind of conflict and get peace, you must work and what is the result? You choose a workplace where you are this caretaker, the "pleaser" . Last year I suddenly understood, that what the hell: I wanted to get rid of my parent's control but now I am in the workplace, where I have around 50 moms and dads. The system was totally the same that I had experienced from my childhood - and that's why in the first place my workplace seemed to be so safe, so nice, so familiar… But instead of one mother and one father I got lots more. And some hundred narcissistic sisters and brothers too. My workplace was actually the picture of my childhood family and relatives. And I had to get rid of it too. It is terrible, how the humans mind work and search for certain environment for to go over and over again your experiences until you have learned your lesson. I really had to get out of my job, when I noticed this combination.
+Ryley Tompkins Hmmm… Yes, thank you. Grey rock is a good thing to learn. My cats really love me. (I have two cats.) But the younger one especially. She is so emphatic. When I had huge stress in my work last winter, she reacted by dropping her hair of her stomach. She is little fat so with her bald stomach she was like a little cat-Buddha when she sat :D 
+Ryley Tompkins Thank you for your kind answer! Helping and caring -problem is not the only problem, I think. Just to see how much negativity and hidden aggression is inside me - and that they come out as unwelcome reactions in certain situations - I feel myself quite hopeless sometimes. Especially when I have just decided to be "love and light" - and then I am something else. For example my daughter just told me that some of her studentmates have betrayed the promise they had given to her to help her in one schoolwork. It was one second and I saw red  and I messaged her: "What?! I feel like to come and beat them up! How they can do like that!" Of course I did not mean, that she really had to DO it or that I really go to do it - I just wanted to show her, that I am on her side and not as my mom who would have said: "Do not care! Anyway, what bad did you do because they did so to you?" This is how my mom has said to me when I have been treated badly and I always felt bad about it that she did not care of my feelings nor was on my side, but always protected other children, not me. I was always to blame for. But my daughter got angry at me and said: "Mom, you are so childish! Do you really think that the violence is the answer! How can you be so stupid!!! You never support me - I just feel worse now! Why can not you be an adult!" And then she threw me out of WhatsApp for a day. So, I did not really succeeded to show her, that I am on her side and that I feel, that those who promise to do something and then do not, are wrong, not her as she seemed to feel. It was breaking my heart and I truly was angry to her schoolmates who let her in trouble. Love and light was far away from me in that moment. I noticed how aggressive I am and also this reaction reminds me very much of my mother. She is just like this aggressive in her expressions and I have always disliked it. This is why my daughter also said to me: "You are like your mother!" I was surprised because I had just tried to be totally different and to show my daughter, that she was not wrong, the person who betrayed her was wrong! Unlike my mom had had said to me! My mom would have said: "What is wrong with you that you are treated so badly? What bad you did?" Now I see that I have same type of expressions as my mom and as a result I did not get my main message through: that I care about her and that I am on her side. I just do not know what to do with people who betray their promises. I do not have any answer to that problem and I feel bad when my daughter feels that she is wrong, when some other people does wrong to her! Even I have tried my best to be for he and support her, she still feels in that way. I feel failed completely as a mother when i hear this kind of things after all I have tried to teach her. Caring of others is not really the only problem: I feel everything is going wrong even no-one is there manipulating me. Better to sit home with cats and not to talk anything.
Thank you.
You are welcome! 
I've been through it all with my narcissistic family. My mother is the real root of the narcissisium in my family. Everything that you mentioned I have been through. The straw that broke the camel's back was when my narcissistic mother made every excuse not to go to my graduation. I have 3 sisters and 2 twin step sisters from my mother's 1st marriage. For 13 years my narcissistic sisters have broken ties with me by excluding me out of family events and holidays. So my mother had used the triangulation with me and my sisters. 5 months ago I decided to go no contact with my narcissistic mother not only because she didn't want to go to my college graduation but I reached a point I got fed up enough that she was gossiping about me and my fiance's business. I had once gone no contact with my narc mother and when had reconcile I really thought that she saw the light but only to be fooled by her. So when I reached the point to cut things off for good I now know better not to fall for her crap again. The day that I realized that I finally reached my closure with my narcissistic mother was when I wrote my narcissistic mother my no contact letter which I also made a copy for myself just for my own record. Knowing my narcissistic mother like I do like a book I knew that writing the letter to her was the only way for me to get my point across to her. If I were to have told her her in person she would do things to knock me off balance and off point and then it would be a big fight and then get my enabling narc sisters to come over to her house and form her rally to gang up against me. So I knew better not to put myself in that position. I have my own You Tube channel in which I share my personal story about the narcissistic abuse that I was subjected to and to expose the truth about them without mentioning their names. I had obtained a lot of subscribers and had a lot of positive feedback which really feel very validated. So now as we speak I'm starting to turn my attention from sharing my story and exposing my narcissistic family to asking my viewers to please share with me if there's anything suggestions that they would want me to do a video on. All of the narcissistic abuse that I was subjected to has all but made me stronger and I survived it. Now my goal now is to help others heal on my channel and I come with a boatload of experience.
+Mary Allen I can relate. My mother too, siblings etc. The abuse has been going on since I was a young child, so missing my graduation(s) from college never phased me (she actually talked me out of going to my first one).... I have so many stories of the abuse from my mom/stepdad and siblings that it is exhausting. When I first heard +Ross Rosenberg 's videos last year- it was after my mother abandoned me for no reason at all. She took my brainwashed siblings and so many other relatives too. It is amazing bc they have nothing to go on... I have done nothing wrong to anyone and they KNOW me, they KNOW I am a good person.... but the charisma/false victimhood and lies of the Narcs are like magic poison. At first, I didn't want to believe I am codependent- but the CPTSD kicked in full force and though It has been SUPER difficult because I realize how my codependency has led me to be abused and mistreated by many other people.... it is a journey I am on. I will check out your channel too. THANK YOU ROSS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!!!!
You too??!!  My dad's side of the family, with the exception of my grandmother, missed my HS graduation and my dad almost missed my BA graduation (big fight about it), and then skipped out on my MS graduation along with my step-mom.  I notice whenever I accomplish anything, that's when my dad gets the worst.  He tries to sabotage me psychologically and deny my accomplishments.  That's when his belittling me reaches it's peak.  Sorry for your situation.... so glad to know I'm not alone!!!
My mother abuses me mentally then she turns it around accusing me of jumping on her when all i do is try n make her see shes hurting me. My ex boyfriend, in addition to these afflictions, has paranoid personality disorder. The damage these people I love have done to me is worse than I realized. I am considering getting a counselor to help me through this..... Good luck to you all.

The Vendor Client relationship - in real world situations

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How to Handle a Client Breakup #Periscope

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Never committed to anyone so I have no idea.
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