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Practical photoshop uk - august 2012 Videos

Make a 3D image in Photoshop

Download the start files here: //mos.practicalphotoshopmag.com/stereoscopic_3D 2.zip Learn how to create a 3D image using Photoshop CS6. You will ...

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What glasses work with this? The red and blue ones or will glasses like IMAX work too?
+ChrisDrawsStuff17 red and blue
does this work with colour photographs?
+FrankieOhh Yees
Can I use any 3D Glasses.. I saw some glasses from $2. to $100. on EBAY any suggestion. Thanks
+CHL3488 any pair of 3D glasses should work the same, the more expensive ones are probably just a bit better quality or looks a bit diffrent

Showreel August 2011

For a shot breakdown, click 'show more' below. Thanks for watching! Looking at the top right of the screen will show you which programs were used for each ...

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@MrNilanimator Hello! Thank you for the compliment! I didn't use Vray, no. Everything you see here is Mental Ray :)
@xmissmusicstarx His name is Gavin Stenhouse. Nice guy by all accounts. Stalk at your own risk.
@oliverrr1989 haha :D already stalking lol joke :P thanks x
Do you know who plays Nat in Iconicles?
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