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Photoshop cs2 save as jpeg Videos

Photoshop Cs6 For Beginners - 27 - Saving Files As JPEGS [Final Tutorial]

New Training Course On Adobe CC - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgFFLspkf_gyS9PIKS_b_WD6gGCuKRTVE ------------...

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Tq so much buddy .I see all these video ,nd these video is very helpful to me for web designing,nd tq agian bcz u deserve that......!!!!
thank you for doing this series. watched all of them, and you are seriously a god-send. :D
and if i don't have the format jpeg in list? what i can do to transform a file .psd in .jpg?
thanks alot man , this was helpful to me, especially abou the new features in the CS6
thanks for the videos i hope they gonna strengthen my web developing skill
Stop moving the damn cursor the the damn camtasia recorder (lol)
The JPEG / JPG isn't an option for me for some reason.. :(
wasted 1:34 of my fucking time explaining... fuck man
How do we Save as video? Not Web but as a video?
I don't have the JPEG format 
I dont have the jpg format
He Is CooL
thank you

Web Design Tutorial - Converting JPG logo to Vector

In this week's web design video blog, Nick and James talk about changes in Directory Advertising and provide a tutorial for converting logos to vector shapes in ...

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Hey i got a problem when i convert jpg colored logo to eps. The problem is following, Logo contains 2 colors Black and Blue plus background which is white, it contains 2 shapes and typography below. When i go path>trace bitmap>color> scans- on 3>update i got like blue outline around my logo and typography below it. The outline shouldn't appear since it dosen't exist. I've tried converting it so many times and i can't get rid of it. Anyone knows how to solve this problem ? PS i need reply realy fast. Thanks in advance.
Bit harsh, thought they did a good job to be honest, think it's your english that needs working on. We call it miles, kilometers is primarily European, we don't bother with it. It's not incoherent there's just a lot of information to present without over complicating the video into a lecture. good work asserting your oh so not ego centrical approach with the dropped in 'jelly tarts' line, but that is entirely naive to think we would STUFF 3pm tea down ourselves. Sorry for having a culture fatty.
I stumbled upon this after I watched another video for the same problem. I was about to 'subscribe', but gave up the idea after listening to you guys for about a minute. The content was fine, but the speed was just killing. End result: you just lost one potential and rather interested subscriber! :( In your personal life you can speak however fast you want, and do so normally, but when you make a video that's to be watched by millions, it just HAS to be clear & with meaningful speed in oration.
Waauw this is brilliant, I didn't know you could do that! here I was always tracing my logo's with the pen tool.. yes, I'm a real beginner. You got a lot of comments on your speed of talking, I must say I really enjoy the speed of this video, I couldn't quite follow the introduction, but the speed at which the tutorial goes suits me very well... I hate watching tutorials that go sooo slooow that you're sitting around waiting for the next step for minutes THANKS! Will be back for more
I am so irritated with you two right now. I was trying to cut out a simple, gothic styled "W" from my clients business card. I thought I found the best video to do it, as the font he used was one from VistaPrint and you can't just "find" their fonts that easily, so to save time, I decided to cut it out. Everything in this video worked, EXCEPT: ****You did NOT explain to go into tracing options and select "ignore white"**** I watched this video 5 or 6 times before getting fed up!
@crearegroup I also stumbled upon this while searching for converting vector files I run an ecommerce website and found the info within the video really useful. There's a lot you've packed into the video and although your speaking quite quickly I still thought it was clear. I've subscribed as I think the format that you are making your videos is great and it makes it that little bit more interesting. Just a different view point for you. Keep up the good work.
Ok, "Lads" in as much as I can appreciate the attempt to be informative, you two need to clean up first. Secondly S L O W D O W N your damn (English at 90mph or...as you call it, kilometers per hour) overly rushed incoherent babble. Your audience can't get your over-inflated-ego approach if it sounds like you two have a jelly tart with your 3:00 p.m. tea.stuffed in your mouth In other words...STOP TALKING SO FAST.
@crearegroup Nice tutorial, One thing u did'nt mention, and that was the shape of the logo after live trace. Like u saw in CocaCola logo. I know that u know it too, but u did not explained, can u plz explain this. I wanna fix my logo as quick as u talk ;). Actually i lost the font and my computer, and now i only have a Jpeg file. But dont wanna do the Pen Job. Can u guys help me? I will be very thank full to u.
Awesome! Do y'all have a video on dealing with text/font in a logo and how to recreate as a vector? I know you did the Coke letters, but it seems it works so easily because the letters are part of one whole. What if the letters are separate and when you live trace into b/w, the letters/font change altogether? Meaning, the font looks really bad and wrong and not okay. Thanks! :)
Cant believe u guys! U turn a jpeg into a... crappy looking piece of vector, which looks nothing like the original. Why do all the one-button-wizards feel the need to share their wisdom with the world. I´m dying to see ur next vid, maybe youll share the secret illustrator technique of typing the letter "c" with pointed index finger. Useless...
@dubiousfella Hey, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. Apologies that you were unable to clearly hear our narration in the video, we are aware that in some of our earlier videos, we speak far too quickly. This is something we've been working on - to slow down how quickly we talk in the videos. James.
Hi guys, Thank you very much for taking the effort to make this tutorial. But for one or another reason I cannot get it done. I click on the JPG image and then live trace, but then the image 'disappears' and I see only the edge. Do you know what I might have done wrong/forgot? I have Adobe Illustrator CS5. Kind regards!
To avoid all the ungrouping you did to seperate your black from white, you can simply go into the Live Trace options and choose "Ignore White." Also, you can choose to use colour as well so for your Coca-Cola logo you could have selected "Use Colours" and "Ignore White" to create a vector outline of just the red logo.
Live Trace isn't always the best way to "vectorize" your logo. As you can see from the Coca-Cola logo vectoraization, curves can become jagged and the logo will look... well, a bit cheapened and trashy. Sometimes the best way to get a super high quality vector version of your logo is with the good 'ol pen tool.
Thank you very much, you saved me hours of work. I had created a logo in Photoshop and then found out I could not re-size it without losing quality. A designer friend told me the logo needed to be in vector format. I did not want to restart the whole project. Thank you for introducing me to live trace.
Greetings from Oaxaca, MX. I speak English as a second language and I have no problem understanding you. So these people either have an intellectual problem or they hate your guts to give such comments about you. First of all, you are just trying to help----therefore they should at least be thankful.
I think Curtis Jackson Says it best .... And I quote : " Yeah, in Hollywoood they say there's no b'ness like show b'ness In the hood they say, there's no b'ness like hoe b'ness ya know They say I talk a lil fast, but if you listen a lil faster I ain't got to slow down for you to catch up, BIT.. "
Good start, but I'm stuck at the point where you have to ungroup. I had imported my jpeg into illustrator. What happens if my jpeg file has a stroke? I wasn't able to extract it completely by ungrouping it. It made the text look funny because of the stroke. Can you guys help? Thanks.
Cheers! fantastic vids you lot make, made something that could have been complicated into something incredibly easy to understand. As for the speed and accents I am seeing complaints on I have none, altho I lived in the UK for several yeas..so I suppose i'm not one to talk eh? lol
There are a great number of us that appreciate you guys sharing your knowledge. Some of these ppl are such babies. "Please give me a video that will solve all of my personal project needs??" Geez. Anyway, thanks guys. Your video got me started and your English is just fine.
I talk too fast and sound like i have a load of shite in my mouth? what.. via text?! They're just trying to be helpful, chill the fuck out. And it's not a petty attempt, rather stating it how it is, a '3pm tea' stab to me sounds like an attack on our culture yes.
Thanks for posting this! If you need help customizing your zen cart store check out our channel for our free Easy Help Zen Cart Video Tutorial library. If you have a specific question or video you would like to see, just leave a comment on our channel.
Por que tiene que ser los Gringos tontos nunca entienden nada ( sera por que solo puden hablar un lengua....) Mi Igles es Malo , pero yo si les entiendo, Y ellos Hablan Ingles de Inglaterra ..... pal que no sabe >>>. Cool me sivio muno el Tutorial 10 +
this is very long for doing it guys. you can just click on the " ignore white " option instead of ungrouping the paths 3 or 4 times. if you go on the outline view im pretty sure u had some more unwanted paths with your logo. :) cheers
@crearegroup I also think this video is at perfect speed for the level of content. A beginner would usually have no reason to create a vector illustration, so I don't really see what this "speed talk" is about :/ Great tut
Hmm...I've seen and tried a few videos now and none of them work. I'm using a colour logo with both text and an image. Only 2 colours are in the image but the quality when I live trace is terrible - worse than the original!
this helps but I'm trying to convert a logo with multiple colours, it's not as simple as filling the logo with red like they did here...it doesn't really help me...I'm stuck with a black logo and no way to recolour it.
Guys, you are a god sent ! Easily explained, will try it out as soon as possible. Explained calmly and understandable for the common idiot that decides to fool around with Photoshop and Illustrator. Thanks guys!
@crearegroup I disagree, I hate it when people take forever to talk through simple things. I thought the pace of this tutorial was just right for the level of the content.
Somebody should teach those guys how to speak english that will be understood even outside of UK ;-) Maybe slow down to 1/8 of the speed would help?
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