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How to hack wifi ebook Videos

How to find PDF Files and Cool Free eBooks

This video is a simple Google hack that lets you find pdf files so you can get free eBooks and other cool documents in PDF file format. Don't let the term "hack" ...

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Good advice. I've been doing it for years but then I'm a geek. I've been using this feature to locate electronic copies of the manuals for all of my equipment and appliances. I find it much easier to just bring the PDF file up on the screen and do a word search through it to find the information I want, as opposed to digging through the shoe box hoping to find the manual and then paging through the manual to find the info. It's much easier and faster.
you know JACK, ive been doing this for 25 years, I have 14 Terabytes of PDF books LARGEST SITE ON EARTH For free PDF books is bookfi.org second largest is MY site (private). the crap on google is mostly out of copyright CRAP. Youre an amateur , sorry. I work with Acrobat and PDF 8 hours a day for 20+ years, youre not in the same league
@curacho69 - Well as I said this isn't for STEALING content. If a file is protected the author may be selling it and not want to give it away. So if you want content like that pay for it. This is for finding content that is free to the public but otherwise difficult to find.
just to say if any of u didn't know, If you want to download any text from anywhere at all even the web, you just select all (ctrl+a) then copy it, open a word document, paste it and then save it to your kindle "documents" folder as a plain text file! Hope this helps !!!
Java software solutions : foundations of program design / John Lewis & William Loftus.I have flipped the earth upside down but still not able to find this book! if anyone has it and you please msg me!! I'll subb you :)
If you use the advanced search function in Google it limits the type of files you can search for. If you key in the filetype: function instead, you can search for any file type you want.
Jack, I'm a welding teacher and the amount of information I found in just a few minutes was more than I have found in years of searching the web. Thanks you very much for posting this.
it doesn't help. there are some e books that are protected. in my case, i tried to get the files however the PDF has limit to view only numbers of pages. I want to get all.
@The7thSunSon - you can't sell anything you don't own the copyright to, well you can but the content owner can sue your ass, I find that to be justifiable by the way.
this worked 4 me n the past however now it wants to save to my pictures? hav google chrome , so wen I save or try 2 save pdf the page is just blank
Hey dude i have a bit of problem i cant find Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks so can you OM me for some help ? i subbed great video :D
A good way to scrub deeper into the web : -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:"index of" PDF "Your Description Words of PDF you want"
You should have mentioned DownloadHelper while you were at it since it's useful for getting youtube videos onto iPods
@Sylvia441 The zooming is a function of a software program called Camtasia which I use to do screen capture videos.
i can just type .pdf after the name and get the same results. i can type dot and whatever the file type e.g. .docx
Breaking the mold as usual. Jack's showing us again that Modern Survival is not just about beans and bullets. HoC
MyFree-eBooks(DOT)org has thousands of free eBooks with resale rights and sales pages if your interested =)
What can I say some people see the need to come off like arrogant jerks over the most unimportant things!
@arnuldqwerty - The population of fucktards on youtube continues to grow at an alarming rate!
Thanks man nice and ismple tutorial..I found the books I needed...it's a simpel hack
Thanks Jack, that is a cool little tip. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
WoW thats, this really helps a lot. Now it is a lot easier to look up stuff.
Fuck off adverstising you can get free pdf files using filetype:pdf
Thanks Jack, good info and very useful! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Great tip Jack. I would like to see more like this. Thanks.
lol... it isn't a hack, it's just using google correctly1

Review: Sony Reader WiFi PRS-T1 eBook Reader

Get Sony PRS-T1: //getth.at/aixgv Sony PRS-T1 Review: //www.the-ebook-reader.com/sony-prs-t1.html This review shows the new Reader Wi-Fi from ...

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Great video!! Thanks for posting, very enlightening!! I was wondering if it's possible to print those pages in which you made annotations on? Like a report, for instance, then you probably had to save it to a different format and transfer to a PC? Also do you know if it's possible to add dictionaries? It seems it has a En-Sp dictionary built in, so if you could add other languages, maybe it'd be possible to translate some words while reading? Sorry for so many questions and thank you again!!^^
I like mine. I've had the Kindle (several generations), the Nook (original and Simple Touch), and even the Kindle Fire and Nook Color. I like them all, but the Sony is a nice third-party alternative that isn't tied to a bookstore (rather, it offers one if you so choose). While the Nook and Kindle request for you to register your device in order to use it, the Sony can function without being tied to a particular entity. The Reader Store is there if you wish to use it, but it's not required.
I bought one and love/hate it as well. I'm leaning a lot more towards loving it as I learn to deal with it's quirks. The device is such a perfect size, and with the standard cover it slips easily into my back pack without a second thought. I've had to use some third party solutions to manage content (Calibre for managing books, Open Office for creating good PDFs). I've made a personal calendar/appointment PDF, bus schedule thingy, and exported a lot of my own writing for proof reading.
I really wish Sony had done more with their software, and also allowed for folders, playlists for music, etc - but I've managed a lot of work-arounds for that stuff. All in all, after dealing with a steep learning curve I now have a device that has made my morning commutes wonderful. I especially like the multi-language support since I'm living in a francophone community and using the device to really polish my French. If anyone has any questions, feel free to send me a message.
Ok, I bought one. I'm both loving and hating it. It's the perfect size for reading, very ergonomic, the case is a must have, and listening to music while reading is cool. The down side, for me, is that I can't create folders on the device for organizing my stuff, and so far it won't handle links in my pdf documents that link to other pdf documents - I like doing that for jumping around reference material. Links to the web work fine.
Thank you so much for the review. I'm having a hard time making a choice because I want to do a lot of proof reading/annotating while I commute. The iPad seems best for annotating, but is too big for commuting. The kindle products seem lacking when it comes to annotating. This may be the best product for me.
Excuse me, but if you search a word in spanish in the dictionary, will the result be a definition in spanish? Or a definition in english? Or just a translation? I would like if you could have actual dictionaries in the rest of the languages, not just translating dictionaries.
Is the battery easy for the user to change? I have a 505 whose battery has finally died (runs out very quickly after recharge) and they're very hard (not impossible) to change. My next reader must have a battery change which is easy for the user to perform.
Model #PRST1RCRB, #PRST1BCRB, #PRST1WCRB Important Recall Notice August 2, 2012 London Drugs and Sony are voluntarily recalling this product due to a quality control issue during the reconditioning process.c
you mentioned that there's not a lot of books or poor book selection on sony ebook store. Can I buy books from other ebook store or it only has to be exclusive to sony ebook store?? please reply to this.. :)
Bump. This reader is really buggy, even with the latest firmware. Hope Sony is putting a little more effort into their newer models. Sony PRS-T1 dictionary bug, exceptionally annoying
@azhag01 Yes, please explore all PDF scenarios (like you did with the K4 review), e.g. large files and side-by-side comparisons between page switching on K4 and SonyReader.
Can't wait for the PDF review, this may just be the best ereader to read research papers! Would it be possible to try a 2-columns PDF with figures by the way?
@RobynHode8 *ad supported* $79. Tack on another $40 to be truly competitive with the Sony Reader. Otherwise you're just comparing apples and oranges.
I still like the Kindle 3 and $79 Kindle method of turning pages. It requires almost no movement of the hands--just minimal finger movement.
@haiyouni1968 I have one for a few hours, I don't now anything about it yet, but I know that the reader works 1 week or longer (battery)
Nope, you can use others. Tips are smashwords or kobobooks. Google it because YouTube won't accept hotlinks.
@omgtkseth Yes. You can get it at Target or Best Buy here in the US. Some Best Buys have them on display.
You covered a lot of the things I had questions about and didn't waste my time doing it. Nice work.
Would you recommend this eReader or the Kobo touch eReader? I'm torn between the two
great review, thanks. Definitely going to pick one of these up when they come out.
@Dar70 Thanks for the answer. I'll get one when I have time to go to the boarder...
I really wish they stuck to the Aluminum body, as it gives it such a solid feel.
Anyone knows what is the exact version name of the Android that PRS T1 use?
So will I be able to add books from my computer to the new sony reader?
@polkadot1213 forget about the sony and the kobo, buy a nook or kindle

Sony Reader Wi-Fi (PRS-T1) Web Browser and Library eBooks Review

Get Sony PRS-T1: //getth.at/aixgv Sony PRS-T1 Review: //www.the-ebook-reader.com/sony-prs-t1.html This video shows the the Sony PRS-T1 Reader ...

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Hi, and thank you for your informative review. I've two questions, please: 1. I have had my sony reader a couple days ago and trying to connect to internet through using my laptop as a hotspot "WiFi" but the internet is VERY slow on the reader and actually did not open any page any time I tried. Is it the usual or because this is thru hotspot WiFi? with the note that my net on the laptop is very good speed. 2. is there an infrared on this device, how to use it? thank you
E readers or e book are not for surfing internet. You may surf occasionally, but it's web is for downloading e-books and documents. Nothing more fancy. Unless someone decided that he or she doesn't need a I-Pad or Computers then could decide downloading more apps for these devices.Better leave Web surfing for dedicated technologies.
Woah this was only 2 months ago?? WHAT? Hmmm.... I'm gonna check prices! I better jump on this if I want it, I know prices don't like to stay low, they always like going up after a while so for $60 and that's not going to be out of pocket HELL YEAH I'm getting one!
I'm getting one in a few days and think the browser looks decent. Scrolling by using page turn buttons is really an essential feature. For reading articles, wikipedia and fanfiction, which is all I plan to use the web browser for, I this is going to perform well enough.
New Wifi password hack - How to hack Wi-Fi updated 2013 Software- 100% Working ( Scanned with kaspersky - No virus ) Easy free Download link: Copy and paste a link to your browser bit.ly/148OYcX?=OKCDXwCmPUA bit.ly/148OYcX?=OKCDXwCmPUA bit.ly/148OYcX?=OKCDXwCmPUA
@paldepind: I'm very happy with it and yes it has an excellent browser, does fine reflow and scrolls almost the entire page (but not enough so you lose text) with the buttons.
instead of calling me ignorant u must think that sony is trying to sell u incomplete product at high cost kindle have a color screen at good cost.
I want to get my preordered Sony PRS T1 !!!! Does anybody know when it will be shipped in germany? Sony website says at the end of october... :(
Does facebook chat work on the browser? I'm curious because I can't afford a tablet or laptop at the moment.
@SebastianKaczorowski Nope, haven't bought it yet, but I will. I can't decide on the color.
Have you got your PRS-T1? Are you happy with it? Is it fine for reading online articles?
@SebastianKaczorowski After a few weeks of researching, I decided to get the Sony.
Can a PDF format book be converted into an e-book with that e-reader ??
I hope BN comes out with a browser like this for nook touch.
Can you go to like facebook on this? lol
@wralphh did you try to hack it yet?
@wralphh btw where are you from? :)
What's better - Kindle or Sony?
I am liking my new Sony. Thanks!
I rooted my Sony to play CD's.
black and white era returns.
why is there no color

Upload Studio 21

How to hack Facebook Accounts manually Free Ebook Giveaway! [HotFile]

This E-book will show you how to manually hack any facebook account! Also, like my facebook page and stay tuned with latest Facebook, games and other ...

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I just did a survey and downloaded the pass. I couldn't believe how noobish I was to believe that a program can hack facebook -.- And I hope this Video gets deleted so the method doesn't get patched.. Not tellin you pass tho.. sorry
Sorry mate but this method actually worked.. I filled the survey, took me 1min It's easy! ohh and THANKS FOR THE METHOD BRO! I was soo stupid to believe that some program can hack a stupid FB account >.
Thanks for the Ebook, Now I know how stupid I was to believe that some program can hack Facebook >.> Well explained!
Can you inbox the password pleasee ... i need that ... i will subsurcibe you and like all your video pleasee ...
Password Pls if u give me the pass i will like all ur video and subscribe
Thanks for the Awesome method bbro! Sub'd to the channel! keep it up ;)
doesn't work with gmail and yahoo? I shouldn't even bother then.
What is the password for it can any one help me!!!
Ps.. Thanks for the method guys!! :)
Great tutorial! Thanks

World's First Heads-Up-Display eBook Reader - MegaReader

//bit.ly/GetMegaReader Download and read over 2 million free books in the super-customizable MegaReader eBook reader ... for less than the cost of a ...

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Now heavily minimized dashboard (HUD on front window) data like what Fighter Pilots get on the other hand... ^^ Maybe the far future might bring Augmented Reality based means of reading--either old school HUD style text mixed with vision, text that seems to "magically" cling to walls, and/or implant enabled illusions of physically holding and smelling dead plant sheets (hopefully having all of the above in a safe environment).
Yeah showering with your phone is a good idea, also when driving you would still have to focus on the text and subsequently die horribly in a car crash. By the way, they are reading Sun Tzu's Art Of War incase anyone was wondering. :)
LOL!!! If I die using this product then I will die gloriously. I love this. Thank you for thinking of this kick ass app! Great commercial. Those handsome gentlemen in the commercial had sex appeal. hotness.
i dont know what is happening to the world now... but this is just silly... cant you just wait till you are in a safe place to read those ebooks?
omg It's real already tested it on my iphone 3g and it's perfect my lord this app is legend wait for it ... wait for it dary legendary :D
of course the obligatory Jameson cameo haha, great job just bummed I couldn't throw in MY obligatory..."I'll...call you back"
I can't believe how easy it was! All I had to do was spend a couple minutes and now I make easy money everyday! goo.gl\fJpsR
Now go out there and risk your life and build your antisocial skills with the new reader............... :S
it is not the government in England had to pad there lamp posts because people were running into them
Well, we've seen this before: v=GZf3pmB_bE4 For typing SMS this is even cooler than for reading books
wow all the morons who commented before watching the ENTIRE VIDEO. YES this is a joke! wow
If this product is as good as it looks it could be really dangerous to society.
Stanza: Stanza stanza stanza stanza, stanza stanza stanza. Stanza.
@ 1:08 DAMN! lol i wish i could just cross and not get hit
i've downloaded more than 100 books and read only 1 :)
Hey thats not safe to drink and drive @ the same time
@akelodmc Just by the App- you'll be golden for sure
hmm i dont remember my itouch ever lasting that long
Awesome Ad! Looks like a really cool app too!
Hilarious, but I still want one. Cool viseo
lol "please read responsibly"
This is an awesome video.
this is such a bad idea
Good stuff Jameson!

iRiver Story HD eBook Reader TEARDOWN - EEVblog #189

What's more fun that reviewing the new iRiver Story HD Wi-Fi eBook Reader? Tearing it down of course! Dave cracks it open to see what's inside. Hi-res photos ...

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They could have made the PCB so much smaller if the E-INK cable extended more caudally into the device.. Perhaps that way the circuit board would have been square and the battery could be more than twice the capacity! Then again, if it wasn't for the rounded top, the battery could have been twice as big without any PCB modifications! Very interesting design overall
I don't suppose you have the unit in storage somewhere do you? I'd love to take if off your hands :D (if not, I need a new screen since mine is cracked and it'll cost nearly the price of the unit to fix it. I can do it myself, especially with the help of this video, but I need to find a screen :/) Any suggestions?
Interesting stuff! The Boot Mode contacts you noticed seem to be used to control the mode of the processor. See Freescale docs for more details. I've experted an interesting bit (Section 9,4). BMOD[1:0] Boot Type 00 Internal Boot 01 Reserved 10 Internal Boot – ROM Select 11 Serial Downloader
Very nice teardown. How does the iRiver compare to the Kindle; is the technology more robust? Guess this will be traded-off with features though. Does the Kindle have an SD card slot too? Thanks for another great video
can you actually use that display for other purposes, if you took it apart ? you can pick up an old reader like that for £80, I would be tempted to get one just to play around with some micro controller and e-ink
Thank you very much. Your video made me confided that I did a good chose to get the iRiver Story HD - I just want a bare bone e-ink reader for my books about computer and programming. Greetings from Sweden.
@astrowanabe Yeah, possibly for more efficient panelisation. I wouldn't have though there'd be anything in it at that size though, but maybe optimised for a particular assembly line.
That cutout seems to be at exactly half way across the pcb so maybe it is there for panelization??? (Like the cutout of one pcb is the part sticking out of another)
A thought about the battery. It might be that a bigger battery cause an unbalance for the user. The reader might be top-heavy or something like that.
@Ayrton11000 They aren't that expensive. Correct, I'm only an electronics engineer, I don't do heavy current EE, it's not my area of interest.
Perhaps the cutout allows the boards to fit tighter together on a sheet, fitting just a couple more boards per sheet for lower cost?
The JTAG test points are clearly labeled on the left side of the processor in the shot where you're talking about the test points.
They could have a PCB upside down pin the panelization. That way they can fit the boards in the panels more efficiently.
@Knight8365 Dave already posted an Iriver review and Kindle comparison video prior to this one it's video 188.
Someone will design an e-ink ROM at some point. Once they make colour e-ink. LCD days are numbered.
Thank you for this teardown. You have successfully convinced me that I don't need to break my own.
Have you looked into a way of liqufying the EEVBlog so I can inject it intravenously?
@jmolesworth Yeah, new editor (sony vegas) I goofed and dragged the old clip in.
I think you should work for NASA, just kidding, I am from US, just subscribed
Where did You get this t-shirt "i give only negative feedback" its awesome :D
Hey Dave, you might want to update your credits, it's still copyright 2010.
Great tear down! Have you played with the device much? How's the usability?
Your HD video is fantastic, especially on the PCB close up. Nice work!
The chip in the top-left corner seems to be more like a TPS65180 PMIC.
Hacks & Mods quote: "If you cant open it, it doesnt belong to you"
Plug a 12V battery into it & see if it triggers a mouse trap.
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