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How to change cortana search engine Videos

Change Search Engine of Windows 10 Cortana

Download Link of Google Chrome: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/# Link of Bing2Google Extension: ...

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it works but it's a redirect
+AgeITA88 Yeah, Because Cortana is Microsoft product.

How To Change Cortana's Search Engine from Bing to Google in Firefox

Hello There in This Video I Will Be Showing You How To Change Cortana's search Engine from Bing to Google It is Like Super Easy. All You Need To Do Is ...

How To Change Cortana’s Bing Search to Google search in Windows 10 google chrome

Here is the method to change new windows 10's cortana's search engine from bing to google in under 30 seconds. The process involves using a google chrome ...

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I want to Change Cortana’s Bing Search to Google search in Windows 10 in Edge. Why would anyone ask Microsoft for google instructions? Also your accent is very bad and quiet and it doesn't help having music in the background. I'm shocked you represent Microsoft. Try to speak more clearly. Many thanks
Thank you so much. This vid was clear and to the point.
good stuff mate, you did well. thumbs up.

How to Change Cortana's Default Search Settings to Google - #Win10 Tricks

watch the video for full steps on changing windows 10 cortanas default bing search engine to google , Links - Chrome Extension ...

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You type so damn slow
+Logan Schaefer lol yeah, I will keep that in mind
Thank you so much for thia tutorial
+Ayo Wayne , thanx buddy, subscribe us for more #win10 tricks videos :)
hey will it works on mozilla firefox also ?
+Banu Prakash yeah , you can do it , just add this plugin to mozilla https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/bing-google-1/?src=hp-dl-upandcoming
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