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California college trojans Videos

USC Trojan Band Plays Southern California Trojans College

USC Trojan Marching Band during halftime.

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I love the Spirit of Troy and TRAVELER! I believe SC has the best fight songs. Tribute to Troy (first song in the video), Fight On! (2nd) and Conquest (not in video) are the best. Throw into the mix, Tusk, All Right Now, and Power and you have the best band in the history of the universe, THE SPIRIT OF TROY! Fight On for ol' SC Our men Fight On to victory. Our Alma Mater dear, looks up to you Fight On and win For ol' SC Fight On to victory Fight On!
i think i copied and pasted that comment from another comment i left of another video. i know which song is which. i feel stupid anyway though.
I wish UCLA still had the live bear so that horse could meet a more honorable death than becoming Elmer's glue.
this was prolly the pregame, its their normal routine
Conquest is actually the only song in the video, btw.
Audio is too low.... crowd noise too high.
Definately not TBDBITL

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USC Cadence (2005)

2005 USC Drumline Cadence in back of Heritage Hall before the game vs ucla.

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Who is that awesome guy on the far right? He is one dreamy guy. He makes watching this fun and he is having such a good time. Does anyone know who that guy is? It has always been my dream to go to USC but my high school grades sucked. I'm in my 40s now and living in SC so that dream will never come true. I have been an USC fan since I was a kid. This cadence is just siiiiiccccck! Love it!
Holy smokes. That's some clean tight playing. Great beats :D. I'm dancing like a lunatic to this stuff. Should pipe it through the stereo in my car and blast it until my ears hurt. 
You really can't comprehend how awesome a drumline's cadence is until you are marching over to the field and you hear the drums and you see the people moving over for you.
I love how the snare line is so together, as well as the tenors and the bass and the cymbals. Good job guys, the timing was pretty good and love the tuplets!
10 minutes, yes... Lots of repeats though. And the music isn't really challenging except for the 2 minute mark. But that was also really clean so... Haha
UNREAL!!! This is so impressive and makes us want to lace up our cleats and head out on the field every Saturday! Great work band! -Coach Brent
White...Black...Yellow...Brown....(shrugs)...who cares. Good music is good music. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for posting this.
That is the best marching band "in the history of the universe." NONE CAN COMPARE TO SC!!!!!!!!!! UCLA sucks!!!!!!! Fight on SC
if someone could find a place where they missed a beat please tell me cuz i dont think they even missed one, freakin amazing
Boy do I remember those days in band. Hard work & great discipline, overall fun times though. Great work drumline!
Man USC. IS AMAZING!!!! Love this cadence as well as my favorite parts are GONZO AND I.T. because I learned it lol
there is something about a charismatic drum line that just sends chills up and down my spine. this was awesome.
I can only hope that one day I can play with a bunch of other snares and make it sound so together like this
I've said it before and I'll say it again.....I'd make a deal with the devil to be able to play this!!!!
What you're listening to is a monster drumline: 11 snares, 8 bass, 12 or 13 cyms, and 4 or 5 tenors..
I absolutely love these guys! OMG!!! Where are they now? This 2005 lineup has got to be the best.
Just got home from a looong day at work. And then...I put this on. Feeling a lot better :-)
Damn I really think the Million Dollar Funk Squad vs USC would be a hell of a battle 
damn it's gonna be hard to look at other Cadence/Drumline now smh this is too damn good.
9 years old, but is still very popular. If you watch it, it is very easy to see why.

USC Trojan Marching Band y Pepe Aguilar · Un Puño De Tierra

From "An Evening with Pepe Aguilar," presented by the USC Latino Alumni Association on April 28, 2014. Video by Absolute Live Productions.

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sorry.. but this is the coolest fucken thing I have seen!!!! white people playing Mexican music!! lol!!! a lot of mistakes!! but beautiful!! now,if we can just all get along.. this place world would be a much better place rock on!!! 
I counted two black dudes, too. Major CREDIT to them, too! UNITE!
+raptor tumama nice said!  I agree!
Sinaloa is so dangerous.
+Keeten Williams the Sinaloa cartel are not even that bad, The Zetas and Templarios are the savages
What does that have to do with this video?
You have no idea justa typical anglo saxon. Lol. If you are not invovled you have nothing to worry about. Why is it that this one of the most visited states in Mexico?
Yea smart ass y r they gana do to a banda of young students?! Im from Sinaloa there cartel respects who u r n protector u they only kill other rivals cartels n the one were u don't wana go is to Monterey with ZETAS don't do the talking b4 u walk it ! Idiot
+Keeten Williams it's nor randomly though
+Dilla85 It's no just a bunch of people killing randomly, they are absolute heinous acts of coldblooded, ruthless murder.
+Dilla85 "Sinaloa Cartel - Considered to be the dominant drug trafficking organization in Mexico." "After being kidnapped by members of the Sinaloa cartel, Hugo Hernandez was brutally beheaded on video by La Guera Loca, and his face was peeled off and stitched onto a soccer ball as a warning to the other rival cartels. His torso was found in a container, with his skull, arms and legs found in another box down the street."
+Keeten Williams So are numerous places here in the United States, i.e. Chicago, Flint, Detroit, Houston, etc.

College Football Picks: USC Trojans vs. Oregon State Beavers

USC Trojans vs. Oregon State Beavers | College Football Picks is brought to you by Sports Cash System (//www.sportscashsystem.com/sbr) Click on the link ...

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A couple of missed field goals at Notre Dame, USC could be 3-0 after the firing of LK. I believe USC to be a top 2 defensive team in the PAC12, with the best ball hawking safety. OreST is a passing offense so their always going to be in games and always having the chance of turnovers. I like USC to win this game because its defense and special teams gives its offense good field position and controlling the T.O.P. with the running game.
Fight On Bruddah
31 14 SC baby

2014 USC Trojans Football Preview

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With the exception of maybe UCLA and maybe Notre Dame who else do you see the Trojans losing to if you have them going 9-3?
That early game @ Stanford can be trouble...Yeah, the Cardinal have some players to replace, but the game is at Palo Alto, plus when you factor that the Trojans upset Stanford a year, no doubt it'll be a steamed-up Stanford team trying to make a menze for last year.   If not that game, the one @ Arizona.    It will be high scoring, because both teams will play up tempo..Remember, Arizona beat Oregon last year.  
The Pac-12 championship game, if you didn't know, will be at Levi's Stadium I think.
didnt know that...so use to it being at the host of the division champ with the best record
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