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2009 Toyota Yaris Video Review

Cars.com's Joe Wiesenfelder takes a look at the 2009 Toyota Yaris. It competes with the Honda Fit and Chevrolet Aveo. Shot and produced by: Matthew Avery ...

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@heybiglinus Hey I have two of these cars, I am 6ft 3 play Rugby , I don't wear specks or have black hair. A car to me is a means of getting from A to B quickly and cheaply. I have had bigger cars and they are a bitch to park in a hurry. My last car was an Audi Avant biggest piece of over engineered rubbish I have owned. When it was stolen I needed a car fast I walked into the Toyota dealership tested the Yaris and it was just what i needed. Don't generalise about cars and their owners it dumb.
I ve a 2010 yaris sedan. Its roomy. Have large enough trank space. And best part less trip to gas station. When i see people left pump after paying $70 to fill up their suvs and i pay $30 and it goes for 350 to 380 mile in highway. I smile. I use it for my work. Already drove 47000 in 17 months. No prob. Nice traction control. Only noisy interior. Engine noises a bit. Small engine. Cant help. Otherwise a great small sedan. Looks great too. Sedan is little expensive than coup. But spaces are mor
This car is not made for basketball players, This the wrong person for the review I rented the 4 door sedan and it was amazing how it saved me gas, if you drive it easy not hard, but you will burn gas fast if you drive it like a car and that any car you drive, I tried that too. it's roomy and fun to drive.ive had it up to 80mph crusing speed. It's also fairly quite. Only engine get loud when I wanted to take off hard but if you go easy on the gas it goes quietly. Hope this helps anybody
@heybiglinus thats was such a rock n roll thing to say or was it you must get into alot of car wreck or expect to have them. This car has a five star safety rating i guess the experts didnt know what they were doing when they slammed it against a concrete wall and the internal compartment stayed intact. Again why did you watch a video about a car you had already decided in your head was crap. I think you secretly want one but you just cannot bring yourself to make that leap quite funny.
@uGLYbABY531 so whats 113 out of 100 then. JD powers is more reliable than Consumer Reports as long as Honda dealers aren't filling out questionairres (honda dealers were caught by JD Powers filling them out) Fact is that the long term JD study is the most telling but personally I've NEVER put stock in any of them. Not verified service records rather opinion based answers from owners. More about perception than reality which is why toyota previously ranked high. Not too mention bribery
@heybiglinus You sound like you hang around with men to much most of the time you certainly talk like one, Curious why would you bother to click on to this video in the first place based on your previous comments. You go on looks to much because this is a fun car to drive, and to be honest that what driving is about for me i have owned big cars with powerful engines and they dont come close to the fun you get driving one of these Babies. You ought to try it before you bad mouth it .
All Japanese cars are alike, old cars hv more personality and chrisma.The most important issues are reliability ease of maintainace and cheap spares parts. Considering the cost of labour these days. Do not trust top gear n the rest saying this has more accessories that beats this in splinting by fraction of a sec, when most people buy this cars they want one word from A to B without hassles, troublefree as long as possible. Toyota yaris just did that! Not Ford not VW not Renault!!!
"Toyota" and "sub par customer service" do not go together. My partner has a Toyota Yaris 1.0 VVTi. I have a Ford Fiesta. The Yaris isn't a patch on the Fiesta I admit in terms of ride, handling or comfort, HOWEVER it is better built and the customer service we have had from Toyota dealerships is vastly better than we have ever had from Ford (or Vauxhall) over the years. The Yaris, in my opinion, is a very under rated little car. The 1.0 VVTi is a great engine too - 55mpg easy!
WHY oh WHY cant they make COOL environment-friendly cars!!! My government is encouraging people to buy this car for its ecologicalism by not asking ANY tax on this car. You just buy it for € 7000 or so, and there are no extra costs next to the little fuel you use. maybe insurance, but there are NO constant costs next to those. BUT IT'S UGLY! If they could just give it a cooler, sport look it would so much awesomer, it doesnt even have to have sportcar performance
As I mentioned in previous pages, I am going to owe one in future, I did just that today, getting myself a 2010 5 door hatch. 12000 km on the clock. The closiest I can get to a new yaris. Cannot get the new yaris as the stupid toyota here decide not to sell the new yaris. They focus on the Ractis with 1.5 l engine, they do not want to crash with the 1.5 l yaris. Stupid!! I am going to treat it like I did to my 1973 AS new (restored) Datsun 240Z !!!!
@uGLYbABY531 ...but it's so easy to be a shepherd to the sheeple like you! Your all so fucking dumb you barely know where the keys and the gas goes! Ever think that some texting bitch in an SUV might inadvertently make you a part of her grill? You fucking morons haven't a clue how important crash structure of substance is and how it can save your life because you all would rather fucking save 20 bucks a week on gas....fucking pathetic and STUPID!
@heybiglinus You may think its a foolish car but many hundreds of thousands of people would dissagree, this is the way forward my friend, in 20 years Fuel prices will be so outrageous you wont even get your dream car to the bottom of your drive without it costing hundreds. At the end of the day its a car to get you from A to B sure it does not give the Impression that you have a Donkey Dick in your pants like your dream car does.
@alerte1234 ...great, maybe you'll wake the fuck up from your slumber of conscious stupor that you all live in and do some research, & comparison. Plus in my books ANYBODY that would take to the road regularily in a Yaris or ANY sub compact or smaller is more than a few bricks short of a load! What does that make you then?....the MORON who is risking his/her life driving a death trap to save 20 bucks a week on gas!.
I moved from the country to the city and traded in my Toyota Hilux for a Yarris. Sure the Yarris isn't as fast, tough looking etc. but my car isn't an extension of my penis so I had no qualms getting a Yarris. It gets me from point A to B safely. It works perfectly, its cheap, its practical. If someone is going to lose their cool and argue to the smallest detail they need to get a life and get laid. ITS ONLY A CAR!
After one week with the yaris, no complaints, good from A to B good in traffic jams, adequate power for city driving. It's quite well built too, provided you do not deliberately tear things apart. If you are a responsible driver, meaning keep to the speed limits, do not squeeze yourself form one lane to another, this car will last for ages. If you have to floor the accelerator all the time get another car!
I've driven a 2009 3 door hatchback now for 6 months. I've been hit twice. Its in the shop atm and I am borrowing my father's Land rover discovery. I have to say I truly miss my yaris, she was so reliable and kept me safe. I don't know how the newer models handle but mine was a dream and just how I expected it. I would suggest it to anyone who wants a reasonable car. And in short, I MISS my yaris. :p
@TheAVVES0ME When a topic interests me I gather info like a sponge. In this case I have a lot of experience with Yaris'....it is a blight against humanity...seriously torturous and abominable. The WORST car I have EVER driven. For the record I have not driven a Smart or a really old yugo or fiat...the tiniest margin of a glimmer of hope if your a glass 1/2 fuller.....the Yaris is that bad.
@iENJOIskating209 thats Galactic mileage , you should contact Toyota and tell them this they love to hear these stories. I heard of a guy that did 900k miles in a Saab 900 Turbo he contacted Saab they took out his old engine and replaced with a new one i guess they wanted to put the old engine in their hall of fame. You must be maintaining that car to a high standard for that mileage.
I have a Vitz 1.0 Litre (Japanese import Yaris), not the 1.5 Ltr that you Americans get, and it's terrible. It's my first car and all that crap, but I hate it. I'll never buy a toyota when I get a car of my own. built cheaply, handles like a dog, and for fuck's sake don't get the automatic. it guzzles gas and hangs on gears. The car wasn't my choice. but I'm stuck with it.
U guys in USA have totally different view on things:]. Like for example: Yaris with automatic gearbox... cmon that`s silly. But I gotta admit that i like that even a basic version has over 100 horsepower - that`s nice:]. Also when i hear that trunk has 9 cubic feet it doesnt give me a slightest idea of how big that is :P. Imperial system seems exotic to me..:]
I just bought a yaris.... I always wanted a Toyota cuz my family lives by them that they are dependable good cars that last you a life time. The only one I could afford out of the toyota family was the Yaris even though I really wanted a Corolla, and I was wondering did I get a good car that will last me a long time as well as did I make a good investment?
Yeah after mucking around cars all my life, yaris is all one need. My friends with all their supermachines... Zondas appolo grumpet,lambo LP640,KTM X-bow etc I enjoy their company but have no wish to owe. After driving my 80+ yr old mun's echo sedan, I find no better car to replace, she knows very little about cars, yet she made the best decision!
@DanW900 Yeah but the owner of the Yaris will have more money in his pocket after filling up his tank , then he can use the money to take his girlfriend out for a goodtime. If I had an Old man's V6 Accord i would sell it, I don't like wasting money on fuel and making the Oil companies richer than they are at my expense. Its a NO Brainer.
I've got this car, love it, perfect in every way and it really moves. I love the instrument panel, the handling is FAR Superior to the GM cars I used to drive. Fabulous car for the money. Great winter car too - never gets stuck in terrible Canadian winters. Holds its own on the highway. I'd never buy a US car again, love my Toyota.

2011 Ford Fiesta

Cars.com's Kelsey Mays takes a look at the hatchback and sedan versions of the 2011 Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta competes with the Honda Fit and Nissan Versa.

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@FentyTV Yes, that's actually the main reason interest in small cars has grown. Gasoline prices were as high as $4.35 per gallon in my area right before the recession began but then dropped to $1.80 when the economy turned into shit. Now that things are somewhat better, prices have risen to $3.00. I should say that interest in more fuel efficient cars has grown, not necessarily very small cars. While more people are buying Fiestas and Yarises, those type of cars will never become the majority.
@diabeticdoode It's really Sad, It's almost like Cars.com gets into American cars trying to find something wrong with them. And if they have any kind short coming or defect or anything other than being perfect. It's Simply unforgivable. You think this review is bad, check out the review Cars.com did on the 2010 Ford Fusion. They must have sought out the biggest man they could find to do the car reivew. He complained about how small a MID-SIZED sedan felt. Throughout the entire review. SAD !!!
This car can be optioned up to 23 Grand..... HOLY FUCK! 23 FUCKING GRAND????? THIS IS MID SIZED CAR TERRITORY! All this expensive new technology and these options prick up the price like fuck. Why would anyone buy a Sub compact for more than 18 grand??? Anything more than 18 grand gets a compact (corolla, civic, or focus) BUT 23 GRAND???? The Fusion sitting across the lot is the same price. And its twice as big. Good going Ford. I hope you didn't take lessons from GM to make a car
Oh please, size isn't an issue in this car unless you're freakishly tall. I'm 6'0", maybe 6'1", and I fit nicely in this car. A little snug in the back, but the front seats are designed with a concave area where the rear passengers' knees would be, so it's not cramped or uncomfortable at all. Concerning cargo capacity, we have the sedan, and the trunk in this thing is huge. And if you really need the extra space in the hatchback model, that's why the rear seats fold down...
hmm... is the size a bug or a feature? Yeah, if you are driving around Kalamazoo and money is not a big issue, you want a big car. But if you live in a big city with tight parking, want great city MPG, and don't need to haul a big family or lots of cargo - the Fiesta is perfectly sized! I see tons of happy drivers of Yaris, Scions, Fits, and other compacts here in SF. The Fiesta will be a great competitor in the class.
Oh my god ! Its always fascinating to hear americans describe cars and bathrooms actually... why does everything have to be huge with you guys. For the record this is not a small car in Europe. A small car is the toyota Iq or the Citroen c1. BIG CARS CONSUME FUEL WHICH IS RUNNING OUT AND YOU PEOPLE KEEP FIGHTING WARS FOR !!!! wake up and smell the coffee
@Rock112207 YES. A thousand times over YES. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought this. I've seen the review on the Fusion, and again, YES. Pathetic. Like you said, picked the biggest dude they could find, and it seemed like they put the seat as far back and down as they could, just to prove a point or something. LAME.
I wish that they had made the hatckback a little bit longer. It would have made it a lot more practical... of course if you need a bigger hatch I guess you can always just wait a year for the new Focus. I am glad to see more small hatchbacks out there again... they are just so much better when you can only have one vehicle.
@sdlausen He's actually being fair there. Compare the Fiesta's cargo room to its competitors the Nissan Versa and Honda Fit. Its numbers are dwarfed by the Fit's. But the Fiesta's still my favorite (though I haven't driven any of them, MotorTrend and Car & Driver suggest its the best in its class to drive).
Looks good and gets great mileage. Ford just hasn't fully got the hang of maximizing the interior space relative to the size of the entire car. I mean the Honda FIT is smaller yet has more interior space. The fiesta competes with the Yaris, but that's not a compliment when you compare the size of the two.
@soilworked86 damn thats quiet cheap! i converted that in litre and in my are we pay about about $5.00! per gallon haha lucky americanse but anyways a lot of people drive diesels here which is cheaper than gas but then i understand why small cars like the yaris dont become number on and wont become...
@sdlausen He's actually saying it's small against other subcompacts like the Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris etc. I wouldn't call him an idiot. It's very cramped inside because it doesn't have a tall greenhouse like the Fit and Yaris. It's just one of the differences in its design.
THANK YOU, sdlausen! The fact that it's small is a good thing. I am so SICK of all these car reviewers like "ehh compact cars suck go out and buy a Range Rover"! We have a little problem on this earth if you haven't noticed, called global warming.
do you americans now buy cars like the fiesta or the yaris? well i dont wanna imagine a future american movie with george clooney or angelina jolie driving a fiesta instead of an escalade on big fat american streets haha
@ToyotaforCorolla that is the whole point of why small well equipped cars haven't sold well in America. most people(including you) would rather have a bigger less equipped car
I think the sedan version has a inspired grill form 2002 kia spectra sedan version which is not a good thing........... Hatch back is nice though, but a little small!
@FentyTV Small cars have grown in popularity in the last few years, but big cars still dominate the roads here. I used to drive a truck, but now I drive a Yaris.
I predict this car will NOT sell well and Ford will discontinue it within 3 years. Tiny euro-style cars just don't sell well here, Americans don't like them.
From the front and sides the sedan looks like a refreshed Focus. The hatchback looks cool and seems worlds better than the Dodge Caliber and Chevy Aveo.
if you guys wanna talk shit about a car and say it won't sell well. then you're idiots, you apparently have not been informed of the preorder numbers.
yo.... MOTHER FUCKERS at Youtube.. pleaeeeasse get rid of the bar at the bottom.. its super fucking annnoying... pleaeaaase you fucking cunts...
@Rock112207 I agree completely. No matter what improvements they (American car companies) make, they'll always have something negative to say.
@soilworked86 ahh okay thats kool! but one reason is definately the gas price right? how much you pay in the moment for a gallon in the us?
@Carscom yes, ti's smaller than the fit because of the great design, the fit it's a cube with wheels, and the yaris without words haha

2009 Honda Pilot/ In-Depth: Overview

Cars.com's Mike Hanley takes a look at the 2009 Honda Pilot. It competes with the Toyota Highlander and Hyundai Veracruz. Shot and produced by: Eric Rossi ...

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For whatever reason, "car journalists," seem all to be biased toward Honda. The Pilot was definately marketed as an SUV,not a cross-over the first time around. Now that it's more fuel efficient and less capable; It's a cross-over. The truth is, never mind the advantages of it's boxy design. It's UGLY; and not in the fall in the background Mitsubishi Endeavor way; but in the I hope that's just a concept, and not a final productin model type of UGLY. I loved the Honda Element,but I HATE THIS SUV.
horrorfreak889->>>>That's incorrect, they are not the only company to post a profit during the summer of 2008, and even if they were, that still isn't enough to make this ugly, bland, box one of the "best cars." Every now and then the best car company will slip up and miss the mark. You just have to face the fact that Honda did slip up, and they did majorly; in the worst way possible. Just because you like a specific brand doesn't mean you have to like everything they make.
This car has Forced Lighting, that unnecessarily damages the environment. They are like daytime running lights but these CANNOT be turned off, even on a hot sunny day! Daytime Running Lights cost US drivers 1.2 Billion per year in lower gas mileage. More traffic tickets too, Cops say its easier to see you from a distance.
Honda has no business making SUVs. The V8 SUVs from Chevy or Ford have more horsepower, more torque, and have the same or better fuel economy than Honda's V6 Pilot. Did I mention that the Pilot's engine has a timing belt? Honda, please stick to making reliable sedans and leave SUVs to the Americans.
so what you're saying is.. Gay people drive Ferraris, Lambos, Cayennes, Veyrons, etc.. I do get your point but you should've re-phrased your comment.. Honda clearly made the Pilot to look more like a serious off-roader. But it ain't... It's just a "Manly" soft-roader..
na i got a chance to drive both the explorer felt much more smoother and EXTREMELY MORE COMFORTABLE than the pilot... i had a chance to keep each car for 2 days and i eventually got the explorer definitely the much better car even tho the fuel consumption sucks
the amount of electricity they use now are barely any. Especially with those low voltage halogen lamps. But honestly, who gives a I just drive the damn car. And the conditions we generally drive in give us shit MPG on any vehicle no matter what. Drive dammit!
I totally agree with you. The grill is ugly but Im sure it can be modified. I dont know why they moved the shifter to center. It just clutters it up and its in the way of the stereo/navi. I like the overall boxier look but those mentioned exceptions.
What's the point of buying a Honda when it doesn't perform good at the EPA ratings?? The only thing I liked from the new Pilot was the Interior design except for the materials.. It has too much plastic.. Hmm, who could have designed the new Pilot?
Yes I know that now. I wasn't aware of that when I wrote the comment. I guess I was thinking about the 4 wheel drive system on the Pilot. It has locking diff and stuff but no low gear. You can tell they tried to make it look like a truck though.
OMG ....all of this car review programs (except for TopGear and Fifth Gear) are stupid as FUCK. WHY WHY WHY do you spend half of your time describing the way this car looks WE HAVE EYES AND OUR OWN TASTE WE CAN SEE IT !!!! OMG idiots
If Honda were to make a hybrid version of this vehicle, it would probably sell more. That fuel economy is dismal, especially when compared to the highlander's 19/26. This should really be more fuel efficient.
they moved the shifter because they didn't want to loose the lower storage compartment where the shifter is mostly commonly located and no one like the column shifter so they decided to put it there.
tat are like freakin gas guzzler and destroying the enviornment. i think its a great idea to expand their vcm engines. helps the enviornment much better and saves your cash in your wallet.
It also lets other drivers see you so you can avoid a accident. DRL save more money in accidents than in electricity... since this isn't a hybrid, electricity doesn't affect mpg's much.
@ChickenC0re Well honda sells more pilots than most american SUVs, so they do have business making SUVs. Plus there is always that reliability factor that always comes with honda.
box shape can set apart alright in the market at the bottom while the cx9,veracruz,&highlander ate on top if i want to drive a cube ill go find a lego and put wheels on it
The grill makes the car look dumb and dull. Why can't Honda just ditch the whole boxy design all together? ( Honda Element is just another lunchbox on wheels)...
If you are even thinking about a V8 then you probably need it so the v6 pilot may not be what you want. Ford can do with all the sales it can get right now.
Beware,pilot and odyssey have major transmission problems,ammco and other shops actually stock these trans cause there so bad.
yea, and separate it from the rest of the crossovers. At first the grill looked weird and now the grille has grown on me lol
@bluestreak117 I see 10 Ford Explorers to every Pilot on the road. The Pilot is one of Honda's worst selling models today.
i think it competes with the nissan pathfinder, dodge durango, chevy tahoe, and ford explorer as well
pilot. its faster. better gas mileage. more modern. better build quality. more reliable.

2010 Honda Insight vs 2010 Toyota Prius Comparison

From the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, Cars.com's Joe Wiesenfelder and Kelsey Mays takes a first look at the 2010 Honda Insight and 2010 Toyota Prius. Shot and ...

Honda CR-V review

Parkers' Deputy Editor Tim Bowdler reviews the 2012 Honda CR-V. You can read the full review here: ...

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This is such a childish review I stopped watching halfway through with the crap music sort it out
Turn the music down plz it's far too loud.
The music is to loud.
sick reviews sir!
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