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Art colleges in ireland galway Videos

Centre for Creative Arts & Media at GMIT

The Centre for Creative Arts & Media (CCAM), GMIT is a specialist campus located in the heart of Galway City. It is unique in the Irish educational landscape, ...

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Congratulations to all involved , a very true reflection of the Centre for Creative Arts and Media.

Get The Edge: NUI Galway postgraduate studies

GetTheEdge: get the competitive edge with a postgraduate qualification from NUI Galway. Upskill or improve your career prospects. We have full-time, part-time, ...

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Love this video, it's like a movie trailer
Thank you very much +stephthestar90

Your career with an Arts degree at NUI Galway

Your career with an Arts degree at NUI Galway.

Our First Week @ Galway International Arts Festival 2014

'I care about Galway so much, it is a real cultural centre of Ireland, it's a place where the arts have been valued for decades in terms of music and storytelling and ...

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well said Joe

24 People One Question - Galway, Ireland

Our facebook page: //www.facebook.com/pages/Horshbox-Productions/319487654742382 New video every 2-3 weeks. So go on horsh, subscribe! College ...

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These answers are very sad indeed. Is life really just a game? If I knew it was my last day, I would spend it begging anyone I had ever wronged for forgiveness and begging the One who created me from a drop for forgiveness, and begging him to make my passage easy, and to grant me His Mercy.
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to watch this video and to leave a comment, means a lot :) and please if you can take the time to watch the other videos we have up and gave some feedback on them it would be great. Hopefully more videos will be added soon. Thanks again.
Rape, pillage, get drunk, get stoned, eat the greasiest junk food you've ever seen followed by a giant chocolate cake then spend my last couple of hours either on the beach watching the waves or in a secluded area of a beauty spot like the South Downs.
Indeed, begging for forgiveness is the one logical thing to do. We are going to face our Creator and if our sins haven't been taken away through Christ's atoning sacrifice, by faith, through grace... then we are doomed. 
I would call old friends, wright small story of my life on a sheet of paper, buy myself an old good wine, make peacefull atmosphere and enjoy some music. Put story if my live into the botte and trough it ti
GALWAY bonita Ciudad. Algunas de sus gentes muy amables, otras sin embargo muy desconfiadas. No hay que olvidar que IRLANDA tiene un pasado bastante negro.
You caught the nice side of the people very well. They were genuinely happy to have been asked to give their opinion about a real question. Well done.
dont take life so seriously , do good things for others and for your self and you will feel better bout your life
twas nice to see irish on the street signs :p thanks for the videos, very cool
live every day like its your last . One day you'll be right
Cannot believe someone said they would sleep...:/
He's just what I want to be when I grow old.
Demitri is an absolute philosopher of a man!
@PooPoo2U he says he wouldn't do that.
Great job! Need more posts like this.
hahaha the little kids wants hookers
"go on the lash" :D Brilliant!! :D
Such a depressing Question.

Greenville College Choir Performs in Galway, Ireland

The Greenville College Choir performed "Hail, Gladdening Light" by Charles Wood in Galway during its Summer 2015 tour of Northern Ireland and the Republic ...
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