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Dog treats kidney disease Videos

Dog Owners: FDA Issues Warning for Chicken Jerky Treats

There have been hundreds of complaints of the treats, which are made in China, causing kidney disease.

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Warning is not acceptable-Apparently there were at least 500 consumers that didn't hear it-so God invented Recall.Can't understand how the FDA believes that a "warning" is sufficient-when the warning did nothing to change the situation the first time-this is not the first "warning"-Maybe they should start "warning" China instead-Boycott all products made or processed in China.


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Criminal! Makes me sick. I would never buy any food from there anyway, but this is just terrible. Can I copy this to my facebook page? All my family has dogs and cats. They need to see this. They won't listen to me, but they will watch a video. Hardheads. LOL family, ya gotta love em.
I hope everyone pats attention to this video. We feed our dog what we eat in normal foods. A treat the dog loves is from the butcher shop sort of smoke pig ear better than leather bones to chew on and get sick.
Yes do so. People have to know how to watch the bad things made for even our animals. and not just us.

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Ms Stephanie Boone I'm not a cat person, but I rescue a kitten 2 yrs ago from a garbage bin in downtown when I was volunteer to drive elderlys to appointments. All my life I only had dogs back home in Brazil and lived on a farm and don't know much about cats. And I found out in May that I hve cancer, did my treatments but they found another one in my back. The problem that I have now with my cat is that she got flea because she escape looking for me when I was at the hospital and she got fleas and her skin is all hurt and I don't know what to do or have the income to pay for a veterinarian. My question is if you have samples that you can spare so I can try help Bella, she is a wonderfull cat very talkative and fun to be with, my only company... she can stop scrathching and those quemicals they give it hurts her more. I'm wondering if it's hard to get some samples from you her in Canada. I'm a single mom dealing with health problem unexpected and not doing well, but my baby is sick and I don't know what to do. Do you think you can help us please I have no one to ask and I don't have money to pay for vets...I'm on disability, welfare and not doing well.... Please Ms Stephanie do you think you can help us help Bella? I do like seen your video and know about your product.... I saw the eggs and some bunch of things around the house and yes tried the drops and I think that made Bella with allergy because her back is all hurts and bleeds at time...she is not happy...do you think that I can get some samples if you have to spare so I can try and yes promote your product over here in Vancouver, BC.... I believe in the natural way to heal ... My last shot is to buy cedar oil, apple vinegar, My e-mail [email protected] please let me know what can be done I do desperatelly need to help my Bella. I do like your video and product and willing to try. Thank You in advance hope to hear from you, since in january I'm going again to start my cancer treatment and don't want to leave Bella behing that sick at least help her a bit. Thank You very much again and sorry if I bother by asking, I just don't know what to do and there was a purpose to find her in that garbage bin as small she was she being an awesome with me and I learn to love cats to... I love animals and they sense that on me, from snakes, horses, bear, etc.... I'm not afraid and they sense. God bless you all Thank You again. Ariadne
+Ariadne A. Ariadne, I don't know if you received samples. I just tried this prodcust last night. I thought I was going to die after applying it as directed to my dog!!! It is not clearly marked on the bottle or the other enclosed written material that if you have an autoimmunie disorder, DO NOT use SILICA, especially if it can be inhaled. The link between silica and autoimmume disease is all over the web. Please research it. I never thought a company would put a product on the market with devestating consequences for people with autoimmunities. I did my research too late. I would think that in your already compromised immune system, you certainly should NOT use this product. Look elsewhere and may God bless you in the long journey you have ahead.

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The doggie that lives with you is a lucky doggie.
+Kaydeen Marie Hi
I loooove your videos!! once the treats are prepared, how shuld they be stored? how long will they last? :) thanks!!
Hi and thank you :-) They should be stored in an airtight container for up to one week. You can freeze the cookies for up to 6 months. Thanks for watching our Channel xxx Chris
hello how or where did u get the white chocolate carob? this is soething I really am looking forward to do
+CookingForDogs I'm in Australia as well but can't find white carob anywhere. Which stores do you go to?
HI Janelle :-)  We can easily get white carob chips from our health food stores here in Australia and some of the larger supermarkets stock it too. Its a nutritious chocolate alternative for both humans and dogs!  Thanks for your comment and let me know where you find it in your country.  xxx Chris
How did you do the melting of the carob. I just tried and it went REAL bad. And was REAL hard to work with.
+CookingForDogs I've read that virgin coconut oil is good for dogs - could you use something like that instead of copha?
Hi Hermoine - oh no!  I add 1 tspn of copha or crisco to the carob melts and microwave on high for 30 seconds - remove and stir briskly with a fork and then you can just pop it back in for 10 secs if not quite melted.  Its a bit different with temperatures of the various microwaves but adding copha is the key and also try not to overheat it. Once you get the hang of it you will find it easy.  Hope this helps xx Chris
This looks so yummy!!! 
Hi LPSkawali - these cookies are always a hit with the pups - thanks for watching our channel :-)
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