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Dog treats to avoid Videos

How to avoid tainted dog treats

If you are a dog lover, your dog's safety is the most important thing. Lately, more and more news is coming to the surface about Chinese tainted pet food and ...

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How can someone not have time to make their own jerky? slice chicken, put it in over on 160 degrees. Number of hours is determined by the thickness. My dogs are worth the effort!!! Does this product have glycerin? That is what is the suspected toxic agent in the Chinese treats that killed my dog last year. I make my surviving my dogs food & treats now. I don't trust others with their lives.
Most treats sold in stores are garbage, not just the ones from China. I only buy the dehydrated or freeze dried treats made in the US, New Zealand or Canada.

Dog snacks to avoid

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In communist China use of deadly toxins is rampant even in food for human consumption, at the time the packaging on this product stated that it was Canada made, it turns out they shipped everything from China ,but in Canada they packaged the Chinese meat in the Chinese bags therefore using loopholes in the law to proclaim it was Canadian made, they now due to the scandal have dropped their made in Canada claim as seen on the video.
What's really sad was that governments knew of this but never enforced a product recall, I like everyone else only knew there was a problem when our pets were extremely sick overnight and were informed at the vet, my dog was 3 and a half and dyed because her kidneys were in worse shape than a 15 year old dog, it's a horrible feeling to watch a member of the family dye in front of you when your the one paying for the procedure.
You must still be carefull, in the USA it's another brand, there videos on YouTube , most of these products will often get their product from the same overseas factory and package them in their own branded packaging, my advise is to just enter a veterinarian hospital and see what products they sell, u can always buy the same product else where for slightly cheaper but you will know those products are vet approved.
These products were laced with toxins leading to thousands of dog deaths in Canada and USA, including my own dog dying from severe kidney damage, somebody asked me to show them the product and I apologize since I never expected many people to see the video.
So true.

Choosing Safe Dog Treats

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