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Dog saves treats until i get home Videos

My dog talks

How to treat parvo

how to save your dog from parvo. this video was made for people in need to help their pupps.//www.parvopuppy.com/parvaid_dealers.htm#CA ...

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Guys good news. There is a way to treat your dog and its relatively cheap. It only cost me $85. From your vet ask for IV fluids and a syringe and some medical dog food. It requires sticking a needle in your pup with the IV two times a day for hydration. You have to take the syringe and force the food down its throat. Yes force it. It needs to eat or it could die of starvation. You can also force water down the throat as well. Pedialyte also works very well. A majority of dogs who have parvovirus die of dehydration or starvation and not from the virus itself. So it's VERY important to hydrate your dog. This worked for my puppy. She was in the verge of dying. The vets thought it wouldn't work and it did. They said it works 90% of the time so your puppy has a chance!
+Chali Chopsticks how can you force it if they just going to throw it back up
Help me , my dog is suffering from this virus
Did she pass away?
That's bullshit. My puppy is still in hospital now and so far we spent about 1000 dollars and haven't seen any significant improvement. 
+Yang Hu he's actually doing better today he drank and ate some breakfast took his meds vet let us take him home due to the cost of care and he wasnt in such a bad condition to oppose to dehydration. Etc.. so thats good news!! The told us the fact that he an older dog (2yrs) plays a big roll and how fast he will recover his immunities are alittle different then a puppies..
Nooo... Bless your heart. We lost our puppy last month. It was devastating and probably the worst thing I've ever experienced. We now have $2000 vet bill. Actually probably more. Now I only hope she didn't suffer at the end. She was too young (9 weeks and 5 lbs), I think it was just too much for her to fight. Good luck! Hope your dog makes full recovery soon!
Hell fucking yea this bullshit!! I just droped my 2 yr old basset hound at the e.r. the doc told me its gonna cost me about 5 ro 6 grand to treat him for 5day stay at the vet..

How To Clean Your Dog's Ears at Home: Avoid Pain, Infections, and Expensive Vet Visits -- Video

//www.petjoynaturals.com Did you know that ear problems are the most common causes for expensive vet visits? Luckily, cleaning your dog's ears regularly ...

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Can i use hydrogen peroxide? 

Funny dog will do whatever it takes to get treat | Dog | AFV

The world's hungriest dog jumps up on the counter to try and nab a treat for himself. After a valiant effort, he finally gets what he wants. Watch all-new episodes of ...

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Watch, people will thumbs down this video "Animal lovers" seeing no one is helping him. Just filming him....Im a sykick.
I want it and I got it good dog.
سبحان الله !
so adorable!
Too cute ♥

How to Get Rid of Termites Yourself | BEST Treatment for Getting Rid of Termites

Visit //www.chipptips.com/termites for the best tips about how to get rid of termites yourself. You can effectively take care of these pests on your own and save ...

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Hello, thanks for such an helpful video, I have a question hope you can help me. My house is on sloppy land one and half side of another side of the house has earth towards wall, I mean 2 metre higher ( earth) then actual construction. Do you think chemical treatment can protect that part too, as I am worried that that when we treat with chemical it might not go that deep and that area will remain at risk? What is your opinion
Very helpfull. I plan to try out these methods. The cost of having this done professional is way out of site for me and If I can do this myself and save I think it's worth a try.
I'm going to try the termite stakes. That's a lot easier than digging a trench!
How can you detect termites in your walls without cutting into the drywall?
Hit the thumbs up if you HATE TERMITES as much as i do!!!
Very good and helpful information! 
goo gone - orange oil works
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