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Weatherford college engineering Videos

Engineering Geology And Geotechnics - Lecture 3

CLASS: GeoEng 341 PROFESSOR: Dr. David Rogers DESCRIPTION OF COURSE: Study of procedures and techniques used to evaluate geologic factors for ...

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i really love this teacher , he knows damn well that pictures speaks louder than words and to blast the student mind with endless texts is boring as hell. This guy teachs you real stuff and its damn funny @40:25
@hilalvenus The book Dr. Rogers used for this course was 'Engineering Geology: an Environmental Approach' 2nd Edition by Perry H. Rahn. Hope this helps.
These lectures are great. Could you please tell us the name and the author of the book he uses? He did not mention when introducing on Lec 1. Thanks!
this lectures is very nice an useful if you have any lectures from same university please upload them for other people in other countries 
He did mention it in the 1st lecture.. though you could easily miss it if you were not paying attention.
rofl this guy is great , if you got german blood like me : i dont vant cheap i vant the stangth hhh
amazing lectures , can you tell me where can i download these videos ?
love these

Request-Abandoning Petroleum Engineering

A drunk Cappy still manages to get some advice and insights in on prospective petroleum engineering majors. He advises NOT to give up the dream, but to ...

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What percentage of students who complete Programming Boot camp get a job as a programmer and what is the average salary
Hack Reactor boasts a 99% job placement rating and $105,000 average starting salary (based out of SF)
I've heard of people with Mech Eng degrees working in upstream oil and gas as drill operatives. In addition, Mech Eng is probably the most diverse engineering degree, after all, the majority of industries require some mechanical workings. And whilst there's seemingly surplus jobs for decent programmers, the jump from Petroleum seems rather erratic, especially with no prior experience? Anyway, If you're interested in programming I can vouch for John Zelle's book "Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science, 2nd Edition." I study ChemEng, but decided to learn some programming over the summer. Lets just say this book almost had me changing majors to CompSci.
+NirajC72 there will always be a demand for petroleum engineers, the oil field will always have work that requires those with technical expertise ready at a moments notice to deal with an issue. in fact depending on how quickly and how smoothly they want the job to go some of those engineers may be onsite.
+MFMdesigns [NEW] will there be demand for drill operatives/petroleum engineering graduates in the future or is the market oversaturated?
Cappy would you recommend Electrical Engineering
+MFMdesigns [NEW] Thank you for replying!
+Nestor Vlaya Thank you !
+NirajC72 If you're into physics, mathematics and enjoy computing, EE is definitely a good option. However, in every engineering major you're going to have to learn some form of math, physics and programming. The biggest difference will be the branch and amount of physics and programming you learn.In EE's case you will most likely learn about about Newtonian Mechanics - as this is the base for which you will build upon. Classic electromagnetism - voltage, current, Kirchhoff laws, capacitance and inductance etc. Solid state physics - semiconductor basics, band gap theory, doping, p-n junctions etc. You will also learn a great deal of programming (low level languages, C++), in comparison to say MechEng, ChemEng or Civil.As per your interests, I'd suggests further research into computer or electronics engineering and maybe computer science. Go to quora.com and have a look at some of the questions posted there.
+NirajC72 I'm starting my senior year as an electrical engineering major. Just think of what you like. Electricity, Mechanical, Environmental, Chemical, Biomedical, Robotics engineer. I just picked electrical because it sounded interesting. I wasn't in love with any particular field. I just picked one and ended up liking it. All engineers will go through some type of programming language and have to understand the basics of engineering software. If you like computers a lot and want to get your hands dirty. I would go with a robotic engineering degree. You'll learn mechanical stuff and how to make programs to run your robot.
perhaps you could help me out I like maths, some physics and have good computing skills what branch of engineering should I look into.

Vikas College BPED Students Peramids

St.joseph's college day 2014 EEE pyramid rockzzz...

This video is the performance did by EEE students(rockers) during the college day celebrations conducted by the college management and they won the first ...

Brandon Webb college recruitment reel #2

CMC Engineering Corporate Video

An impossible dream made possible when a Few Good Men seized the challenge of injecting creativity and audio visual technology into a mundane industry ...

Halliburton CEO visits UTEP

Halliburton Energy Services Chairman, President and CEO David Lesar shares some insights before addressing students, faculty and staff in an April 20 lecture ...

CDL-Underwater Engineering - Diver Camera system- 3d animation

This is a 3D underwater animation showing the new underwater camera system. The animation is done in 3D max whit Vray render. CDL design and ...

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Where can I get it and how much is it..?
you can watch video

Reservoir Engineering Primer

One minute demo of our Reservoir Engineering Primer module. More information can be found at //www.petroed.com/
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