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Turkey vulture totem medicine Videos

Turkey Vulture Final

If you're new, Subscribe Here → //www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=B105duluth A turkey vulture injuries himself in our yard and needs ...

Turkey Vulture Release

This Turkey Vulture patient nearly died several times, but he made a miraculous recovery in WildCare's Wildlife Hospital.

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Hi, is it OK for NBC Bay Area to use this video across all platforms? We can be reached at 408-432-4780. Thanks!
Read the article on you website. A great story and a wonderful release.

Turkey Vulture

Saw this when I opened my door on the pole right across the road. Very cool sighting.

Day 9, "Video a Day 2011", I have a 20 second movie of a turkey vulture. I spotted this bird at Carmel-by-the-Sea while shooting the sunset. It startled me when I ...

2 Turkey Vultures - Boynton Beach, FL

2014.12.08, These Turkey Vultures are taking turns at what I am guessing is a carcass of a dead animal. From where I was standing, there was a slight smell.

Willoughby, Nature's Nursery's education Turkey Vulture

I'm a huge promoter of exercise whether that is in the form of flight, running, mental exercise such as focus and solving challenges. This is Willy, Nature's ...

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My brother took pictures of that thing! When we saw it, there was actually 2 of them. They dragged the dead squirrel into your yard.
@MrBlackfire Nothing would happen. But the chances of that situation ever happening in real life are very slim.
I don't even remember watching this video first time round, yet here it is from years ago.
What if a turkey vulture ate a turkey that died eating a vulture?
@Skutieos7 Nice! You should post them somewhere.
who you talkin to? the camera! LOL

Turkey vulture

Getting Puke, ready for the flying season.

Turkey Vulture on my street

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