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Turkey vultures dangerous humans Videos

Vulture decline could affect humans

Africa's vulture population is in danger from illegal elephant and rhino poachers, a South African conservation group is warning. VulPro - one of five projects ...

My Himalayan Vulture

Eco-activist Tashi Sange holds a Doctorate of Buddhist studies and is an abbot at Baiyu Monastery (Qinghai). He is an avid birdwatcher who since the age of ...

Top 9 Most Dangerous Animals In The World!

Most Dangerous Animals In The World. This ranking shows up facts about Black mamba, scorpions, Poison dart frog, Deathstalker, Stonefish (Synanceia), ...

Wild Turkey Chases ABC News Producer Video From - ABC News

A producer with Sacramento's KXTV gets chased by an unrelenting turkey Wild Turkey Chases ABC News Producer Video - ABC News.

User Comments

@jeanlapo1 I agree. Think I'm gonna 'get started'... the laws each generation passes seem to be a way of forcing people to function at the level of the lowest common human denominator. I'd propose a thought experiment; make up crazy laws she might be breaking if she behaved another way (unlicensed interaction with wild fauna? Videotaping in public (already a sign of potential terrorists, hahaha)? All you can think of, and then go find out which ones really exist. Probly too much trouble though.
Truelly this beast is a decendant of the Velociraptor! XD How the hell are you scared of of Turkey? It wants you to feed it some bread crumbs or something not devour you soul. Jeez lady get a grip.
This is too much, you'dythink shehadlearned her lesson the first time when the mailman used his truck bushes till walked toward the turkey...I mean really how stupid are you?
xD I... can't breath XD omg made my day xD lmao it makes such a cute sound ^-^ But turkeys are scary though the ones in MA are aggressive but still rofl xD
Most of you should know that the turkey simply fell in love with her, all sorts of bigger birds seem to be able to fall in love with humans o.O
this is the media you trusted to provide truth that led you to two ten year long wars, joe & joan Q. Public are sheep and are as stupid as her
@wcartersales I assume this means whites run away while the blacks pull gun out and shoot turkey dead? LOL very clever
I blew milk out my nose when its kept popping over the hood like a periscope. (and I wasn't even drinking milk).
why don't you just leave and stop subjecting your self to a turkey... its just a turkey.. i hate stupid people
@TexasEagle2012 I can almost envision the name: "In Soviet [insert country here], Turkeys Carve YOU"
The turkey did absolutely nothing to her, and she's freaking out... Modern day humans are pathetic.
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