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Troy university rn bsn online Videos

USLS BSN Red Squad Animolympics 2012 Cheering Competition

Champion. This is the first online video of BSN Red Squad during the Cheering Competition of Animolympics 2012, taken last January 23,2011 from the vantage ...

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No offense lang ha sa mga CAS..pero halin sang una grabe gd b expectations sng CAS sa cheering, everytime magdaog ang BSN sng last 2009 or 2010 I think nagreklamo gd sila dayon nga gndayaan sila, etc. Sang wla ka grand slam ang BSN last 2011 wla man nagreklamo haw? wla man sila naghambal nga gindayaan sila although after dat ginsuyaan pa gani sang iban nga colleges nga wala sila kagrandslam.. chill lang.. Well, get over it..bawi na lang sa dason kag indi na mangaway sang iban..hehehe..peace.. :D
@RAMRAD excuse me lng ha. ma disagree gd ko sa gna hambal mo nga wla heart ang saot sang BSN. wala ka kabalo sang gina agyan sang squad namun pra lng maubra ini nga cheering routine. halin sa 8 hours namun nga bakabaka sa hospital nga wla pungkuanay, may HEART pa mag practice ang mga cheerers namun 'til 12 midnight. eventhough pagka bwas may duty naman liwat mga 6 am. ok lng i question mo ang victory namun, pero to say nga wla heart ang panaot sang cheerers namun, dira ka gd nag sala.
@RAMRAD Saying that we're not dancing with our hearts is nothing but unfair and a product of poor judgment. You ask us where the 5C's of La Salle stand there? It's in every move, every sweat, every ounce of determination in our blood to perform and in every time we've alotted for this dance despite all the hectic schedule we have. Call it "TOO ELEMENTARY" all you want, but one thing's for sure - We've put our hearts into this performance and God knows that. #wagkangbitter
for all those who believed in the red squad, THANK YOU. for all those nga naga question sang result, don't worry kay biskan ako una di ko magpati.... pro paglantaw ko ni sang video, mahambal ko gd nga nami gli ang cheering sang college ko..... law-ay b view namun sa likod... mas nami gli kung sa tubang... kag nag follow gd na cla ya bla sg guidelines... hehehe proud of you guys!
@RAMRAD swear La Salle will not like yu using the 5C's for not even helping to resolve things... I think he was not proud of you, making things more complicated :) chill lang part a.. tahom kamo tahom man ang nursing... Let's respect the decision, my nurses definitely know how to shut up if they know they know they are wrong. :) Blessed day to you fellow lasallian :)
It's actually pointless to argue about the results. All the colleges gave their best in their performances that night and everyone enjoyed. That's all that matters. Senseless rantings and uneducated comments regarding this issue doesn't do any good to you and to the college that you're representing. One must accept victory and defeat with HUMILITY.
At the backstage... Girl: Oh my God! Their cheering is so last year! Kita na ni madaog ah! (referring to BSN) Announcement of results... Emcee: and the winner is The COLLEGE OF NURSING! Te? karma gid sa imo! Tam-an bi ka tikalon mo... be humble nalang bala! Kamo pa tani guro nagdaog.. CONGRATULATIONS NURSING :)) You deserve the title :D
wooohhh... Congrats BSN!! You deserved to win coz you've made a lot of hardworks, efforts and prayers for that..yeah.. I'm proud of you guys, coz although we knew that your scheds are so hectic(projects, research, etc.) but still you've made it on top and rise as shine as the sun above.. lol... -from an alumni :D
@stincorama accept defeat man.. @chatcisbenevolence we have the same principles - yes the CAS were energetic and their stunts were OMG! however, they were disordered.. no offense.. meanwhile, the BSN stunts were Ok. (OMG> Ok. obviously) but they executed precisely --> AND that made them winners!!
grabe worth man gid tanan nga efforts sang student nurses ah! despite the hectic schedules and less than 5 hours nga sleep for almost pila naman ka months, wai pa labot ang ubrahanay requirements everyday, mau ah kay nag-champion. haha Miracles do happen! heheehee :P
While watching in the coliseum, I find nursing to be a so-so competitor, but when I saw the video, I can conclude how well executed and how the performance was neatly done by the floor dancers. Kudos as well to the bleachers! Nursing deserved this victory!
choreography and transition is very good,the props has been utilized very well...but you know guys no offense or what,but stunts is so basic but it is clean,if you want to defend your title next year work on that and you will be unstoppable!!
@treeky3 agree... choreo wise no problem.. props no problem of course (hahahaaha my team conceptualized that haha) and yes they know they fell back on the stunts, thanks for the comments though, I'm sure the kids are listening :)
@stincorama if you dont like the performance just shut up. remember "there's honor in defeat." I would rather watch a boring but well executed and clean performance rather than watching a energetic but desolated exploit. Peace!
@stincorama hahaha! whatevaaaah! suli suli-on ta man ang kalibutan sbng; maubos mo man tanan nga words sa dictionary, indi na maliwat ang result, CHAMPION GID YA ANG NURSING KAG 1ST RUNNER-UP LG ANG CAS! hahahahahahahaha!
Hello. I'm from UNO-R. And I believe that the College of Nursing deserves the title. May discipline and saot and dungan pati ang bleachers. :) Wala nalang bitter tani kay kamahal sang ampalaya sbng. \m/
tOO elementary level to be called as CHAMPION .. i think yOu'vE wOn by jUst Dancing .. nOt with by HEART ... U knOw wer La Salle's 5C's stands here????? (",) Anyway, Congratulations ..

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rest in peace xerg cabal.

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