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Troy university ft walton Videos

Mike Posner - Bow Chicka Wow Wow Parody : When I'm Watching You

This is the first music video ft. Chris 'Shanks' drew & Biggy B. It tells the story of our attempts at creeping on women here at Troy University. Extra Tags: "Bow ...

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This is the gayest thing i have ever seen why would you waste your time.. bunch of lames
(phil) - fuck you Shane, haters = fuel for my success.
sorry, but whatta gay video (:
Best video ever...
I appreciate it
hott tho(:

Fort Walton Beach & Destin - 8mm Footage - 1950's and 1960's

Enjoy this vintage footage prodived to me by longtime FWB resident Debbie Wilson Rontey. In it you will see Santa Claus parachute into the old Fort Walton ...

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+JOSH STEARNS Your attempts at getting under my skin are lame.

1984 Fort Walton Beach Christmas Parade - WPAN TV-53 Broadcast

Enjoy this "live" broadcast of the 1984 Fort Walton Beach Christmas Parade. You will see the Palm Theater in the background as well as several other long-gone ...

Fort Walton Beach High School Stars Halftime Performance 9/14/12

Fort Walton Beach - "My Hometown"

This was an old commercial I produced for a political campaign. There are several Easter Eggs hidden throughout that true Fort Waltonites will enjoy.

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So many good memories in your videos. Thanks so much!

Bay HS's Performance at the 2014 SE States Marching Festival 10-4-14

Choctawhatchee Style Marchers 1989 (the Fort Walton Beach game)

The CHS band was over 300 strong at this point; big enough to "shuffle" to the word "Choctaw" and morph into the word "Indians." I taped this off of Warner Cable ...

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to bad the tradition in the band and also the football program has faded out big time in over the last 7-10 years! the band is way smaller the head dresses are a diff color. color guard wears dumb lookn uniforms. the band got weird uniforms now. the football team got terriable white helments now. things arent the same as they use to be and its a shame. finally got the kelly green back in the football program.
This was our band 12 years after I graduated. In 1977, we had only about 250 people. Still huge for a high school band. Our head dresses were hand made from kits. I paid someone to make mine, however. Later, when I was away in the Air Force, my mom sold it to someone at the tavern our family owned--The Lantern.
This is a great band! Was Mr. Varner band director in 1989? I love that they still wore the overlays and great headresses! What a magnificent show band. I think they ought to change back to being a show band instead of conforming to competition standards that simply aren't as entertaining :) Just mho...
How wonderful to see and hear this! We have The Greatest High School bands right here in our little town! I used to dash over to the stadium to see them (both FWB & Choctaw) play at halftime. How proud I am of these two schools and their musicians! Thank you for this video.
Choctaw has always had a Great Band. I was across the field in 1989 as a member of Ft. Walton's Band. Good Video! I remember our football team losing the Mariner's Trophy after their third straight loss to Choctaw!
I went to Choctaw in 1971 and they had a great band then! They played a lot from the band Chicago, like "Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?" I moved to California and who shows up marching in the Rose Parade?
I have the Viking performance from 1989 as well. I just haven't had a chance to post it yet. I'll get it up in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.
This was Randy Nelson's first year as Band Director and Nancy Thiele's first as Assistant.
My Senior Year!! Good Times, Good Times!! - Saxes Rule!! lol
I'm in this video! I was one of the three cymbal players.
thats almost twice as many as we hav now
That would be fantastic! Thanks!
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